Sloane Short Stories: Firework Love

There once was a firework named Sparkler. One day he was standing next to the tallest tree in the world, when he saw something at the top. He was curious to see what was at the top of the tree, so he started to climb the tree. On the way up the tree, he met a woodpecker name Sparkle. Sparkler and Sparkle became best friends and went up the tree together. Then they met a robin named Glitter. Sparkle and Sparkler became best friends with Glitter and they went up the tree to together. When they where almost to the top they met a snail named Pout-Sirlots. Everyone did not like him and kicked him off the tree.  When Sparkler got to the top he met a girl named Parachute Woman. Parachute Woman and Sparkler fell deeply in love the moment they met. They soon got married and had two lovely children name Firecracker and Pop and Snaps. They bought a house in a neighborhood called the Firework Store. They had a big yard with a garden full off smoke bomb plants. There kids grew up and went to 4th grade. Then they went to 6th then 7th then 8th and then they graduated high school.  Sparkle and Glitter are still looking for love in the tree.

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  1. I’m hoping to pick this series back up in the summer when I see her more.

  2. Poor Pout-Sirlots! I hope he found friends outside of the tree! 😛
    I’m rooting for love for Sparkle and Glitter! Hope to hear about their found loves one day!

    Well done Sloane!

  3. I will pass along the memo to her, thanks for stopping by!

  4. Sloane, please keep up the good work! I fell in love with the names of all the critters hanging about in the tree. Just as an F.Y.I., my first cat’s name was most similar to yours; Sloan. He was amazing! My hubby and I taught him to fetch. He loved eating miniature marshmallows too!

  5. Oh this story made my night! I thought for a moment there was going to be a message about slow & steady with the snail, but that took an unforeseen dramic turn.
    I do hope sparkle and glitter can find love in that tree.

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  7. I need to patent a smoke bomb plant!

  8. She loves her fireworks #winning!

  9. Romance, drama, rejection, and smoke bomb plants! Yep, this stuff is golden! Keep it up Sloane, love it!

  10. What a vivid imagination! She is obviously obsessed with the fireworks you’ve been doing. Lol. Keep writing Sloane!

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