Squashing an Ant

Things are rolling right along for the blonde bomber and me.  Another round of low grade ammunitions lit off last night and some more tonight assuming the rain dodges are area.  I’ve also created a professional bon fire expert, and I’m about to petition the Girl Scouts of America for the “State Farm like a good neighbor” Brownie patch.  Since I refuse to pay 15,000 dollars for the six sticks of wood you get at the local gas station, Sloane has taken up to collecting sticks from the neighbors on both sides of me.  They are both elderly so they welcome the philanthropic work of my daughter.  She thinks they are doing her a favor and even wrote one of them a homemade thank you card last night.  Yeah my daughter is pretty damn cool!

What’s not cool, picking your daughter up in the same clothes you dropped her off in this morning, and then immediately having her smack a flea off her leg once in the car.  Having her aunt tell her last week that anything I’ve ever wrote in here is a lie.  I’ll take the Pepsi taste test challenge on that crap!  Her aunt is gullible enough to actually believe I have a highly decorated KGB legend hamster living with me so who knows if she can differentiate fiction from fact.  Pipe down Hammy , obviously you are real!  I’ll say it once and I’ll say it 1,000 times I will stand behind anything I’ve ever said in my little pocket of internet space.

My last dealings with Sloane’s aunt were cordial, start planting crap in my daughter’s head like you did last week and you better go get yourself an attorney.  Or do I need to bring the phone conversation we had almost a year ago to court with me?  Yeah it’s recorded, and amazingly I was right then also!  Since we’ve last chatted I’ve become a social media/internet ninja.  One small hashtag or two, tag a picture the right way, there are numerous ways to make your life miserable.  Don’t indoctrinate my daughter, she’s persevered through all this bullshit heaped upon her.  I will have no qualms in letting your husband know you showed up on a dating website (if you did it to poke the bear grow up already), even more importantly look up IRS whistleblower laws.  You are fair game and after the shit Sloane told me its hunting season.    Yeah I’m expecting a full apology, or you will get the full wrath of blogger nation and more importantly me!

Anyway rescuing my daughter today and seeing she was in the same clothes that I dropped her off in (and no wardrobe change in between) and hearing the absolute bullshit her aunt told her last week I was a tad bit ticked off.  Didn’t ruin our evening though, tumultuous weather kept us grounded so no fishing tales tonight of “The one that got away”, but a pleasant evening none the less.  I think tomorrow I’m going to let her continue with her guest blogging since she’s now got the ego of a best-selling author after I told her how well she did.  Stay tuned unless something earth shattering pops up in my head the podium is hers tomorrow.

About it for tonight, it’s getting dark and the rain is holding off so far, and it’s time for Sloane and me to keep rewriting the rules of fun!



Send Skipah Sailing!


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  3. Hello glad you stopped in to read, since Sloane has two aunts I guess the process of elimination would rule the other one out. Re-read the post again no mention of ex wife’s or anything to associate your name with it. Get a life already! I’m glad I can keep you and your sister entertained in a daily fashion. Let me give you another tip (don’t use your real name on your profile unless you want to be outed) Have a good day, and always thanks for stopping by!

  4. emeraldlady82116

    I have to agree with Jenn, what purpose is being served other than to stir up crap, for your ex or her sister either one to be reading your blog? You would think that since your ex just got remarried she would have better things to do with her new husband than to be reading her ex-husband’s blog every night; honeymoon over already?? I’m not saying she’s a bad mother, I obviously don’t know her, but I do know you and Sloane and you are an amazing father, regardless of what she says, actions speak louder than words. Sloane tells my daughter whenever they get a chance to visit that she loves going to your house that her and your motto is “to have fun!” and we do! We go to football games with our friends, go bike riding and grill out and we visit lots of different people; sometimes I lay on the couch and Daddy sits in the recliner and we just talk or play on the ipad and the computer. I have to smile to myself when I hear her talking, she’s so happy about spending time with you and I couldn’t help but note, that none of it costs a million dollars, it’s just a daughter and her daddy hanging out, memories that she will have for a lifetime. Perhaps your ex would be better served to scrutinize her new husband’s parenting skills as intricately as she’s attempting to scrutinize yours?? As with her I don’t know him personally, but I do know people that know him well, (it’s amazing how small the world really is!) and it sounds like he’s lacking a bit in that department. Just keep on doing what you’re doing, hold your head high, lean on your friends and family for support and know that we are all here for you and that smart, beautiful daughter of yours! (((( Hugs )))) to you both!!

