The flags have been lowered to half-staff at the corporate offices of Skipah’s Realm and the soft sultry tunes of The Eagles are being enjoyed by all the employees in honor of Glenn Frey.  Little known fact about me the very first CD (that’s compact disc IPod generation) I owned was The Eagles Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975.   Skipah and his rag tag band of misfits used to wear every Eagles song out back in the day before we discovered things like girls, Vanilla Ice, and the need for shaving cream.  Hopefully Glenn is in the afterlife helping David Bowie find Major Tom and sipping on a Tequila Sunrise.

Back here on planet earth it’s become a dairy farmer’s wet dream.  The EBM crowd has absolutely gone berserk in Indiana with today’s light snowfall and the “storm of the century version 23.16” to hit this weekend.  In southern Indiana and the surrounding area we turn snow forecasts into around the clock news coverage.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a dusting or a foot, people freak out!  This week is no different and cue up Buffalo residents laughing there ass off at the pure pandemonium that is going to ensue this weekend.

I tried to click my heels three times and then realized this is home!

Something magical happened this past weekend.  I had a visitor!  She’s about four foot tall, blonde, snarky, and kind of looks like me.  Sloane finally got a weekend furlough from the prison known as Kentucky and finally was reunited with her dad.  It had only been 19 days since I last saw her.  As an added bonus I got an additional day with her since school was out Monday for Martin Luther King Day.  Along with Miss Madison and the gang we made the most of the weekend and Sloane even got to reunite with some of her old gang (friends from her old school) of adolescent crumb snatchers Sunday night.

Friday Sloane got to see her new pad at Miss Madison’s place and it took her and Miss Madison Jr. approximately 39 seconds to obliterate it.  No worries though the girls played well in the sand box and had a grand ole time discussing the series finale of Austin & Ally and plotting a way for her to move in with me permanently.  Quote of the day from Sloane was “Daddy I don’t want to live in hilly billy land anymore”, at this point in life I’m so jaded on the family court system I couldn’t even come up with a good answer for her.

Not pictured Hammy drinking a White Russian reading over NFL betting lines

The highlight of the weekend for her and all the kiddos was Saturday night.  Evidently Santa Claus had too much wine on Christmas Eve and left The Turtle Man tickets to the Monster Jam truck event that was going down at Freedom Hall in Louisville.  Disclaimer:  Skipah is not a gear head, thinks monster trucks are rednecks compensating for anatomical deficiencies, and would rather play a round of golf naked in Antarctica than attend this event.  That being said the show was all that I thought it would be (boring), but watching Sloane and the gang have an absolute blast was well worth it.  Amazingly the Scooby Doo truck won the event, judging for this spectactle would make Olympic figure skating judges look competent though.

Really I could think of better ways to spend $8.00 bucks….that’s FOUR Powerball tickets!

Yo people, the University of Louisville doesn’t play here anymore..oh wait this is the line for Monster Jam…Ugh!

Someone had a blast!

It literally was a vehicle costume party gone wrong!

There are three types of people at Monster truck shows:  Kids, parents who take their kids, and then there are fanatics.  These fanatics also think pro wrestling isn’t staged but that is a topic for another post.  Miss Madison witnessed a guy literally wipe his phone clean too free up maximum storage so he could video the whole event.  Kid’s first communion photo, wedding pictures, and the family pet were nothing more than digital memories!  I hope he at least backed them up with some kind of photo saving service or he is going to have a hard time explaining to his family why he only has video of Grave Digger and the ghost of Bigfoot on his phone.  The emcee of this event set a personal record for “eye rolls” by me with his nonstop over the top commentating.  Dude really?  I saw the competitors enjoying a bag of popcorn together before the show started and now you are telling me there is some bad blood rivalry going on between them?  By the way I hear Vince McMahon is hiring you might want to give him a call.

I was taught in driver’s ed. that vehicles are more likely to advance when tires are on the ground.

O.K. I’ll admit this was kind of cool to see.

Sunday I let Sloane reunite with her besties for some good ole fashioned girl’s slumber party action…third grade style!  The rules of fun sound like they were being rewritten all night when I picked her up Monday morning, and she is already clamoring for the next time she gets to visit again.  Does it suck giving up what few nights I have with her…yes it does!  Big picture though I have to “dad” up and let Sloane enjoy anytime she can with people she is most familiar with.

Peaches and Herb were playing in the background….come on Mr. 70s you know the song!

