Hopefully my internet will behave much like my daughter did today and actually let me get a post out this evening!  Week two and day six down in the books in the summer of fun for Sloane and me.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances the much anticipated evening of House Party grandma style is going to have to wait a couple of more weeks.  That’s o.k. though, its Father’s Day tomorrow, and she has been designing fort plans all day.  Budding writer and future civil architect my daughter rocks!

The day started off with an early wake up call for the blonde bomber as we were due at Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium at nine a.m. for the Make a Wish foundation 5k walk/run.  Upon arriving at the facility Sloane noticed all the Papa John’s pizza booths and was like why do they just sell Papa John’s, I explained to her that his name is on the structure and he ponied up a huge chunk of money to get it built so he gets to sell his pizza here.  “Oh that would make sense when I buy a football field I’m going to sell my food in it also!” Keep writing those stories sweetie and crafting awesome blueprints.

F.Y.I. the “papa” in Papa Johns is actually a native Hoosier from Jeffersonville, Indiana (one town over) and actually started in the back of some hole in the wall bar.  Same guy you see snuggling with Peyton Manning on about every other commercial started right here in southern Indiana!

As for the walk itself, meh, even though you sign a liability waiver and the event stated it would go on rain or shine they decided to cancel it.  Most of us were bummed, but the Make a Wish folks know how to hold a fundraiser!  Free doughnuts and fruit before the “walk”, Sloane opted for an apple dad anticipating he would burn off the calories right away walking opted for the doughnut(s).  The main sponsors were Ford Motor Company (big employer in Louisville), Toshiba & Chevron.  I was hoping to come out of there with a new F-150, free gas for a year, and bitching new sound system.  I got none of those but the kids cleaned up like they were in a Toys R Us with a no limit credit card.  Coolest free swag would probably the Toshiba issued mini beach balls.


(Sloane said I had to put picture of the dog in the blog, this isn’t the original Dog with a Blog)

About 10:30 they rolled the pizza out so we all had an early lunch/late breakfast of pizza and doughnuts.  That is the cornerstone of any nutritional meal!  We had to be the first entrants of a 5k walk/run that actually took in more calories than burned by the end of the day.  I met Karsyn and her family and her mother needs to be awarded mother of the year.  What little I did talk to her she was vibrant, telling me about all the medicines and treatments that she has been working with doctors on and gushing about the Make a Wish people.  I know there are a boatload of horrible ills that have no cause and need funding and research.  Seeing first-hand what the Make a Wish Foundation does for these children is just staggering.  This might be the best run non-profit in America.  Kids with little to no hope get to see the world because of their efforts.  I’ll do my best to raise a 100 dollars any day of the week to put smiles on those kids faces!  Also if I’m lucky enough to get this post retweeted please add #MakeAWish


(Mr. Jackson Hewitt offering tax advice and Buddy Bat)

After what I could only describe as enjoyable day with Sloane’s classmates and Karysn’s family I surprised Sloane with an audible since I knew she more than likely wasn’t going to grandma’s.  When I didn’t make the turn for home her little mind started racing.  “Dad where are we going?” I kept telling her it was a surprise and settled on a trip to Disneyworld so she would stop asking.  Once I made a turn down a road that I only would be on for one reason her eyes and body language shot up.  FIREWORK STORE!  PARACHUTE MEN!  Yes we hit the firework store, made small talk with the owners who even threw a couple of things in free, and walked out with seven towers of parachute men and a few other goodies.  Sloane had never seen a firecracker because her mom hates them.  In case nobody remembers “I’m not married to her anymore”, guess what BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE, we got some firecrackers also, for a buck!  Winner, winner, chicken dinner.


It’s like I’m a 15 year old boy again, I get to play with shit that goes boom and my daughter loves it!  I told her that firecrackers are pretty boring as far as fireworks go, but she loved watching a whole roll of them shred paper like it was going through a wood chipper.

About it for the night, Sloane and I have some stolen sparklers from and Israeli ammunition plant we are going to try out later.  Also I just had a bright idea (the 100 watt bulb kind) anybody within in a 50 miles radius of me like this post on Facebook hopefully is more than just ten of you and I’m going to show the numbers to the firework people and maybe I can land a product review on a few of the “nicer” things.  Frigging brilliant idea, if you think I can make surveys sound interesting get me an aim n flame and some gunpowder and I will give you some literary shock and awe!  Pipe dream I’m sure but oh well.  Happy Father’s Day out there to all my readers hope you get to enjoy it with your families.  Sloane and I will be living it up, and stay tuned for coolest fort since they built Fort Knox!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. Interesting! Such a blessing you have in your daughter. All the best and more! Thanks a lot for the follow

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  5. Thanks for the wishes, hope you get your browser issues solved. I recently had my first ever hosting problem but got it cleared up right away.

  6. Happy Belated Father’s Day Gary!!!! It’s another sleepless night so I’ve decided to catch up on ALL of the posts I’ve missed. Yes, I have a a zillion other things that I NEED to do since I lost EVERYTHING on my browser but I’m soooo over that right now!

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I read “BOOM GOES THE DYNAMITE!” Bwahahahaha! It truly fills my heart to read about all the fun you and Sloane have together. As I always say, she is one lucky little lady to have such an awesome Daddy!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

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  8. Thanks Karen, pictures later (hopefully) on the Camp LeJune style living room fort she wants to build.

  9. She is chomping at the bit on this fort construction! Any good Dallas area civil engineering firms down your way you can have them email me some designs!

  10. Happy Father’s Day, Firework exploding, and Fort building! How’s that for some alliteration? 🙂

  11. Good stuff, Gary, looks like you two had a “blast”! #dadjoke
    Hope you enjoy whatever fort gets constructed tomorrow and have a happy Father’s Day!

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