Sing Us A Song You’re the Piano Man!

Cats and I have always agreed to disagree!

I don’t think this person likes me.  Never mind they were commenting on this post.  Got to love a good old fashioned spammer.  I guess they are getting craftier these days; I miss the days of spammers selling me on the idea of holistic penis enlargement potions or how to get ripped abs in three weeks.  The IP address tracks back to Plano, Texas.  What the hell Texans, here I am trying to give away free money to you, and one of you has to go all Hormel on my peaceful little neck on the net.

Words I live by every day, who knew Miss Madison Jr. was so prophetic!

Other than that moron it has been the anti-Manic Monday (Now that you are singing that one in your head let’s go ahead and get Walk Like an Egyptian cued up) waking up with Miss Madison sending me selfies in front of the White House had me just giddy about a nine-hour car trip over two days.  The bags are packed and Skipah is about to set sail, he even brought his jukebox money, alas though I don’t live in a Love Shack.  For the record it took me exactly ten minutes to pack, and that is including the three-month supply of spray on tanning accessories I won in a Fingerhut catalog contest in 1997.

Short of a Black Tie Affair I’m good to go!

Because I value my life no selfies of Miss Madison running on two hours of sleep!

I love this stalker, she’s reminds me of Miss Madison.

My girlfriend has went all Richard Simmons on me!

This time tomorrow I’ll be heading up the Carefree Highway (c’mon Canadians now I’ve got you singing along) dodging angry Ohioans hurling buckeyes at me because Ohio State isn’t going to the big dance this year and Indiana whipped their ass by like 30 earlier this winter.  On second thought I better check the polls (except for the Michigan newspapers) before I head east, I need to know if Kasich or Trump is leading so I can be sure to emblazon my vehicle with the proper political gear for safe passage in Ohio.  The last thing I want right now is a pissed off Trump supporter in Ohio!  Or otherwise everybody will be Kung Fu Fighting with me.  FYI, my goal tonight is to make sure you are singing some song you read on here when you take your morning shower.  You are welcome in advance, I promise not to fill you in on the worst secret to ever hit America on Who Let The Dog’s Out.

The antidote for any women that just spent three days with 40 tweenagers!

Assuming I don’t have to go all Bruce Lee in Ohio and end up in Columbus General after spitting up my spleen and having my neck turned around I should end up on top of a mountain in or around Wheeling, WV between 10:00-11:00 p.m.  This is also going to depend on my ever shrinking bladder and Diet Dr. Pepper consumption but it should be a fun ride anyhow.  The Skipah’s Realm airwaves will more than likely be dead for a few days, maybe a small blurb or two if I have the time, but I’ll be sure to have my new toy fully charged at all times (even bought a portable charger for the occasion) so I can easily transition into Mr. Skipah the photo blogger when I get back home.

Best $8.00 bucks I ever spent (on clearance), I’m putting it to the test this week!

Quick review of my new toy the Samsung Galaxy 7…Bitchin…. now back to regular programming.  After Waking Up In Vegas, umm I mean Wheeling, I’ll should hit America’s melting pot of D.C. sometime after lunch.  First stop is the Ronald Reagan airport and then I’m taking the Metro to downtown only it won’t be via a scooter.  From there I’ve got an all hands on deck sit in with the Indiana Congressional delegation and both Senators about what we are going to get done next year for Father’s Rights.

Settle down mom I’m not that important, for shits and giggles I did inquire to meet with my state rep but since he is running for Senate I didn’t think I would have much of a sniff.  I’ll just tag him in this blog post I’m sure that will get his attention.  Hey Todd Young quit letting dads get the shaft in Indiana, run on some national dad platform hell you can be President in four years!  Republicans, Democrats, even great-great grandchildren of the defunct Whig party would support you!  See what I did there, political networking, now if I play my cards right I could become a Rhinestone Cowboy tomorrow getting cards and letters from people I don’t even know, and offers coming over the phone.  I’m in the zone right now bear with me!

I need help though, Mr. Skipah the wit master/literary genius (in his own mind) can’t think of a catchy name for his little eastern seaboard adventure.  Last year I came up with the Door County Experience when I went on vacation in Wisconsin, but I’m drawing blanks for this one.  Everything I keep running in my head is cheesier than any New Kids on the Block song from 1989.  I’m still Hangin’ Tough though trying to figure it out.  I’m all open for suggestions, of course it gets mighty lonely driving nine hours by yourself so maybe something will click.

