The little shit totally redid my Ipad mini!  I’m a proud papa she did this without me knowing.  #futureputerninja

Hey remember me!  Skipah’s been a tad busy the last two days, but you have my undivided attention tonight.  Turns out Hammy wasn’t the culprit on the massive AT & T outage from Tuesday night.  As of this writing no one has confirmed exactly what happened other than a major fiber line was cut in all places the Kentucky/Tennessee border.  Knowing that border as well as I do, it was probably exposed above ground and some moonshiner tripped over it on his way to his still.  Sounds just as plausible as a raccoon or squirrel chewed it in two.  Which is being speculated over the internet by AT & T and others.  There should never be ANYTHING that important located in the state of Kentucky.

However, Hammy isn’t free and clear yet.  I’m currently awaiting NSA and CIA agents to show up to interview the vodka swigging rodent over this apparent breach of national security.  I told the Pentagon to hold up until at least Wednesday when Sloane returns because she will do everything short of waterboarding him to get him to spill the beans.  They seemed impressed with my little ninja’s skills of persuasion and agreed to hold off until she does her work.

Speaking of the blonde bomber, our Wednesday this week was anti climatic as I had my RCIA classes and she spent some time with our old neighbor while I was otherwise occupied.  The real fun on Wednesday was going to lunch with her and my 3rd grade fan club.  One little text from Miss Madison and suddenly Sloane had our whole end of the lunch table harassing and teasing Mr. Skipah about his new lady friend.  Third graders are mean!  My daughter is a shit stirrer, I have no idea where she gets this from!  Also in 30 years has the teasing chants not changed one bit?  Can we get some new passages in the “How to properly tease” handbook.  These kids were ribbing me with the same material me and my cronies used at that age.  I’m not going to lie, I was eating it up.  I’ve gotten on all them about one thing or another in a playful manor, those kids turning around and giving me some grief had to make their day!  Also, next time I eat lunch their I will inform them that Miss Madison does not have Cooties!

Wasn’t quick enough to get a “good” still shot of Sloane but hearing  your kid yell DADDY when you suprise her at lunch is something I will never get sick of!

Speaking of Miss Madison, things are going great with her and she even accompanied me to a school event Thursday night to see how we “private” school people do business.  Before all you man hater moms wants to pipe up about taking her to school with me let me remind you no kids were there and at least one of Sloane’s parents needed to be in attendance.  Plus I ran it by my school mommy club and they were all in agreement that it was fine.  Of course they could have been being super nosy but they have all looked out for me for the past year had no reason not to believe them this time.

Anybody reading this that is familiar with the Jupiter system (yes I know it’s a planet Kentuckian it’s also education related go back to reading about UK basketball recruiting news) tell me if you think it is overkill or a good idea.  Personally I think it’s a great system but then again I’m kind of familiar with how this World Wide Web thing works.  Judging by the Q & A session some parents aren’t that familiar with the interwebs.  Throw in some airing of school dirty laundry and Miss Madison got to see the full gauntlet of how we roll.  She did mention at her school the only way to get that many parents in one room together would be to offer alcohol.  In other news she will be my date to the next fish fry our school holds.  Overall though she was quite impressed with the “community” aspect at school.  I did mention this doesn’t count as a date and more of a research project for her, “No it’s a date you made me dinner” this is just dessert.

I’m my own dishwasher these days.  I think Miss Madison liked the meal!

Currently seeking the C broadcast team from ESPN to broadcast the football draft on Monday and getting ready to start a mega media blitz (or a bunch of Twitter posts) to get the word out on the Colon Mission.  It’s two weeks from tomorrow and so far my army has only ONE attendee, and she is the newest member of Skipah’s army!  If it is just she and I walking in two weeks that is fine, the army has plenty of other missions they are currently laying the ground work for and I’m thankful to have them in my life.

About it for tonight, I’m in pure #pinchme mode to wake me up from this dream right now.  Life couldn’t be any better right now.  I’m on a two week karmatic wave that Donald Trump would probably be envious of.  Speaking of “The Don” I did see part of the debate last night and I hope he is in it until the end.  Talk about making things interesting again!  I’m completely waiting for him to slip an unintentional/intentional “Eff Jeb Bush” on a live mic, oh and give me Ben Carson for 200 Alex!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  4. Yeah I don’t write about Hammy nothing like I used to (he had a good two-three month run as a international retired KGB spy), third graders are just mean, but quite funny also. Yeah get the rag and Dawn and get to work, I miss the Cascade approach.

  5. Sorry to hear about the teasing, but I’m afraid that’s just one of the things kids are really good at. Sure, their material may not be all that original, but it’s all in the delivery.

    From the details you’d given, I’d guessed that Hammy was a small, gnawing pet of some kind. Then I followed the link and — wow! — it turned out he was a hamster! I hadn’t quite worked it out, but I was pretty close. I’d narrowed it down to a gerbil, a wombat or a penguin.

    Interesting to see, by the way, that we’ve both invested in the same state-of-the-art dishwashing system.

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  8. Feel free to, I would love to give you my insight on it.

  9. How cute is Sloane for making proper adjustments on your iPad! Its awesome because thats actually how I categorize things on mine too (the shelving option). I used to LOVE when my dad surprised me with early visits! Just seeing the excitement in her face while running to you, took me way back. I think its interesting that you anticipated some kickback to bringing Miss Madison to the school. I wrote that post recently about Black Love which addressed a media uproar for a celebrity (Ciara) bringing her boyfriend in her kids life “too soon.” The issue has started a dialogue about boundaries in “dating with kids.” I should write a post about that so I could hear more of your thoughts!

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  13. You still think of it as ‘your ipad’?

    Silly daddy.

  14. She’s becoming quite the techster herself, school lunch was a lot of fun. Thanks on the congrats.

  15. Isn’t it great when our kids show us how to use our electronics? My 4 year old will be better than me soon. That was cute how you enjoyed those girls ‘ribbing’ you. I love it too. I’m so sarcastic that sometimes I forget that my little one still takes everything I say as reality. ‘No honey - the sky isn’t really falling.’

    Congrats on your date!

  16. For once in a long long time I can’t complain!

  17. Right on man, sounds like all systems are going full throttle to goodlifeville! Hope to read more good news!

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