School Daze

No changes today with the sock dating pool; every one was present and accounted for, so it’s pure sock harmony here today.  They are all in the sock drawer listening to some Al Green and pissing off the single socks as we speak.

My basketball loving KGB hamster was rather pissed today when he found out that Indiana doesn’t have alcohol sales on Sunday.  He is trying to use some old Russian homemade vodka recipe with potatoes and the bath tub in time for tonight’s games.  I tried to coax him with water, but he muttered some Russian profanity at me, then quickly apologized when I turned off the TV and dangled him over his cage.  I told him to suck it up today because we don’t have any more basketball until Thursday.  He’s taken to rooting for teams that have mascots that won’t eat him.  He’s not a big fan of wildcats, bulldogs or panthers.  I tried to explain to him what a Shocker is, but he just muttered something about silly Americans.  He did tell me about a KGB mission to kidnap someone who was Irish, though.

My day got off to a bang up start. I needed some new scenery today for my daily walk so I decided to go to the walking bridge.  I stopped at my local watering hole for my 44 ounces of liquid nectar and off to the bridge I went.  Yes, I willingly walked to Kentucky.  I was armed with a pack of Marlboro Reds, WalMart gift card and a “how to make meth” instruction manual to ward off any attackers.  I kid because I care. It’s actually a pretty cool trip walking across the bridge and along the river.  If you were ever to get lost and wound up in Louisville, KY, a walk along the river and the pedestrian bridge is cheap entertainment, i.e. FREE.  Three miles later, I was heading home and started pondering ideas in my head to start my fitness blog. will have a grand launch in the very near future!

No blonde bomber until Thursday, but it’s time to start worrying about school for next year.  She is in a private school, and her mommy and I aren’t agreeing on school for next year.  I want her to continue to go to her current school, and Sloane wants to continue going to her school.  Her mother wants her to go to public school next year due to financial reasons.  I’m not railing on public schools at all, actually they are better than average in my area; HOWEVER, she loves that school.  The financial argument is complete bullshit since I pay 75% of the bill, and I don’t live rent and bill free.  Let me get this straight: My daughter just watched a messy and ugly divorce, still thinks she can play matchmaker and now I’m supposed to just uproot her from her friends and surrogate family?  I don’t think so!

If you feel “un-welcomed” at school that’s on you; maybe you should have thought about this before your reckless behavior in concerns to OUR daughter.  Maybe you should have not lied to anyone who would listen to you, only to be proven wrong.  Maybe you should have involved yourself with the PTO that you volunteered for.  Maybe you should have showed up to all Girl Scout events that you agreed take part in.  Our daughter has to suffer because you are “ashamed” to show your face at school?  Don’t give me the “high school is expensive” defense either; that’s nine years away!  I will work six jobs, sell organs and take part in guinea pig studies before she isn’t able to attend her current school.  Since I have an Ipad with a web history from damn near a year ago of you looking up private schools in a location nowhere near here, give me another reason.  Give me a frigging legitimate reason she doesn’t keep going to the school she is at now!  You can’t. Go hide behind your lawyer, but your signature is on a custody arrangement because you needed that time off to do your business.  So, ex-wife, I just put the ball in your court. Are you  going to dribble it off your leg again, or are you going to start thinking about your daughter!  By the way, at the last court visit you mentioned that this blog showed up on a Google search of you. Since we didn’t swear on a bible you weren’t guilty of perjury, but if you want your name to attached to this blog I can make it happen very easily.

Divorce sucks; bitter ex-wives suck more; bitter ex-wives that don’t look out for their child suck the worst.  We get to figure it out, though. The judge said so!


Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Stopping by again to say thank you for linking up to the #BigTopBlogParty and congratulations for being a Featured Act this week on Party Under the Big Top!

    Hope you’re having a terrific day!

    Much love always,

    Lysa xx

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  4. Guess we will find out by the end of summer, I hope not. Thanks for stopping by and I’ll have to thank Ray also. She is a hoot!

