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It doesn’t matter if you run the local airport branch of Hertz Rent-A-Car, are in control of stocking the shelves at the Piggly Wiggly, or you’re like me and run a website.  Your email inbox is constantly going to be flooded with junk, spam, autograph requests, and the occasional Change.Org cause.  Normally delete would be my first thought, but this one caught my eye.  #MyBabyTooBill is about to be trending all over the state of Indiana (I hope) and I’m going to do my best to make sure of it!

#MyBabyTooBill is an online petition aimed at governor Mike Pence to get shared parenting legislation passed in this state.  It was started by Mrs. Briana Howe after she saw the misery that her current boyfriend has gone through dealing with family law and the archaic thought process that all of us dads have had to contend with.  The #MyBabyTooBill was created after Florida recently passed a shared parenting bill making it mandatory that 50/50 custody is assumed in all child custody cases unless it is proven that one of the parents is unfit.  Who knew the capital of insanity in this country (Florida) would actually pass a common sense law?  If a judge determines for some reason that one of the parents shouldn’t have 50/50 custody he or she has some explaining to do in the state of Florida, and must submit his or her reasons why.

Who opposed these drastic changes?  The Florida Bar Association, of course, and some whack-a-mole feminist groups.  Who opposes shared parenting legislation in every state when it comes up?  The same two groups naturally.  Family law is nothing more than a cash grab for lawyers.  Don’t believe me, I’ll email you a copy of my custody case transcript.  It’s the golden goose that keeps laying those golden eggs for them.  It’s never about the child(ren), it’s about what to bill next, and you will get billed for everything.  I got billed for a .49 cent stamp for crying out loud!  Usually its dads (I know some moms get a crap deal also) that get the every other weekend gig and are supposed to like it and shut the hell up.  Our time isn’t spent as a parent:  No homework to check, no dinner conversations, it’s a phone call a night and counting down the days until the next weekend.

Feminists groups, what the hell?  I know science has gotten pretty advanced, but guess what dad holds the secret fertilizing ingredient required to make your little egg grow.  I commend all moms for carrying the little bundles of joy for nine months, but don’t forget who was running out at midnight to grab pickled flavored ice cream and cleaning out newsstands of National Enquirer!  Don’t punish your baby daddy just because you can hide behind antiquated information.  Quit reading studies from the 50s, and get a little more modern.  Today’s studies overwhelmingly show that a child is best served with equal parenting time with both parents.

I don’t care if your ex was laying more pipe than Exxon Mobil. Yeah he’s a complete scumbag, but if he is still actively trying to be a dad, get over it already.  If you are a sperm donor and actively take the minimum, go get a freaking life asshole.  I’ve seen first-hand how Miss Madison’s children’s father talks a big game but then doesn’t take advantage of “free” parenting time by missing dance practices and eating lunch with his children.  When it was feasible for me, I ate lunch with Sloane at least once a month and tried to do it weekly when work permitted it.

Trust me, I’ve been there and get the animosity.  Sloane lives with a someone old enough to be her grandfather who thinks wearing a shirt is optional attire at the dinner table.  It grosses her out to no end, and I just get to smash my head against the wall and say to myself, “She’ll be 12 in four more years!” Screw that!  If this movement can get enough signatures, it is getting dropped on the governor’s doorstep.  Luckily, what Mrs. Howe doesn’t know about me is I’ve been blogging for almost two years and made a few connections myself.  If we can get enough people to share, tweet, or send out via carrier pigeon, I’ve got my own political & media connections to make this get real loud in southern Indiana!  Click on this link, and sign the petition!   I’m calling on my Hoosier brethren to help me get the word out!

Last year in my futile attempt to get 50/50 custody of Sloane, two state statutes were broken.  IC-31-17-2-8-custody order-sec. 8 & IC-31-17-2.2 were never even considered when the final ruling came down.  One statute outlines the mythical “Best interest of the child” argument that is about as useless as banjo player with no arms.  The other law is clearly defined in black and white that a relocating parent must provide written notice to the other parent at least 90 days minimum.  I found out that law is also a sham and not really enforceable.  It’s time to start holding lawmaker’s feet to the fire and make sure laws are enforced!  It shouldn’t be about lawyering and money!


If you are going to write a law shouldn’t it at least be enforced?

Mrs. Briana Howe, you just picked up a friend in Mr. Skipah.  Fellow Hoosiers, dads, moms (with an inkling of common sense), please retweet and share this with the #MyBabyTooBill moniker.  The way politics work, it probably won’t help my case anytime soon, but it could help another parent in Indiana get 50/50 custody without having to literally lose everything trying.

Blogging momentum is at an all-time high now lets put it to good use!

About it for tonight, I beg and plead of the Skipahsphere to spread this message.  We can make a difference!  Now off to check more emails!

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  1. Thanks Tikeetha, sometimes the words just flow I guess.

  2. I’ll settle for 50%, but thank you for the kind words :).

  3. Totally going to share. However, this part killed me Gary…I don’t care if your ex was laying more pipe than Exxon Mobil. Yeah he’s a complete scumbag, but if he is still actively trying to be a dad, get over it already. LOL

  4. 50/50 would be great, but I would like to see you get something like 95% of your daughter’s time! From what I’ve read, you are the one with her best interests in mind. You are there when she needs you to be there. And you remain fully clothed in her presence! I am all for guys removing their shirts when they are outside in warm weather, but at the dinner table? What a way to ruin a decent meal (assuming her step parents cook at least as good as I did when I was able to cook).

    Unfortunately, doubt a lowly signature from a MN resident would help the bill you are trying to get passed. Good luck on the bill passage! If the bill is like all the other laws that are not really enforced, it may not make a difference, unfortunately.

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  6. You are quite swell pal!

  7. Signed, shared, and rooting for the best dad in Indiana! Whoever that is…. 🙂

  8. This Hoosier signed the petition.

  9. I have no new features for the magazine. I can only tell the woes of closin down shop 😉

  10. You think I make this Kentuckian crap up?

  11. You and Miss Madison would get along so perfectly :). Your always right Joey :). When is the Joey reproductive parts online magazine coming out by the way?

  12. Good point, they are called feminists in name only, it’s more like the “man-hater” club.

  13. Good job for working hard on this cause. Good luck! I wish it had been different for you with parent sharing for Sloane.

    (Seriously, no shirt at the dinner table? Disgusting.)

  14. I am too busy calling Mike Pence’s office reporting the ongoing affairs of my reproductive parts…
    Okay, but yeah, I signed it.
    My personal experience is more like yours, okay? I raised my husband’s babies and my father raised me for 8 years.
    However, the experiences around me today are not like yours and mine, but are much more lopsided, with fathers who don’t care, don’t prepare, and don’t pay, but they sure do want to claim a dependent on their tax returns…
    Complications, no matter the situation, am I right?
    Good luck to all the real daddies 🙂 They deserve a shot!

  15. True feminists are for equal rights, not female superiority. They should not be opposing a bill that starts with that premise, but has the ability to walk it back when a parent is deemed unfit. As you said, that is just common sense. The opposition is probably from feminists in name only.

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