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The Door County Experience: A Word From Miss Madison

Mr. Skipah is taking the night off and handing the keys to the car to awesome photo/travel blogger One Teacher’s Journey West for the evening.  Pssst……………..longtime readers may also know her as Miss Madison. Miss Madison here with my perspective of our recent vacation in Door County. I’d like to fill everyone in…

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The Door County Experience: Lambeau and Yuck!

I’m going to miss waking up to this everyday! T.G.I.F was never a more fitting term after this week.  Long week of work after a vacation with some inner office drama going on always makes for an entertaining time….said no one ever!  Miss Madison being off work all week on…

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The Door County Experience: I’m Going to Miss This Place!

Good evening welcome to day five of Skipah:  Photo/Travel blogger extraordinaire!  Tonight we will dive into day five of the Door County Experience.  Friday was our final “full” day on the peninsula and we made the most of it! Water was a tad choppy last Friday. One day when I’m…

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