Skipah’s Army……It’s go time!

Check it out!  I’m back online finally.  I’m hoping to win an all-expenses paid vacation from AT & T next month because I have to be their biggest customer!  All the techs in the office were using my data usage as free air conditioning that meter had to be spinning so fast.  Even better pretty good internet speed, maybe I’m finally off of my Time Warner soap box for a while.  Remind me I said that when I check the speed this evening during “peak” hours and that 30 Mbps dips under twenty!

Since I took off work today I had myself a “bonus” day with Sloane.  I’m not leaving her with her grandmother alone anymore until I get a clarification on her medical condition anyway so we had ourselves an apartment unpacking party.  She insisted on putting away all my clothes, even as I protested, but I was informed this is OUR apartment so she gets to help.  Don’t let me stop you sweetie!  She did manage to get all the clothes put away and I will only have to go through and do minimal rearranging so god bless her for saving me that tumultuous task.

With Sloane helping in the bedroom I got to do more enviable things like laundry.  Carrying dirty clothes down two flights of stairs sucks!  It still sucked when I had to carry them back up two flights of stairs.  It’s actually a cool set up though.  This complex only has 12 units separated in units of four.  In each unit there is your own personal laundromat to share with the other three tenants, plus you have a basement/storage facility also.  What does blow is there are no Penny’s in my quadrant of the complex, what doesn’t blow is the area is huge and for the delicate stuff that doesn’t go in the dryer there is plenty of room to hang your clothes or I can just run my own clothes line in my storage area.  As an added bonus, tornado warning headed my way I’m one of the luckiest apartment dwellers on earth because I can go underground!

We’ve also managed to change out two light fixtures, hang a 55 inch T.V., and I’m in the process of completely wiring the surround sound up “professionally”, I never did it at the old house but I’m bound and determined to get it done here.  All with the owner’s permission of course.  The existing kitchen light looked like it had been hanging since the Nixon administration, and the light over the sink would look perfect if I was filming episodes of the Golden Girls in here.  Going to have to do some spackling but I’ve got nothing but time this week.  When I rescue Sloane next week she will also have her own personal 32 inch TV hanging on the wall because I’m not allowed to touch her mini Breyer horses on her dresser she informed me today before I relinquished custody of her this afternoon.

Those cords will be hidden soon!

As of right now we are T-minus seven days and counting until court next Monday.  Of all weeks not to have the blonde bomber this would be the one.  I’m in 100% focus mode right now.  I’m not taking what amounts to a “plea” deal for the contempt of court hearing versus willingly allowing my daughter to be uprooted.  I owe it to myself, the grandparents (yeah even the ones scared of their own frigging daughter), her friends, and more importantly Sloane to fight it!  Hammy has been reading Indiana statutes all week because even with all the torture he has endured at the hands of Sloane he even wants to see her more than six days a month.  Rosy on the other hand has been reading her Koran and praying for a pilgrimage to Mecca to quit enduring the manhandling she gets.

One thing among many I’ve learned since crazy and I split is people are amazing.  They recognize you aren’t always in the best position to fight even if you think you are.  The support I’ve gained locally and nationally is just humbling to say the least.  Skipah’s Army members have put me in touch with people that make a difference.  Politicians, activists, and lobbyists read what I type every time I click on the publish button, I’m in awe actually.

Locally my daughter’s school community is a second family to me now, actions speak louder than words is all I can say.  PTO Vice President skips every meeting since October of 2014….Oops.  Brownie troop leader (in name only) blows off events for “work” related reasons….Oops that gets disproven QUICKLY by me and my Google ninja skills.  Elected officials love publicity also I’ve learned, I own a website, I have no problem whoring it out for the sake of my daughter.  I’m Republican (it’s kind of a state law in Indiana unless you are from Lake County), but even some tree hugging Democrats think I deserve a fair shake.  Good parenting doesn’t go unnoticed THANK GOD, bad parenting we shall see in a week.

#SloaneStaysHome hits it crescendo next Monday at 2:00 p.m.  This website is either going to sink me or get someone her own comeuppance.  If I would lose (I’m not god would never let a child be put in that toxic situation), get ready to see Skipah unleash this blog.  Five hundred to seven hundred fifty page views a day will grow exponentially quickly.  When Sloane starts the third grade on July 29th in New Albany, Indiana, it all going to be worth it!  Every debt I’ve rung up with friends, family, and effing lawyers will be paid back.  Being the general in Skipah’s Army my officers have done more than I could ask for.  They are going to be rewarded in one week!

About it for tonight, I’ve got to run cords through a wall and read up on some more Indiana statutes with Hammy.

P.S. blogger nation I just got internet back give me a couple of days to “catch up” with everybody.

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  3. I stumbled on your blog recently, and have read my way through most of it.
    Just wanted to let you know a stranger in Canada is rooting for Sloane and for you! I love seeing a dad that has his daughters best interests at heart especially as my own munchkin has had the opposite in her life…

  4. What else can I do at this point!

  5. Not to go uber political, but some Democrats actually are good people. Plenty of Republican idiots also.

  6. I’m sure the Scott County tourism bureau appreciates your support. Because what exactly is there to do in Scott County?

  7. Just keep on keepin on as the awesome dad you are and good things will happen. You and Sloane both deserve it!

  8. Thoughts and prayers with you from this local teacher-supporter. Oh, and don’t discount these Democrats, we do good work!

  9. I love it! Never give up! Scott County won’t know what hit them next week. Should be a good boost in tourism with #skipahsarmy in town!

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