Running on Empty


I had no idea I had my identity stolen!!!  Some old fart in Clarksville, TN stole my name before I was even born and runs a dealership!  spells the name with one T, and I grew up in Clarksville, IN.  Too many coincidences for me not to believe he secretly stole my identity!  I want my cut of the pie Mr. Mathews!!!!!  Hopefully, someone from the sales team will be contacting me and offering me a brand new 2015 Ford Fusion for that shameless plug.  Maybe I can get some fellow Mathews on Mathew’s sales back scratching love.  Either way he’s about the only car lot I didn’t visit today.  Got the day off to a running start at 9:30 a.m. ready to move mountains and insert any other motivational speech you can think of.  By noon it had already become a four on the polar pop scale.  I can’t stress enough, I HATE CAR SHOPPING, if I was rich or even had credit right now I’d just finance something.  However as any recently divorced common man can tell you, the shit doesn’t work that way!  After you rid yourself of the evil stench of your ex you are left penniless and learn to get “creative” with money.  I’ll be back on my feet soon enough, “I hope” I honestly can’t have any worse luck.  It would be impossible.  By 5:30 and countless polar pops later I had finished up my day.  Logged 200 miles and was never more than 30 minutes from home and I didn’t even cross over to Kentucky, that will be tomorrow (maybe).  Got a bead on a couple of rides, and a couple more potentials that I can’t see until Monday, and possibly in one of karma’s greatest epic tales EVER a lead on a Jeep Cherokee.  If I end up in that, it will deserve its own paragraph so just have to stay tuned!  Let’s just say it’s a small world.

The rodent tug of war for Sloane had a new player sneak into my head today.  A bunny rabbit, she would go ape shit over it I’m sure but still think it’s going to be the economical hamster.  I did price rabbits today though (smartphones are the best when driving in a brand new car, I will never make fun of Bluetooth user again) and they aren’t near the coinage I thought they would be.  Decisions, decisions, and more decisions any feedback on how hard it is to care for rabbits would be much appreciated.  I know all of these critters shit in a cage that needs cleaned regularly, so other than that any info would be good.  When I had a big garden the rabbits like to eat my lettuce and pepper plants so I’m pretty sure what to feed them.  I used to cuss them out, now I am thinking of getting Sloane one.  I’m getting soft in my advanced age!

About all I got today, car shopping wore me out, think I’m going to watch a movie, laugh at people of Facebook, talk shit on Twitter and go to bed.  Single on a Saturday night is awesome!






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