Still Studying!

Indiana has it’s fair share of idiots also, this guy was hammered!

Mr. Skipah is combing through a thousand legal documents to prove Sloane’s mother is a selfish, cold, calculating indecent piece of humanity.  No time to write tonight, this is my daughter we are talking about!  I am in the process of saving her from the eternal hell she may be subjected to in Lawrenceburg, KY!  I am currently exhausting every resource I have to keep her in Indiana at her five star school and not some crap school where spelling CAT is rewarded even if you spot them the C and A.  Trust me though in a day or two you are going to see the best custody blog post ever pointing out why Sloane should never have to live in Kentucky!

To all my fellow bloggers that deal with stalkers I’ll share again how to take care of the problem!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Nope, can ask for a custody review in November is about it.

  2. Then I would say appeal if you are ruled against. Can you do that in divorce court?

  3. My community rocks pal! If I would be ruled against Monday I’ve got eight million court cases and Indiana statutes that prove I was ruled wrongly against. Politicians and media are on stand by also!

  4. Keep going strong, you have the entire social media world (or something like that) behind you! And seems like you’re quite popular at among Sloane’s current school too. 🙂

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