About it for tonight, after reading this I value a full night’s sleep and I’m definitely not going to get that tomorrow night.  The Skipah Travelling Road Show departs tomorrow and I’ve already got Ice Ice Babydownloaded on the IPod!  Again you are welcome in advance!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Ha! Have a good trip! And that’s my husbands favorite wine!

  2. No hoax, my spam filter picked it out. I’ll send some Yellowtail your way right now!

  3. Firstly Yellowtail Shiraz. Love. Love.
    Secondly, please tell me that screenshot is a hoax? Why would anyone be so spiteful about your (or anyone’s) blog. If they don’t like what they see, shut up and move along. See? NOW I have to crack open some red wine just to cheer myself up. Shame I don’t have any Yellowtail knocking about…

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  5. Trip was awesome stay tuned for future posts. Be thankful I didn’t drop some My Sharona in that post LOL.

  6. Now have the burning & eternal flame of Bangles lyrics on repeat in my head! Hope the trip was good.

  7. That was an average day for her, and yes those are peanut butter pretzels. They are divine, the only place I’ve ever found them is Big Lots believe it or not.

  8. It was a blast that is for sure, now currently looking for a photo editor LOL. I must have a 1000 pictures!

  9. Some people are just miserable, and think everyone should join them.

  10. Spammers need to get a life that is for sure, trip was wonderful :). Now off to sort pictures and get to posting about it!

  11. Where do I begin? I’m starting today, Skipah, because I am on the road tomorrow. First of all, 18,000 steps is OBSCENE. Just sayin’. And are those peanut butter pretzels? Because I am now seriously jonesing for them. Share!

  12. First of all….love the hate. If it helps I think their name “funny cat” is misleading….I didn’t see anything funny in their comment or a meow…actually nothing cat related. Am deeply saddened and disappointed in them.

    Secondly, I’m cross with you. As a music teacher you’ve given me a roller coaster ride of songs that are now on continual loop as ear worms…cheers for that.

    Loving the selfies on fb! Sounds and seems like you’re having fun!

  13. My mother always said, “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say a thing”. Why would you be mean on someone else’s post?

  14. Loved the Hobbit reference… I don’t understand why do people spread bad words and comments around.. I mean dude get a life of your own and stop trying to run mine!!
    I hope you have a wonderful time 😉

  15. Great! Have fun! 🙂

  16. Stupid spammers, trip so far so good :)!

  17. Working on an angle like that :).

  18. Hey joy! You did flag as anonymous. So far so good on the trip :). Glad I could fill your head with good and bad music!

  19. Screw spammers, so far so good on our trip!

  20. I did, she has enjoyed it so far :).

  21. I actually tried to find the funny cats in water video, but I just got a message from YouTube saying it was unavailable. I wonder if Jesus knows. (No, not that Jesus! The one who sent you the message.) I’m sure it’s something he could definitely fix as long as he’s not too busy whining and looking for attention.

    Anyway, I hope you have a great trip.

  22. What a douche your cat spammer was! Take your negativity somewhere else, dude!

    Have a safe drive and a great time! 🙂

  23. Love the musical references! Beats the crap I’ve had stuck in my head lately. Main song from the “Breakfast Club” gets old REAL quick! My husband was the one that started me on that one this morning when he came home from working overnight because no one else is smart enough to set up the displays there but him. (Guess printing the instructions out in black and white English confuses them! May have to resort to illustrations next time)
    Why not refer to the trip as the daring rescue from a horde of teenagers?

  24. Ok! Well that was weird! That comment that says its from Anonymous is from ME! Have no clue why it says that! NO, I was NOT trying to spam you! HA! We will try this one and see if it says my name as the Piano man keeps going through my head!

  25. Your songs were going through my mind all day!! Especially the Piano Man one, its still on my mind!! Hope you have a great trip and don’t CRAZY spammers keep life interesting! Don’t listen to them, your posts make me smile and laugh.

  26. You put the Aussie wine on for me didn’t you? Recognise most of the songs 🙂

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  28. I’ll be sure to get you a thorough review of the Yellow Tail when I see her tomorrow :).

  29. Ah. Okies. Well enjoy your trip 🙂

  30. You will have to ask her, I’m not a big fan of fermented grapes.

  31. How was that Yellow Tail Shiraz?

  32. My work here is done :).

  33. Ok, I have to admit. I’m singing along. Have a ball!

  34. Thanks Anne, it should be one for the record books!

  35. Got to love idiot spammers! Did you get a pingback at least? Lately some people haven’t been #WordPressFrustration!

  36. Hope you have a great trip.

  37. Have fun as always man, thanks for sharing my link!
    Oh, and look out for cats while traveling, guess they’re not that into you.

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