  5. Oh I hope she gets to stay in her current school. I didn’t even have the divorce situation - just general moving. First grade new school, second grade new school, 6th new school and 9th new school. It was harder the older I got. Staying with friends is so important. Fortunately I am still friends with the same four girls from middle school. Aside from Facebook I only keep in the one friend from high school. Stopping by from Ray’s blog. Nice to meet you Gary.

  6. I think there actually is

  7. I Literally cannot deal with anymore snow. I’m pretty sure that there’s actually a medical condition that makes you depressed in crappy weather…

  8. Let me know when you get them printed. I’ll take size L

  9. Welcome to my world, banging head against the wall in utter frustration!

  10. Another great post. Love the summary on ex wives. There is actually nothing I can add to that. Pretty much going to get ‘ex - wives just suck’ on a tshirt but think people might get the wrong idea. Maybe a different word?……ex - wives. …really?

  11. I’ve never understood any parent that puts their needs before their kids, I would walk over hot coals, barefoot, with my feet coated in kerosene, and rabid squirrels in my pants before I hurt my children for my own gain.

    So people suck!

  12. Thanks man, it’s one thing after another

  13. Whoa, now that’s letting off some steam. I SO feel ya. Co-parenting is tough stuff even under the best of circumstances. Hang in there, take a deep breath and remember to breathe.

  14. WOW! I am so sorry that this is going on… It’s just not fair to you or to Sloane at all! I can’t believe she lied in court. I have read A LOT of your posts and have NEVER seen you use her name EVER!

    In regards to Christopher’s comment… WOW! All I’m going to say is that it is VERY possible for divorced parents to get along for the sake of their child/children. That is if they both act like adults and TRULY care about their child/children and want what’s best for them. My son’s father and I got along very well and co-existed in one another’s worlds until my son turned 18. Now we don’t have to talk to one another at all.

    As a matter of fact when my son moved to another state with his Dad and Step-Mom right before his Junior year of high school, cheaper tuition for college if a resident. Not only did they open their home up to me but my two daughters and my Mom as well. We stayed in their house!

    Not crazy at all it’s what you do when you LOVE your kids and want what’s BEST for them! I don’t talk to his Dad now that he’s 26 but I do still talk to his Step-Mom as she is AWESOME!

    Just my two cents…

    Btw Gary, great rant!!!! I hope she reads it and prints it out or saves the URL so she can prove in court that you said her name!
    Much love always,

    Lysa xx

  15. Sometime lame just sums it up nicely

  16. Couldn’t have said it better myself, thanks for sharing

  17. Hope it gets easier sooner than later. I know that sounds sort of lame but I am sincere about it. Can’t be easy.

  18. I’m of the express belief that, overwhelmingly, divorced parents use their children as weapons to hurt the other. It’s exceedingly rare that both parents actually care about the well-being of their child and it shows in how they handle custody and the child’s or children’s affairs. The fragmented court system that focuses, overwhelmingly, on finances instead of existential fitness and the dumb-fuck notion that children are first and best left with their mothers does children no favours.

    There is a reason that the youth of this country suffer from greater mental illness than previous generations and it’s not because it’s talked about more openly now than in the past.

    It seems to me best that one parent completely leave the life of their child or children until adulthood in the wake of a divorce. This is because children of divorced parents, overwhelmingly, have much greater difficulty forming and maintaining healthy relationships due to a lack of seeing them in their immediate environment. If one parent is not financially able to raise the child or children alone the government, should they actually care about their children as Citizens, needs to come in with sensible subsidies. If both parents are unfit, no matter financial security, the child should be put up for adoption and hopefully to a loving couple that is unable to conceive. That, of course, is a gloss and a plethora of relevant details are omitted but I’m here to leave a comment and not detract from or derail your post.

    What else I will say here is that the above comes from experience.

    I understand that bias exists and it’s the case that we magnify the faults of another at times to make ourselves seem better. But with what I’ve read so far I’m of the mind that the ex- needs to fuck off elsewhere and leave the raising of your child to a parent that actually cares about them. That would be you and that would be sole custody.

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