My Little Einstein!

Damn!  My burglar outfit was snuffed out!  This is southern Indiana not Mexico, really on the Spanish!  

I’ve got the happiest and richest hamster on the planet right now.  The beloved boys from the north side of Chicago…that’s the Cubbies non baseball folks…went down in defeat 4-0 to the New York Mets in the National League Division series.  Evidently Hammy bet everything he had left in his commissary on the Mets and has been laughing his way through vodka and cheerios this week.  Cubs fans are you “hanging the W” upside down today (psst Kentuckian upside down W makes and M) for Murphy?  All is good in the land of baseball now I get to go another year reminding my Cubs brethren that the Reds have won a World Series more recently than them!  I’ll curb the Cubs jokes now I can’t be ticking off Miss Madison’s mom, I was already scolded once by her for that!  Plus I won’t get any more fresh apple pie, and no I’m not sucking up……….maybe.

I’m an official spider stomper!  I let this guy live though, he could be related to Spiderman!

SkipahSoundsOff debut launch was a riveting success.  I had no idea I was this international heartthrob blogger, loyal reader in New Zealand thank you for the invite for Miss Madison and I to visit some time.  Let me hit the lottery and get my passport and we would love to visit you and your husband in Auckland!  Follower in Manitoba, Canada I’m sorry you have had to endure the crap with your child like I have.  Bundle up I’m sure it gets cold there very soon!  Karen, thank you for stating the obvious!  Sorry your Red Sox weren’t that good this year but neither were my Reds.  Super-duper follower in St. Paul thanks for the advice.  If I’m ever in Minnesota (and trust me it will be in the summer if ever) I’ll be sure to let you know!  Needless to say it was rather liberating to blog again without a giant axe hanging over my head.

Walking selfie!

One night at dad’s place and the blonde bomber was ready to take on all comers today!  Just kidding, two and a half days off with strep throat and some antibiotics had her revamped for the daily grind known as school .  I got a smidgeon of bonus time with her today as it was parent teacher conferences this evening at school.  The verdict…….Sloane is a smart cookie!  Listening to her teacher wax poetic about her both academically and socially made this guy one proud papa!  The one thing I told her weeks ago if she wanted to stay in Indiana is she had to excel at school.  Mission accomplished, I can’t even take that much credit for her thriving since I only have her through the week on Wednesday, but I know that little stubborn mini me is doing all she can herself to make sure she never has to be an official Kentucky resident!

Your daily update on Miss Madison is she herself is off conducting her own parent teacher conferences.  However we have a bang up weekend planned if the weather and my employer cooperate.  Tomorrow Sloane is off to rewrite the rules of fun for her monthly episode of the Grandma’s Great Adventures series.  Decent chance my services will be required at work this Saturday, but potentially working on something that redefines awesome Saturday night and Sunday we all are going to the 18th century market fair at Locust Grove (weather permitting) in Louisville.  Miss Madison is chomping at the bit and goes yearly (pssst, in case you forgot she is a history major) and Mr. Skipah appreciates history and I’m mildly curious to see what all it has to offer.  When I informed Sloane tonight of our plans she was super excited, plus there will be some pumpkin carving this weekend!

Not to brag (yeah right, kiss my ass I’m good at pumpkin carving), but over the years I’ve developed a knack for carving pumpkins of whatever character Sloane wants.  I don’t have access to pictures of pumpkins past right now but Sofia the First, Belle (from Beauty and the Beast), Ariel (The Little Mermaid), and the yellow Angry Bird have all been prominently displayed on my front porch before.  This year I’m apartment dwelling, but I’m sure the manager of the place won’t care to see our creations outside.  Sloane hasn’t informed me of what she wants her pumpkin to be this year yet, hopefully it’s a doable pattern I can follow so I don’t let her down!

About it for tonight, I’m happy, I’m smiling, and my daughter is a third grade Albert Einstein!  Cubs fans its ok, in 2012 I thought my team was going to win the World Series and they wet the bed in epic fashion.  One day you will beat the Murphy Curse (seriously click on that), my Cincinnati Reds aren’t going to be good anytime soon so good luck in the future nipping at the St. Louis Cardinals heels.  I’m going to put a drunk hamster to bed and shop for engagement rings.  Joke, joke, and joke just making sure you were still paying attention!

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  1. I’ve created a monster on pumpkin carving, Sloane would probably hit me in the head with a pumpkin if I went old school and did the three triangle route!

  2. You can always do what my husband does and cut out 3 triangles and a thin rectangle. Hey it’ not the product, it’s the process that matters, right. Glad you have fun with it. By the way your spider friend creeped my out!

  3. It’s not exactly rocket science, just go to your local store and get one of the kits. It’s fun and not near as hard as it looks!

  4. I’m going nowhere near Waverly Hills this time of year, for all I know there are real zombies there!

  5. Glad Sloane is fully recovered and a smart cookie to boot! We are going to carve a pumpkin for the first time with Avery this year, so if you have any expert tips on useful tools and whatnot, please send some my way! Still waiting for the password to your secret blogging world though. 🙂

  6. Lots of accessible historical sites near you: Thomas Edison’s house in Louisville, the site in Clarksville near the falls (probably went there on her Lewis & Clark tour), Locust grove in Louisville, old Civil War cemetery near Marengo where Morgan’s raiders came through en route to Corydon, and of course Waverly Hills Sanatorium keeping with the Halloween theme, allegedly one of the creepiest places in the country.

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