Product Review: Scented Socks

The good folks at took pity on me after reading about my unfortunate adventures in laundering and my inability to properly match socks up come laundry day.  They have the perfect solution!  Selling socks in sets of three just for the clumsy dad who keeps losing socks in the dryer.  Three socks for the price of two!  Genius, why didn’t I think of that?

Not only that to keep up with today’s crazy adolescent girls they don’t match and even have a scent to them.  This cures the “smelly” feet problem after your little girl has romped in the mud and chasing butterflies at break neck speed.  Since my daughter is a sock fiend I thought I would let her try them out.  These are the Smelly Candy Land Socks and my they are pungent!

Upon first inspection my daughter had to get a whiff of them.

“They smell like cinnamon!” was her first reaction, umm not quite but who am I to question the imagination of a seven-year old girl.  My take is they smell like you just walked into a candy store.  They were a hit right away needless to say.  Very vibrant in color and quality thickness, these should last awhile.  If I can ever get them off of my daughter’s feet!

After trying out the socks she was repeatedly telling me how soft they were and how she felt like a princess now.  I wouldn’t describe them as “royalty” but they are pretty cool.  My daughter claims that they make her jump higher and gave her the ability to ride her bike faster.  I was skeptical at first but as usual she proved me wrong.  Even her beloved Sparkle thought they smelled good.



This place is a MUST for any parent with an adolescent girl, my daughter spent 30 minutes on and now I’m currently looking for six jobs just to be able to get her everything she wants.  Socks, clothing, bedding and much more they have it all for your little girl!

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  3. Boys will be boys! No younger brothers for my daughter to worry about. She will fight anyone to the death if they take these socks from her!

  4. At least your daughter doesn’t have 2 younger brothers stealing her clean socks! Since I began doing my own laundry when I was around six, I always had clean socks! My brothers would steal them. Got so bad my mom made me wear socks with lace on them (Hated them, scratchy). They still wore my clean socks, regardless of how stupid they looked!

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  7. Found the “MissMatched” site on “Skipah’s Realm” and ordered a few things for my two granddaughters ages 7 and 11. I’m very happy with the entire transaction. Items shipped within 24 hours of placing the order and the quality of the items is great! Even the shipping box was “happy!” The inside of the box was white with big orange polka dots, everything it seems is geared to making your little princess smile! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone that has a “tween” to shop for; I can’t wait to see my granddaughters this weekend to give them their gifts! Thanks again “littleMissMatched” for a flawless transaction and also to “Skipah’s Realm” for bringing them to our attention!

  8. My daughter loves them I’ll keep you posted after a couple of washing cycles

  9. I want some! How fun are these socks?! I must say that selling them in sets of three is a stroke of genius.

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  11. I will be more than happy to keep you posted on that. Send me your email at [email protected]

  12. How long does the scent last? Does it fade with washes? The scent added to the socks seems like a great bonus, as long as it doesn’t fade.

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  14. Sets of three? Now that’s a great idea! And cinnamon-scented feet are the way to go no matter who you are.

    Glad your little girl enjoyed the socks. Time to get her into basketball with her new ability to jump higher!

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