Salvation Lies within!

What a long weekend, pretty much got everything moved except some furniture and that should be finished up in a couple of hours.  Skipah’s downsizing and looking very forward to it.  Next time I move I will be buying everything new because I’m officially done with packing crap to a second floor apartment!  Throw in the sweltering heat and humidity today spawned by yet another biblical rain this morning and good chance I lost 20 pounds today.  I definitely feel like I did!  Only one trip to Walmart this weekend also and got out of there for 15 bucks in less than ten minutes!  I wasn’t accosted by anyone, didn’t go blind looking at gaudy pajama wearing heathens, nor did anybody I was near have the body odor of a hippopotamus!  That’s a winner in my book, Walmart still going to be the local store to run any errands, although I am now closer to Meijer, but not nearly close enough to warrant the trip unless there is a surprise Katy Perry sighting there.

With the help of a friend I was able to get the princess quarters squared away, so she will be ready to destroy her room again as soon as she sees fit.  Nobody tell her but there was some serious “condensing” going on today with her stuff.  I know longer thought she needed various business cards of anywhere we’ve been and the multiple restaurant coloring crowns she always thinks she needs to take home with her that then sit in a box until you move.  She will still be stoked to know we can ride our bikes in the same part of town we always have and even venture over to her school when she wants to play on the playground.  The only thing she doesn’t have any more is her own yard but plenty of area around the complex for us to play.  As an added bonus with being back with dad she gets to sleep in a bed again!

As for me I’m actually excited about the move, never thought I would want an apartment but at this point in my life it’s perfect.  I enjoy maintaining a nice yard as much as the next man, but one less thing I have to worry about.  Finally get some financial flexibility also, so no more pricing my organs on the black market or selling bags of Oregano at hippie conventions.  Pipe down hippie I told you it was home grown herb, next time maybe you sure clarify!  Once I get fully moved in and squared away in a couple of days it’s a new phase of life that is about to begin.  Due to internet woes I had to discontinue school for now.  It is really impossible to keep up with unless I waited until NOBODY was on the internet at 3:00 a.m. so I could get some decent speed and stream the 8,000,000 videos I was required to watch and take notes on.

No more financial issues to worry about (well not nearly as many), no school to concentrate on, I’m focused on one thing now.  My mind is working at 100 mph these day, I so much has don’t take a piss without thinking of options and strategies for July 27th.  Things are lining up nicely for me should I lose on July 27th, I don’t want to lose though.  Nobody likes losing neither do I, I mentioned the radio gig yesterday and also hoping the area reporter gets back to me tomorrow to interview me and hear my story.  Skipah’s army is growing daily, Skipah himself is too busy to lead the army but he’s appointed many all across the country to do how they see fit.  I’ve commissioned Generals (my high school mascot by the way) in two of the most populous states Texas and Florida, and locally I’ve got a whole damn regiment working for me!  My daughter will not illegally be taken from me from her mother’s own selfishness.  She has run her vindictive playbook since at least September 2013, that book is getting reworded.

Because after talking to others associated with enemy camp, I’ve figured out her game plan.  Got to remember I know her better than anybody.  She found an idiot willing to take her in while she gets to rebuild her life and credit.  Filing bankruptcy makes her ineligible to even sniff a loan for a house.   She found her own personal chump to cover her financially right now.  If she was that miserable with me good for her, that’s her loss, as for Sloane’s stepdad he thinks he is shitting in tall cotton because he has some one ten years his junior to parade around as his wife.  How dumb is he though?  Bought a house POST marriage in Kentucky.  It’s now “marital property” it’s half hers!  He’s already screwed and doesn’t even know it in a few years when Sloane’s mother gets her credit rebuilt.  Being married for the fifth time I guess he still hasn’t figured it out, but he isn’t going to get to profit off of this one.  Never mind the fact is documented what a shit dad and granddad he is.  Mr. Skipah is covering all the angles these days!

About it for tonight moving in the sweltering heat has zapped me, I’ve got two zillions emails to respond to (sorry fellow bloggers might be tomorrow before I get to you!


Post Script:

Just got off the phone with Sloane she got her leg smacked by mom for talking too much!   Never mind that I am supposed to have uninterrupted phone time with my daughter, why did she get her leg smacked?  For telling me that the new stepdad made mommy cry and go hide in the bathroom.  Really in front of my daughter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Been married a month and first weekend together in new house with Sloane you are off hiding in the bathroom and then scolding Sloane for telling me!  I will go down swinging, and I don’t care man hater mommy you tell me who the better parent is!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. Smacked her on the leg to get her attention, not making a big deal about that. Trying to squelch her from telling me about locking her self in a bathroom ONE THE FIRST WEEKEND at the new house is what pissed me off. Sloane doesn’t need to see that crap.

  3. She smacked her child????? Who does that????? You don’t lay a hand on a child, you don’t hit an adult, why on earth would you think it OK to hit a child????



  4. Humidity is awesome (said no one ever), I’m madder than a hornet Sloane had to see that and then gets scolded for telling me. Grow up already ex you chose this life, so live it!

  5. I’m trying! I’ll be heard one way or another!

  6. Hard to fathom any of this crap!

  7. Way to go on the move, I bet that humidity was awesome! Very dumb about the leg smacking. Sloane deserves you and only you!

  8. Yeah! You go Skipah!

  9. Hard to fathom any judge in his or her right mind taking Sloane away from you.

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