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Some weekends are just perfect, this would be one of those weekends!  Sloane and I had more fun than the law should allow, I solved southern Indiana’s vampire problem, and I think Miss Madison has officially become Chef Skipah’s number one fan.  Let’s recap the weekend shall we?

Saturday morning our journey landed us in downtown New Albany at the local’s farmers market.  We stopped in on Skipah’s favorite hair stylist and lo and behold she fit yours truly in for a quick haircut.  Sloane got outfitted with piggy tails so she thought she was hot shit and I was off to get some locally grown tomatoes (I miss having my own garden) for the homemade marinara sauce in preparation for dinner this evening.  We charmed the ladies at the 230 C Salon and big shout out to my super sister from a different mister for working me in!

Someone is feeling sassy!

Photo of dog to keep PETA off of my ass.

The next part of our journey was just priceless.  At Sloane’s request we were off to the youth football game so she could see her cheerleading peeps again.  The girls were just as excited to see her as she was to see them.  Due to factors out of my control Sloane hasn’t been able to participate in cheerleading, the coaches are more than willing to work with me but I never thought it was fair to the other girls that Sloane misses all the practices and gets to cheer in the games on my weekends so I pretty much gave up any hopes of seeing her cheerlead this year.  The cheerleading coach would have none of that and I finally relented and let her join in with old troop leading a few cheers.  I think going forward I will let her participate on my weekends, EVERYBODY, knows my situation and the uphill fight I’ve been in.  The parents of the girls were all happy to see Sloane and thanked me for bringing her along today.  Seeing my jean wearing cheerleader happy as can be had me kicking myself for not participating the last two weekends I’ve had her.  Again I can’t thank the coaches enough for working with me and today Sloane and I were well rewarded!

We didn’t exactly “dress” for the cheerleading Saturday!

After football is was back to the apartment for dinner prep and Sloane wanted to get her miniature Breyer horse painting kit out and dad had sauce to make.  The vampire problem I mentioned earlier is now eradicated as there was enough garlic aroma floating in the air that any vampires probably relocated to Kentucky.  Sloane channeled her inner Picasso and I was in full Emeril Lagasse mode.


Me moonlighting as a food blogger!


If you don’t own a Food Ninja get one immediately and thank me later!

Not sure what “Breyer” horses these are, but Sloane was happy about it!

Even fit a pumpkin roll in for dessert.

Fast forward to today and Miss Madison arrived shortly after lunch.  We took a leisurely walk with Sloane to the playground so she could burn off some energy and then Sloane had a birthday party to attend to at a local pottery establishment.  Miss Madison and I watched the Indianapolis Colts wet the bed while Sloane was creating her own clay masterpiece with her friends, and then it was dinner time!  Mr. Skipah went all out with manicotti from scratch (other than the manicotti noodles thank you Barilla), garlic bread with cheese and of course the pumpkin roll for desert.


It tasted much better than it looked!

OK thus endeth my career as a food blogger for now!

Everything couldn’t have gone any better if I drew it up on a script this weekend.  My weekend alone was made seeing Sloane in cheerleading again, having dinner with Sloane and Miss Madison this evening was just icing on the proverbial cake!  There are maybe what 25 of you that have followed this blog since day one?  Mom, you don’t count!  The road to get to this point was long and filled with pot holes at every step of the way.  I found my own personal paving crew to take care of those pot holes these days!

All of last year I kept hearing about this mysterious phenomena known as “karma”, I never believed it until July 27th when I got to witness it!  Everything I have went through has made me so mentally tougher I think I can handle anything!  My daughter is firmly entrenched in my life and was not able to be taken away from me!  Pretty soon she should be staying with me through the week and I can’t wait!  It is what she wants and there is nothing nobody can do to stop it!  It is the difference between living in Indiana and Kentucky, my daughter is a Hoosier and wants to stay a Hoosier.  You can call me cocky, I’ll say I’m confident!

About it for tonight, waiting on a call from Miss Madison and I’ve got to do some dishes.  Top flight cooking has its drawbacks when you don’t have a dishwasher.  Loyal followers rest assured I’m smiling, and “I’ve got this” with Sloane!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  5. Great she could do a little bit of cheerleading after all, even if it was with jeans on! There’s really nothing better than a perfect weekend. (Actually, I guess there couldn’t be since they’re… well, you know… perfect. Hmm, maybe I should scratch my second sentence.)

    I’m glad you followed PETA guidelines and included a picture of a dog, by the way.

  6. I’m enjoying your posts and rejoicing that many things are turning your way.

  7. It was a great, great weekend :). I’m not too shabby in the kitchen when I have a reason to entertain.

  8. Wonderful weekend! As a former cheerleader myself… I fully support this peppy-ness! Lol!

    And damn! You can really cook! No wonder your lady is your number one fan! 😉

  9. Thank you, I think she gets her best features from me :)! I’m slightly biased though.

  10. No complaints from me these days!

  11. That all looks droolicious! I’m so hungry now! Sloane is beautiful!

  12. Dinner looked delicious. I’m glad all things are good right now, long may it continue 🙂

  13. Wow! Check you out and all that food cooking! Nicely done, pops

  14. Thank you, yes other than I seem to always cut my finger when I’m washing the blades!

  15. Your daughter is beautiful! And I love the Ninja too. Revolutionized my cooking 🙂

  16. She’s my little mini me that’s for sure, hope the lasagna turns out o.k.!

  17. Sloane is so adorable! ^_^
    But all that food is making me hungry T_T I’m gonna go cook some lasagna now.

  18. I thought you would appreciate a good food story! If you don’t have a Food Ninja you need to put in on your Xmas list!

  19. Nice job on the good eats! Great way to impress the ladies for sure! And garlic is pure awesomeness!

    Really cool about the cheerleader coaches too. Way to go Sloane!

  20. If you are ever in southern Indiana way let me know I’ll see if I can whip you something up. It was a great weekend for sure!

  21. OK, I am starving now, looking at the manicotti and garlic bread. Yummy!

    Sounds like another awesome weekend, one that you very much deserved 😀

  22. It was nice to cook like that again, I used to do it every weekend back in the day.

  23. Awesome!
    I cook like that all the time, and we have four dishwashers, although the 44 year old is widely used for earning money and taking out the trash… 😉

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