Seeking strength from others, oh and I had a date!

SOS!  Call the FBI, ATF, CIA or any other acronym!

Editor’s note:  This post is from July 27th, 2015 and is my first weekend with Miss Madison and before my much anticipated court date on contempt of court (I won, but it still cost me a boatload), and relocation of my daughter (which I got a temporary win but very decisive in the big picture)

Major crisis in southern Indiana today, the local water company had a major line bust leaving most of us under a boil water advisory.  No big deal until I learned NO MORNING POLAR POP!  About the only thing that went wrong for me this weekend though!

Tomorrow is July 27th and that only means one thing, the final crescendo in #SloaneStaysHome.  Don’t worry loyal reader Skipah is ready to go!  The good vibe gods have reached down this weekend and granted me their inner aura for tomorrow and the weeks going forward.  Win or lose I did all I could, a win tomorrow and this might be the biggest internet party the world has ever seen.  Lose and I will pick myself up and come at it with another plan of attack.  I’ve been told I’m losing, to take what amounts to “copping” a plea, and live to fight another day.  Sloane deserves better than that, and Sloane will one day know (if I lose) her father did all he could for her to remain in Indiana.

Skipah’s Army is primed and ready to strike!  The officers of the army locally have done all they could and have laid tremendous groundwork for the future if need be.  The Texas and Florida militia have given me so much support I owe them a beer, also you are always welcomed in the Skipahspher!  The upper Midwest leader of the Skipah’s Army deserves whatever wine she wants.  My friends and family…WOW is all I can say.  I’m humbled and grateful to have every one of you in my life.  There are many others I need to acknowledge but they don’t have websites I can put silly little links to, but every one of you….THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.  My tomato headed unofficial big sister you and your family are getting your own exhibit at the future Skipah’s Realm museum that hasn’t been built yet.  Tomorrow is going to be historic, I either win or enough Indiana Code will be broken that I get to involve Indianapolis!  That’s the capital in my state Kentuckian, and no we don’t have a statute of Jefferson Davis sitting on the capital grounds either.

I know all of you in the Skipahsphere (except for one READER) care what happens to me tomorrow, but I also know you nosy asses want to know how my date went Saturday night.  Date went great, a few bumps at first (two strangers meeting for the first time will do that), she’s an avid walker though and we both have a passion for dropping Kentuckian jokes.  For now we will call her Miss Madison (psst she doesn’t know I blog, yet), she lives in Madison, Indiana and is a talk drink of water that is way too similar to me.  Knows her pop culture trivia, history buff, and thinks I’m cute.  She’s easy on the eyes herself, and no I’m really not that cute I think she needs to probably get her vision checked!

Hello Madison!

Our date consisted of walking a thousand miles in the humidity laden utopia known as southern Indiana (mind you we were both over dressed for this physical activity), then a trip to one of the many local wineries to enjoy some Celtic music, however this duo wasn’t the Dropkick Murphy’s and we were growing a tad tired of their non-upbeat act.  The winery itself had amazing salami, pepperoni, and homemade bread.  I am not too fond of wine but tried the sangria, and Miss Madison wasn’t real happy with what they were serving either so we walked back down to the river to enjoy the sunset.  The Queen of Mississippi was unloading when we got there, who knew Madison, IN was a cruise destination.  Upon time for me to head back home we agreed we should meet again!

Fast forward to Sunday and we did meet again.  I gave Miss Madison a six mile walking tour of the Indiana/Kentucky waterfront as we tried out the walking bridge in my neck of the woods.  We both agreed we are probably certifiably insane for willingly walking to Kentucky two days in a row, but I was armed with fake John Calipari business cards if we ran into any resistance.  Thankfully we didn’t and I didn’t have to go full ninja on any Kentuckians, but I think Miss Madison could hold her own (she kick boxes in her spare time) anyway.  We had a great time and guess what else………….THIRD DATE this weekend when the blonde bomber heads to grandmas.  Miss Madison even gave me a good luck token for my impending battle in court.

Because Lions “roar”, little does she know!  Katy Perry sings Roar, coincidence, I think not!

About it for now, to EVERYONE that has reached out to me in support I thank you again.  You guys/gals have lifted me up in more ways than I could ever describe.  Hopefully Hammy can pull some strings with his KGB contacts, but win or lose I’m still smiling!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  17. Great news on the dating scene, hope that lion’s roar helps you rock it in court! And wow, you guys have been doing some major walking, keep it up!!
    Anxiously awaiting the results…..

  18. I’ll take all the UK luck I can get!

  19. Good luck, I have everything crossed! A bit of Yorkshire luck does wonders 😉

    I’m also extatic your date went well!! X

  20. Good luck today!!

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