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Maybe things are looking up for me finally, my Circle K FINALLY got the carbonation to syrup mixture correct on my morning Polar Pop.  To say I was excited is an understatement, hopefully gone are the days of pouring 44 ounces of liquid nectar in my cup and getting 22 of liquid and 22 ounces of foam, and then playing the “top it off game” until you reach the desired level of fullness in your cup.  Small victories in the silly game of life, now ask me again tomorrow and it will probably be screwed up again but today the fountain drink gods blessed my local Circle K with a perfect Diet Dr. Pepper!  Now in other news today, my one man personal win a date with Katy Perry campaign bore no new fruit, Hammy is alive and kicking resting up for tomorrow when Sloane will be here.  Although I think he somehow got word back to mother Russia because my computer caught a nasty virus that I think I finally eradicated.  The cloak and dagger game with this little spy is becoming a challenge daily to one up each other.  All I can say about the virus is “Well played Hammy, well-played.”

I had a super, mega, awesome lunch date today.  She’s got long blonde hair, a smile to make you melt, and quick with a joke or witty comment.  I surprised Sloane today by showing up for lunch at her school again and the reaction I get from her every time I show up there is priceless.  It’s a full-scale sprint to run and hug her dad and start bouncing up and down every time I’m fortunate enough to sneak away from work and join her.  In a sure sign that the times have changed, she wanted to show off to all her friends her Pinterest board I let her create on my account.  So me and pack of second graders were all laughing and cooing at all the different pictures of dogs, cats, horses, and just about any other animal she is in love with that she has pinned.  Her mom did the same thing for her not so long ago either, and she felt like the cat’s ass today showing her classmates videos of dogs eating ice cubes out of the fridge or snuggling with the family cat.  When I was that age it was who had the cooler lunch box, now it’s look at my Pinterest board.  She’ll be here tomorrow and I have a feeling it’s going to be Nerf hoops after dinner up until bedtime.  She actually asked me today if we could play some more and move Hammy’s cage so he could watch us.  That’s my girl!  Next Tuesday is going to be a blast when I volunteer in the lunch room.  After seeing the menu it might just be its own official blog post!

Since completing my turn contributing to the Indiana Department of Labor work statistics today, it’s been an official prelaunch gala at the house.  I’m dressed up in my favorite pair of jeans, got my boots on, and my Stetson hat positioned just right.  In roughly one hour the computer is going off, smart phone is going on vibrate and I will not be interrupted.  It’s time for “Justified” to premier its final season tonight, to say I’m mildly excited would be an understatement.  It’s probably my favorite show ever (non HBO division) and it’s going to carry me through the next three months.  Raylan, Boyd, Timmy, Rachel, Wynn, and Art (the king of dead pan humor) are going to keep me entertained up until I check out for the evening.  For those of you that have never heard of the show, or my friends across the pond, it’s the story of an U.S. Marshal based out of eastern Kentucky who runs “above” the law and captures bad guys in a nutshell.  It’s based on a character from Elmore Leonard novels, and I hate to see that this is its final season.  Hard to complain though when you really dig a show and you get six seasons out of it.

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