I told you people freak out around here when it snows!  We ended up with 8-12 inches of snow and the local news has dubbed it Snowmageddon!  It’s the most snow my area has seen in seven years, and you would have better luck driving a nail right now than a vehicle.  Throw in the fact it’s now going to be cold enough that you can just shut off your deep freeze in the garage, (think of the environment, go green!) and this crap isn’t going anywhere for a while.  This isn’t anything like The Storm of 1994 (aka Storm of the Century), but that storm is what forever changed the landscape on snow forecasts in my area.  Local meteorologists completely whiffed on that one and spawned the modern-day EBM crowd, the over hype of any snow forecast, and the overall lunacy that overtakes this area any time snow is predicted.  Personally, I’m ready to raise a serious stink with my local county government because what in the hell do I pay county taxes for!  Ridiculous that main drags are still treacherous, and I don’t want the “we are doing all we can” line either.  I have a feeling in this ass backward county of mine I could ride in every neighborhood of any county council member and probably see pavement, (I know for a fact this has happened in the past), but major thoroughfares in my city are skating rinks.  If I had a four-wheel drive vehicle today I would have become an instant photo blogger showing how crazy it gets around here.  We take snow to a whole new level!  You northern folks thing you have it bad?  Baaaaston, I’ll give you a break that is a shit load of snow!  Spend one day in this market when any kind of accumulation is predicted and you think we suddenly morphed into Antarctica!  We are no strangers to snow here either, drives me nuts they can’t clear roads worth a shit.  You know who can though?  My hometown, the demographics have completely changed but Clarksville, Indiana’s street department I’ll put up against a professional street department based out of Norway.  Major arteries in Clarksville this evening, PAVEMENT!  Everybody else you need to attend the “how to remove snow” training seminar they are going to hold in the near future. (I hope)

By the way when in the hell did winter storms start getting their own names?  This one was named “Octavia”, the National Hurricane Center would like to have a word with you!  Is this some National Weather Service or Weather Channel marketing ploy?  Are they going to start licensing T-shirts and hats that say “I survived Octavia?”  Better yet this isn’t ancient Rome, lets got with something people would actually name their child.  How about we quit naming every frigging storm that comes up the pipe, and leave it to the hurricane people.  Hurricane’s caught on to the naming of storms so they get to keep it, no more copy-catting.  Let us neophytes try to figure out what year that “big” snow storm hit when we talk about past snow storms and not try to remember names.  Do you think in five years I’m going to be talking to someone and go “remember when Octavia hit”?  No I’m going to say that storm from four or five years ago.  Last time I was on vacation in the Outer Banks, Tropical Storm Ernesto  (downgraded from a hurricane by the time it made it landfall), hit the area.  That was a top ten moment in my life for someone from the midwest.  Point is snow storms don’t deserve names, I grew up and generations before me grew up without needing to name a snow storm!

You know who go screwed today though, my daughter and all children her age.  Since Sloane has been old enough to actually “play in the snow” it’s been too damn cold and we get the kind of snow you can clear your driveway with a leaf blower.  She hasn’t got to experience a good wet packing snow.  Snow forts, monster snowball fights, and bad ass snowmen!  Any time we’ve gotten one of those maybe two inches fell, and we all know how crappy it is to play in the snow and you can still see the grass.  With any luck tomorrow I can get out of work early and I can take her sledding somewhere (with her mother’s permission) and actually show her how much fun that is.  We did get enough snow that we you can at least go sledding.  She got a small taste of it last year and loved it, but she’s never had this much snow to slide down.  Just chalk it up to something else she gets to experience with me for the first time.  I already taught her to ride a bike, got to take her skiing for the first time, and if I can let her fully see how much fun sledding is that’s a pretty good trifecta in my book!




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  3. Didn’t get to take her sledding, her mother didn’t work that day either and it wasn’t a custodial day for me :(, maybe next year or we get a freakish storm in March

  4. Did you get to take her sledding?
    Btw, the snowstorm naming thing started last year by the Weather Channel’s competitor (forget the name) and was ridiculed by The Weather Channel and other organizations and now look, everyone’s doing it. Total marketing ploy! Anything to make it a “thing”

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