Rub your dog’s belly today!

Good evening ladies and gents I hope everyone had a fine afternoon.  It’s National Dog Day, unfortunately that doesn’t double as a federal holiday because I had to work and so did everybody I else I know.  I’m not a dog owner myself but I used to have the most gorgeous dog in the world.  Suebee was a product of divorce that didn’t get to choose her future and I had to make a swift decision quickly on whether or not to secure shelter for Sloane and I or find a place that was pet friendly.  At the time I knew Suebee had a backup plan so I chose the former.  These days I have no idea where Suebee is, last I had heard she was with a family friend and Sloane would get to visit her anytime she wanted.  According to Sloane she hasn’t seen Suebee since she was ushered out into the Indiana countryside roaming free in a fenced in yard.  However, I’ve heard rumors to the contrary that she may not be residing there anymore.  If that is the case I really have no idea where in the hell she is at now.  Hopefully all you dog owners had a great day, my beloved Suebee was on my mind for the biggest part of the day.


I miss her 🙁

Wednesday night, school is in session, what’s that mean?  Daddy’s night with Sloane, not much in the way of rock star parenting tonight though.  Easy dinner before we had to be at school and then a small craft project she decided at the last minute to make for all her classmates.  It’s my weekend with her finally and I will be hard pressed to top Holiday World from a couple of weekends ago, but I’m sure we will figure something out.  Plus it is going to be her monthly overnight with grandma so I’m sure those two will rewrite the rules of fun as they always do.  I’m MIss Madison’s date at a family members wedding Saturday night.  Sunday though I envision Sloane and I hitting the walking bridge.  It’s healthy, it’s free, and I may even let her run around on the Kentucky side in the splash park.  Or we may just ride our bikes to Indianapolis and back you never know what Sloane and I are bound to get into!  She did mention wanting to bake something for our upcoming Wisconsin trip but it’s a little too soon for that!

Get the damn camera out of my face!

I forgot to mention it yesterday but Keep Calm and Let Karma Take Over is now live and more than ready to accept donations.  If you are on a laptop or computer just look in the upper left hand corner, mobile device just scroll down to the bottom.  Skipah’s Realm accepts the U.S. Dollar, Euros, Rubles, Pesos, monopoly money, wheat pennies, or any other form of currency.  The walk itself isn’t until 10/17 and since this is my second attempt at organizing a team for 5k walk I’m currently in negotiations with some of the country’s leading fashion designers for ideas on what our team shirts will look like.  Or secretly hoping Miss Madison or one of my crafty friends has a good idea.  If anyone needs reminded it is for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, and I’m fortunately a proud living suicide survivor.

Actually I’m hoping I can get a local screen printing company to pitch in, if you see advertisements for Big Al’s Custom T-Shirt Designs on here please click on it or anybody else that I can hopefully bamboozle successfully talk into helping out for the cause.  I’m more than willing to “whore” myself out with my website to raise as much awareness as I can for this.  Hell even if the Kentucky Pork Producers want some publicity I’ll give them a little ad space (although I’m having it written in the contract that I can still make Kentuckian jokes), the point of this rambling is I own a website that ranks anywhere from 185,000-200,000 on Alexa.  With that kind of weight….snicker snicker……..I’m sure some bastardized car dealership in Clarksville, TN would want in on the action!


About it for tonight, going to have to explain to Rosy and Hammy that National Hamster Day isn’t celebrated in this country or any other country that I know of, and figure out what I’m going to wear on Saturday!  Decisions, decisions, purple shirt with black tie?  Yellow shirt with red tie?  I haven’t been on a “formal” date since Bill Clinton was in office, hopefully my I can channel my inner Bruce Wayne and pull it off without a hitch!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. I’ve been through New Albany, Ohio a few times! Wasn’t 100% serious about biking to Indy sounds good in my head but no way Sloane would make it LOL. should help you catch up on the names.

  2. I live in Central Ohio and we have a New Albany Here. Were you really thinking of biking to Indy?
    I am sorry about the loss of your sweet husky dog. I was allowed to visit my Lab-German Shepherd mix but he would howl when I drove off, I would cry.
    I need to read more to catch up on the people and nsmrs. Fun but sad parts on this post. 🙂

  3. She’d be all for it until we got to about oh I don’t know the New Albany city limits.

  4. I love a good wedding, and they’re so rare. I hope your upcoming wedding is a good one 🙂
    I lol’ed at the idea of you and Sloane cycling to Indy!

  5. I forgot to leave a quirky comment since I know you are a husky lover also.

  6. Every time you post pics of your beloved dog, it makes me miss my long lost husky too. Happy Dog Day to us anyway!

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