About it for now, I’m off to find a live chicken so I can make sure Miss Madison and I have eggs for this weekend before the impending blizzard gets here.  As the self-anointed “local” historian around here I’m guessing in the four to six inch range for snowfall, but secretly hoping I get kidnapped and taken a remote Caribbean region drinking mai tais and listening to Eagles music all weekend!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Kids loved it but it isn’t my cup of tea.

  2. Just wish there was more daddy daughter time :(.

  3. I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the tip.

  4. Wow! What a cool blog. Being a single dad, I was happy to see your blog. Just found a cool book for kids. It’s called, “Cooking With Mr. C.”. I got it off of Amazon. My boys love to read. Thought I’d share i with other Dads. I’ll keep checking your blog out.


  5. Sounds like a lot of fun.

  6. Great to see such a great Daddy-Daughter Combo. The Monster trucks look amazing!!

  7. Your review of the monster truck show is HYSTERICAL. I am laughing out loud on this. So sweet to take the kids there despite your clear distaste for it. You are a great dad. Thanks for linking up with the #FabFridayPost and thank you for the laugh! “That’s four power ball tickets” - classic!

  8. I have no earthly idea how Californians live with their current tax situation. Do you all get taxed for breathing the air? Compared to most of the country the Midwest is usually cheaper on fuel than most.

  9. Gary I hope you stay safe this weekend! Looks like y’all had fun, but what is the deal with such cheap gas? buck 49? Wow! In California, we’re at 2.35 cuz of all the extra taxes! Love that song “Reunited!”

  10. Thanks C.S., we did have a great weekend!

  11. I have to say the American justice system is simply crazy. But great that you guys enjoyed the weekend, that was awesome stuff right there! : D

  12. I said the same thing! Sloane had a blast, had a great weekend with her!

  13. Hey, that Scooby Doo truck’s is a fake! That’s not the Mystery Machine I remember. Oh well, as long as Sloane had a great time I guess it doesn’t matter.

  14. I try is all I can say, this whole journey has taught me to be the bigger person.

  15. I’d freak out about snow also if I lived in Texas.

  16. I’m all for taking the kids again as they had a blast.

  17. It was great just to see her again, weeks felt like months :(.

  18. Demolition derbies are cool! I remember going to one in high school and that was real action!

  19. Doctors have been trying to figure out what is wrong with me for years! The monster trucks show was just so phony and put on it really felt like a WWE episode.

  20. That was very unselfish of you to let Sloane stay with her friends. You are a wonderful Dad!

  21. Texans freak out about snow too, it’s ridiculous! I’m no redneck, but the monster trucks look cool to me. Glad you had a good time!

  22. We love the monster trucks too! Used to go every year. The oldest are too old now…and the youngest too young. A year or so more and we’re back again.

  23. I enjoyed reading about your reunion with Sloane and all the fun you had.

  24. It was a great weekend, I’d be more than happy to trade you places right now! Should I pack for Sydney?

  25. I’ve never been to a monster truck show, but I looooved demolition derbies when I was a kid 🙂
    Here in the city, we only freak out from 6-9am 😉

  26. Glad you had a lovely weekend with Sloane. She looks like she is in heaven at the Monster Truck event. Missing snow.

  27. What’s wrong with you Sir?! Monster Jam looks awesome!! (I’ve always been a bit partial to Monster trucks I must admit!). Oh and snow! I would love some snow here. There’s some on the mountains but nothing here. People panic so much when there’s snow!

    Ahh and the girls looks like they had a great time!

  28. We aren’t strangers to it in S. Indiana, we get a “big” snowfall every few years. It’s the level of absolute panic that ensues around here that makes is comical when they call for so much as an inch.

  29. I would never laugh my ass off at someone getting snow that’s not prepared for it, or used to it.

    At least I wouldn’t laugh my ass of so that anyone else could hear me.

    Greetings from Buffalo, NY - hope your snowfall is lighter than ours.

  30. I could handle the snow some what better if the freaking highway department could clear a road worth a crap!

  31. Wasn’t nearly as loud as I thought it would be fortunately, but it still wasn’t exactly a napping environment.

  32. Try a real snow fall like I lived through in grade school. Walked on the roof of our truck/equipment shed. School was called off for weeks! I hated missing school. Milk trucks could not come empty our farm’s milk tank, so we took the milk into town (tractors are useful) to distribute to families who had kids since grocery store’s trucks couldn’t get through either, Think it was something like 6 feet of snow / ice on the roads. (southern IL)

  33. I attended Monster Jam a decade ago. I figure in another ten years my hearing will recover.

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