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Why do you blog?  Question I’ve asked myself for the last two days.  Initially way back when it was to get my thoughts off my chest.  Coping with the life changing event that is divorce, back then it was password protected and my inner circle of Facebook friends would read it.  When I was married I was told I hold stuff in too much, and looking back she was right, so I took to blogging of course now she hates it.  Funny how life works, typing out grammatical error and typo over and over for the past ten months helped me grow as a man and a father.  That same advice that was thrown at me to save my marriage is now used against me.  This got me through divorce as much as any friend, over time I not only enjoyed it I actually made some friends out of it.  Other’s told me it’s entertaining to read and I’m actually good at this.  I’ll let the general public decide on that I’m humbled how many people read it on a daily basis already.  I’m just a divorced dad in a larger than average town in southern Indiana that wants to see his daughter 50/50.  The methods I’ve gone about it might be considered questionable but I challenge any single parent with the prospect of having their only child ripped away from them to tell me how they would react.  I had to eat it during the divorce because of self-inflicted wounds post separation.  I didn’t agree with it then, but I wasn’t in a position to fight because of how stupid the system is.  I’ll say it until I’m blue in the face it’s a bullshit system and Indiana is much better than most states fortunately.

Dads matter, ask any single mom that had to raise kids without a father (looking at you mother), I’m just trying to do my part to be in my daughter’s life.  I helped create her, I helped raised her until she was six years old, and now I’m faced with the possibility of her not even living in the same state as me.  I haven’t been told “officially” by the person that matters most she is trying to move her away.  However, my daughter and ex in-laws have confirmed it.  So if anything I’ve wrote over the past ten months jeopardizes that I guess it’s ultimately on me.  I’ve got plenty of bullets left in the chamber though and don’t think I won’t “empty my clip” to keep her here.

O.K., now that I’ve had my “come to Jesus” moment about blogging and the harm it has done me apparently in the custody battle let’s lighten the mood up some shall we.

Two in a row for the Reds the last two nights and the dreaded S.F. Giants are in town tonight.  I informed Hammy that this team has won three out of the last five World Series and that the Reds blew three straight games at home against them in the 2012 playoffs.  He reminded me he is just a dwarf hamster and not so sure he wants to take on anybody named Giants.  I showed him the torture ball and said work your magic.  We shall see what happens, it’s already 2-0 Giants and he’s calling all his west coast contacts to see if any of the players’ wives have any “questionable” photos floating around on the internet.  If the frigging Cardinals don’t start losing it won’t matter anyway, but Sloane and I are scheduled in a few weeks to attend a game against the Padres and I promised Hammy a Cincinnati Reds toe ring if he can do something about this weekend’s four game tilt.

In other news, that red head I talked about a few days ago we are planning on doing something Sunday.  Yay me!  I got told to pick where to go so I already like her.  If she trusts me enough to make a good call on dinner and an activity she is a leg up on the competition.  Long gone are the days of what do you want to eat: “I don’t know” and “I don’t care” are married people problems!  When I become rich and famous I’m opening sister restaurants appropriately named those and I will become a gozillionaire.  She’s a smart ass so that also scores big points with me, and appreciates a man that can bake.  I knew one day my kitchen skills may pay off.  I’ll just have to be sure not to impress her one day with my brownie bundt cake until I re-perfect it.

About it for tonight, the Reds are rallying hopefully Hammy has made some hay with his contacts out west and I’m going to chat with my new ginger friend.

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  1. Thanks, yeah it really sucks

  2. Jon (Blunderdad)

    I thank God I never had to experience the pain of being a single dad with a young daughter. I can’t imagine not being able to see my girlies whenever I want. I hope you are able to keep her from moving away.

    Make the time you have with your daughter count and she will remember it as she gets older!

  3. I let you know, thanks mate or should I say ape?

  4. Cheers to another date! Hope she’s a keeper.

  5. Thanks, I thought I had a like button on their. WordPress has to be the most frustrating thing known to man.

  6. Keep strong. You’re doing everything you need to.

    I do want to hear more about redhead… :)

    Oh, I’ve been meaning to tell you that I love your new format!! Please add a “like” button though!!!!

  7. If you know the secret to getting rich from blogging please share LOL.

  8. I certainly hope nothing gets used against you. You should be able to speak/write your mind without recourse! But, like you said, the system is in fact bullshit. You’re good at it and plenty of us enjoy reading, so keep at it however you can!

    Good news about another date with your red-headed interest! Women with a sense of humor are a big plus, hope you guys enjoy whatever you decide to do. Oh, and your idea for restaurants is genius! I’d happily be an investor if I end up rich and famous too! Maybe from our blogs?

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