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These scooter morons need to stay off of roads where the speed limit is more than 20 mph!

Is there anything more frustrating than getting a great idea in your head, only to travel all over the county to look for supplies and come up empty.  Thankfully the past year has taught me something I used to have little of namely patience.  Ordered what I needed online and will have the items in a few days, then I have dig into my untapped craft potential and create something for Sloane’s birthday that is quickly approaching.  My idea was so good I even decided Miss Madison would probably like one.  Don’t worry loyal reader we aren’t talking golden eggs or anything I got all the supplies for under ten bucks.  Skipah stands out in craft store much like a Cherokee Indian would in Nazi occupied France in World War II.  Lost doesn’t even begin to describe it!

A week from Tuesday my little angel turns eight and next weekend will be my custodial weekend.  I still say there should be a statewide effort to remove custodial, for crying out loud my school janitor was call the custodian! Anyway I’ve got a birthday to plan.  Got a couple of things I’m working on, but with the Skipah’s ever growing legal defense fund taking precedence the birthday budget is kind of strapped right now.  We may just drive until we run into the ocean and spend the night there and turn around and drive back.  That was a joke Kentuckian relax, we will see what I have up my sleeve come this time next weekend though.  Plus I’m sure Sloane will want to go celebrate her dual birthday with our old neighbor who will be turning 101 years old next week.  So I have to get the details on his big bash also.

With Saturday spent charming the ladies at Michael’s, Ben Hancock’s, and Joe Ann Fabrics I didn’t have the time to write anything.  Also I’ve become some kind of “go to” blogging expert for my local fan base so had to help out someone with their blog.  No link to it yet it’s not quite operational and live, and later today I’ve got to go help another blogger out with some WordPress issues.  In an unrelated note I just applied for a business license for my yet to be launched LLC, of Southern Indiana Blog Consulting.  I kid because I care I’m just paying it forward.

No date with Miss Madison on Friday or Saturday since she was out of town visiting family.  However she might have zigged instead of zagged on the way home from Illinois because we decided to meet at the Big Four Bridge and get a walk in and enjoy some dinner.  We are thoroughly enjoying each other’s company and I’m still in serious “pinch me” mode that this can’t be real.  We are planning on getting together one day this week for a walk and go from there.  Good times all around in the Skipahsphere though.

Best thing this area ever did!

It was over 90 degrees today and we just walked two miles!

About it for tonight, I’ve got an evening worth of awesome activities planned.  Games of chance known as laundry, dishes, and hanging the TV bracket….while such activities won’t remind anybody of a riveting game of Monopoly they are chores that need done regardless.

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Finally a picture! You look great together and I think she is beautiful.

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  3. Walking on air right now 🙂

  4. Oh wow, you two look perfect together! Still on a happy high for you about all this dating! I’m sure Katy pery is rather jealous! 😉

    Can’t wait to see your creation for the lovely sloane

  5. Thank you thank you, these little bastards are every where now and you don’t even need a valid drivers license. I about ran over a kid who pulled out in front of me last month.

  6. You two look amazing, Gary!
    And fuck scooters. I hate them so much!

  7. The craft work will be a few days, I think I can do this!

  8. Perfect pic of you two! Can’t wait to see the craftwork you did!

  9. Thank you Miss Maple Tree!

  10. Wow! You finally shared a photo of her! You two look great together! Can’t wait to see what craft project you are working on and hope the Holiday World thing works out.

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