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Could Meijer’s be coming to Madison????????? (Fingers Crossed)

Who in the hell is running the Jeb Bush campaign, we are in the digital age it’s not 1986 anymore (That’s What Friends Are For was the biggest song that year, just for a reference), how in the hell do you let your domain name of expire only to get immediately bought up by Donald Trump.  Next time click on the automatic renewal box with your webhost, I’m sure you can spare the 150-200 beans it costs to maintain a website.  Whatever lackey fell asleep at the wheel on this one is probably looking at a career of goat herding and Little League umpiring after this major guffaw!

Not that his run at president is going anywhere, but this sort of incompetence in the social media age is beyond amateurish.  Jeb I can save your campaign, you need to contribute to the #SkippingWithSloane fundraiser (grab your checkbook loyal readers it ends Friday) that is ongoing right now to benefit the American Heart Association and I’ll give you some free advertising love on here.  It just might carry Indiana for you, but since I’ve never got to vote in a primary in my life that wasn’t already predetermined who the candidate was I doubt it.  We vote in May for the primaries, by then it is a foregone conclusion who the nominee is in either party.  Hell hire me as your social media manager I can promise you that your primary web domain won’t expire.

Bernie Sanders you’re up next, it’s pretty cool how your grass roots program has taken this country by storm, but you might get your little minions under control on social media also.  I know you are old enough to be Thomas Edison’s grandpa and you may need to have someone explain to you how the digital age works.  That being said the #FeeltheBern is pretty trendy right now (Don’t worry Senator Sanders I’ve had to explain to lawyers that bill more for reading an email than I make in a hour what a hashtag is) but when I read an anti-Sanders blog and retweet it because it was funny and copy that hashtag on the post (so that blogger would get some potential traffic) and IMMEDIATELY one of your zombie army troopers sends me a reply to jump on your campaign ship you might tell them to at least read the content first.  This concludes the political segment of today’s post.

The next few weeks in the Skipahsphere are about to get busy.  I’ve got the Washington D.C./Eastern Virginia long weekend coming up, to my Old Dominion peeps crab cakes are on me if you would like to meet up.  Plus I have to take Hammy to a Kalamazoo, Michigan treatment center to dry out for a while.  The Solomon L. Kling facility is like the Betty Ford Clinic for hamsters.  They promise to get your little fury rodent clean and sober and back to the wagon wheel in no time.  Once he completes that 12 step program then it’s off to Lawrenceburg, KY to seek treatment for his gambling addiction since there isn’t a thing to do there but shop Walmart and polish your spittoon, just ask Sloane!

The other thing coming up soon is the Bottoms up Bash for Colon Cancer Prevention Project!  I’m still a member of the Southern Indiana Committee, however, our January meeting had to be cancelled for a myriad of reasons.  Miss Madison gave me one of the best gifts I have ever received for Valentine’s Day when she purchased us tickets to their big fundraiser.  Besides being the best freaking dad in the world I can be, and still re-learning how to be the coolest boyfriend in the world, the Colon Cancer Prevention Project has become a passion to me.  I can’t give any good reasons as to why, but sitting in on that first meeting something clicked in my head that I can make a difference.  Miss Madison saw this in me and ran with it, there is a reason she Rocks the Casbah, TMZ addiction not withstanding!  Now I have to figure out what to wear, any fashion bloggers reading I’m all ears!

I like the think we clean up well, at least she does!

Even better with Miss Madison the rock star history/social studies teacher she put me in charge for the week of “her famous Americans” in her weekly extra credit project for her students.  I took this responsibility seriously.  Who better to spearhead a project of trivia than the trivia master himself!  I ruled out Vanilla Ice, Steve Bartman (Yes I’m calling you out Cub fans) and Dan Quayle.  Pop quiz time readers!

  1. Purdue University graduate
  2. Korean War veteran
  3. Mitchell, Indiana native, native Hoosiers if you have to read farther I’m writing the governor to kick you out of the state!
  4. Shrine at Spring Mill State Park
  5. One of the original seven pilots chosen for the Mercury program (NASA)

I’m not giving the answer on here, but hit the Google machine or time travel on Wikipedia and comment on it.  The most amazing thing about the answer is he has contemporaries from the same region in the same field!  We aren’t exactly talking the population of New York City or Leeds here.  This might become a weekly column for me if I can convince Miss Madison to let me pick famous Americans for her class, call it my contribution to the youth of America!

About it for tonight, we’ve got to get Hammy packed for his trip and I’ve got to figure out a way to inform Sloane he’s on “vacation”, since I won’t see her for another ten days (did I just hear someone cough “bullshit”) I’ve got plenty of time to think of something.

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. I prophetic like that! I think Bernie is in for a rude awakening next Tuesday, the deck is so stacked against him it’s downright criminal.

  3. Not so long after you wrote this Jeb bush is off the ticket. And Bernie’s peeps are still at it. Oh politics.

  4. She’s a special kid :), Lisa thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  5. I am very proud of her ❣

  6. OMG Lisa! Thank you very much I can’t wait to tell Sloane!

  7. Just contributed to SkippingForSloane. Good cause.

  8. He’s no spring chicken, feisty old bird though I’ll give him that.

  9. LOL! I died when I read this about Bernie… I know you are old enough to be Thomas Edison’s grandpa

  10. LMAO! OH! I’m sorry! Yes, send Sammy! 😛

  11. Why thank you C.S., poor Jeb never has gotten much traction this year.

  12. Jeb is a disgrace -_- But, you and Miss Madison make an adorable couple!

  13. Sammy my new smoker LOL not Hammy, he’s made out of stainless steel if your dog can eat him I feel your life may be in danger.

  14. I bet!
    Do not send Sammy! My dog will eat him! :O

    I often feel sorry for Jeb. He seems like a very nice man. More like his mother, in my opinion. They pick on him all the time, but he’s clearly a better person. Not who I want for POTUS, but a decent guy.

  15. Winner winner chicken dinner, as a prize I’ll have Sammy whip something up and hand deliver it to you :). I’m all over the map anymore on politics. None of these guys and that one girl inspire me by any means but the absolute stupidity of letting your domain expire coupled with the Sanders thing on Twitter yesterday was just to much not to use on a post LOL.

  16. LOL, I hear it’s kind of a big town.

  17. Am I supposed to give you the answer, or not ruin it for other people? I’ll just say GG.

    Y’all do clean up well — great pic!

    I am a raging liberal (mostly) which means I don’t usually agree with your redder stuff, but I must agree, I loathe the way people jump all over the politics of others. It’s so classless to hijack a thread and start YELLING AT PEOPLE. There are plenty of other things to like about someone, for cryin out loud. People need to learn to scroll on. Just scroll, man, it’s cool.

    Did you see the baby costumed to look like Bernie Sanders??? If you didn’t, Imma need to show you. So freakin adorable!

  18. No project, just giving you a shout out since you always read my posts :).

  19. because you created a link from my blog and me ? because? what is your project?I can help?

  20. Thanks Lori, the sun is finally out here in Indiana. Almost 70 this weekend, last weekend a half a foot of snow #Midwest!

  21. An amusing and fun way to start my morning here in rainy Portland!

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