  5. I was told it is being “treated”, it’s crazy town over there anymore!

  6. Seriously….her family and/or friends are still reading your blog? First, that speaks volumes about them and it totally undermines that said person/people “lower their standards” to respond to you. If said person/people do not care what you think of them (as clearly stated above) then why are they reading your blog? Funny….I guess they really do care what you’re blogging about. THEY SHOULD GET A LIFE.
    Secondly, good for said person/people that they can afford an attorney; she’s NOT A PARENT, her opinion means ZERO to the courts. Also, I don’t remember reading or hearing a judge say “shut the blog down”, it was said, “cool it with the blog about the ex-wife”. That’s completely different than being told to SHUT IT DOWN. As far as affording an attorney, congratulations to said person/people for having the means to do so….because they can rest assured that you will have the best of the best attorney. Not to mention, why did she say you couldn’t afford to fix your car?? Why would you do that when you purchased a new car from ME and my husband???? What you do is your business….the said person/people need to mind their own business. If they don’t like what is posted on your blog, DON’T READ IT. Plain and simple. I guess said person/people have to read your blog to get to know your daughter because they sure are not the “Family of the Year”. It must suck to read about what a great time Sloane is having with her father, can anyone else say the same….having my doubts. I am amazed that said person/people even commented. This is between YOU and CINNAMON, this is NOT a family affair.
    Gary, be proud that you have been 100% honest thru this whole thing not pulling one punch. Let others say what they want….Sloane isn’t reading this blog, unless someone is showing it to her and then that truly DEFINES the lack of a person’s standards and I’m sure any judge would frown on that.
    Just remember, July is coming….and before you know it, Sloane will be grown and see the big picture. Just continue to be positive and excel at parenting.
    Don’t ever let ANYONE steal yours or Sloane’s Sunshine. EVER.
    Decisions were made and their are repercussions to those decisions, no matter who you are.
    On a last note, did anyone tell the said person/people that attorneys require cash or credit for payment not “personal” favors?

  7. I can only assume this Risa thing is the aunt? Rather full of herself if so. And if your ex is related to that, you’re better off. Just tell me she doesn’t live in eastern Kentucky. I’ve spent enough time in this godforsaken world because of your posts. Do they have a clue all that I’ve accumulated? They will, just don’t know when. I just do the leg work.

  8. Seems like the lady doth protest too much. While there are usually 2 sides to every story, I have no doubt that Skipah is a great father, doing the best he can with the resistance he’s met. I feel blessed that my child’s dad and stepmother both work well with me, and we are all flexible with swapping days when something comes up. And my ex not only left me out of the blue for another woman, but she was, I thought, my best friend. Both denied it until papers were signed, but suddenly 4 months after the ink dried, they were married. I have every reason to hate them both but recognize that doesn’t do anything but hurt my child, so despite how much of a scumbag I may have thought they were for doing that, at suck it up for what’s best for my son. Seems like Skipah attempts to do the same have been rejected. I find that very sad.

    You can’t even afford to get your car fixed.
    You told your daughter that you would prove to her on paper what “number” wife her mother was, an inflammatory statement that is irrelevant as the number of spouses has no bearing on whether or not he is a loving step-father to your daughter. You were told by a judge to shut this blog down completely, and apparently you can’t even follow simple instructions by a court of law….so I take nothing you say seriously, nor am I even remotely worried a judge will be lenient towards you. I scoff at you. You said things to a 7 year old that are shameful, so the shame is on you. I gave a 7 year old a loving, caring week and simply explained to her that if her parents said anything she did not like, then she was to tell BOTH of you to take it up with the other parent. I’m rather disappointed that I had to lower my standards, and respond to you, you despicable liar. You may rest assured that I have nothing to lose, and I’m not even going to fight further with you. You are not worth my words or time. It would just be nice if you actually had Sloane’s best interests at heart, but you’re deceitful, and think you have this wide world of support. All that matters is what one judge thinks in July. That is the real world versus your fantasy blog world.
    TRULY, all that matters is Sloane’s welfare which is what the judge will determine-not you and your commercialized, hate-filled, and vitriol spewing blog. Yes, get a dictionary for that word-I know you need it.

  10. Have they not yet fumigated the house yet???? Also make sure they do that when Sloane is NOT home….. Not chemicals…. Good grief, also make sure she is NOT being bitten….

    I am sure you have already done that one…


  11. The flea thing has me madder than a hornet!

  12. I swear it’s like a bad episode of the Beverly Hillibies anymore!

  13. Not cool about the aunt. Guess it makes sense being the sister of your ex though. Oops, is it okay if I talk like that? Crap, delete this message if so!!

    Anyway, glad you two still enjoyed your time. Hope you don’t find yourself scratching little pests off of you no thanks to….oh, never mind.

  14. Sorry to hear about the unpleasantries with the Aunt, but looking forward to tomorrow’s post!!

  15. Already has been suggested by me, I was told she is fine.

  16. I will never understand why one parent would keep a child from the other unless abuse or drugs were a factor. But it’s even worse when said parent and other family members try to brainwash a child by poisoning her mind against the other. Sloane should really be put in therapy to help her through this transition.

Tell Skipah all about it!