Sloane’s “to do” list with dad that is hanging on the fridge.

Between eating insulation for dinner attempting to run cable through the walls and studying family law cases like I’m preparing for the bar exam I haven’t had time today to write anything meaningful.  I did find the best divorced to a batshit crazy ex meme ever today though so I got that going for me.  Anyway, thought I would share again the unfortunate evening I came down with food poisoning a couple months ago.  Skipah’s Realm will return tomorrow/today with earth shattering news or I could just be full of shit.  Time will tell I suppose!

Originally posted on May 26, 2015

Rough day in Skipah land for the first time since I had to get tubes put in my ears at age 35 (yes I know it’s a simple KIDS procedure I had it done twice back then also) I couldn’t answer the bell this morning for work.  I would like to say it was because Katy Perry called and flew me out to tour with her but sadly that wasn’t the case.  Avril Lavigne wasn’t burning me up to come visit, and I didn’t unexpectedly hit the lottery over the weekend.

Sometime around three a.m. my body started an internal war.  I don’t know if the left kidney call the right kidney an asshole, my liver finally threw his weight against my pancreas, or my gall bladder got little man’s syndrome and pissed everything off in my digestive system, but the next five to six hours I felt like a college freshman who just drank everything but 87 octane gasoline.  The toilet and I became very close friends, I vowed I would never nap in the bathroom again and that I’m too old for that stuff, but last night and this morning I didn’t have a choice.  I don’t know if I had finally come down with the 24 hour shark flu or food poisoning but good lord I thought I was dying.

For the first time since I’ve been single last night would have been nice to have somebody in the house, hell even Sloane would have been able to help me get something to drink.  Luckily I keep little Dixie cups in the bathroom for her to get a sip if needed in the middle of the night but I couldn’t get water in me fast enough before it was being redeposited into our local wastewater treatment plant.  Pepto-Bismol wasn’t exactly helping either (and tastes much worse the second time), about nine a.m. everything had run its course and I was able to sleep like a proper human being on the couch of course.  The organs all started playing nice again this afternoon except for mister stomach who was still acting queasy and dared me to eat some crackers to make him feel better.  That did the trick and the rest of the day was spent doing absolutely nothing has my whole body feels like I went 15 rounds with Muhammed Ali.  Sore this and sore that, never felt like I was “sick” as in the flu bug, but at three a.m. I woke up and it felt like someone had rammed an ice pick to my gut and that feeling lasted all night.

Anyway not the first time I’ve dealt with some form of food poisoning (if that is the culprit), but usually any side effects from it usually like to go out the back door in the basement in a much less violent fashion.  Exiting the top floor front door always sucks and usually the guests don’t even have the decency to ask for permission.  They knock on your stomach and say “I coming up”, hell you would think there was at least a bell man holding the elevator to let you get somewhere convenient to accommodate the discharge.  Luckily I made it in a nick of time and no messes to clean up.

Once again I’m blaming Walmart and healthy eating.  While I was there yesterday picking up some items I can’t get from Kroger I thought to myself a salad sounds delicious tonight, so I picked up the accommodating items I like in my salad and off to home I went to prepare it.  I don’t know if the lettuce was washed in E.coli, the bell peppers were dipped in mold spores, or the red onions were grown in Chernobyl but something obviously didn’t agree with my system.  As of this evening my stomach isn’t quite 100% but the nausea has seemed to have subsided.

Come to think of it though Hammy was awfully quiet today while I was home alone with him.  Might have to do a bed check on him in a second and make sure he isn’t stashing some kind of arsenic dust in his little hide-a-way that he may or may not have slipped into my food.  He’s been way too occupied on lately though to probably have done it, but I can’t rule anything out with a KGB operative!

I’m innocent!

About it for tonight, I’m whipped literally, and ready to just chill out.  Also any readers that have ever done a book review give me some tips.  I’ve got a book to review I received in the mail this weekend.  It’s a rock music history book (I wasn’t always a Katy Perry homer) a father wrote for his kids.  Looks pretty cool and has a ton of pictures so even Kentuckians can throw in there two cents on any advice.  Look forward to any pointers on how to style a book review.


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  1. I have read more state law than I ever intended to that’s for sure!

  2. You’ve got your work cut out for you man! Get to it!

  3. She’s quite imaginative, hey email me at [email protected] also and send me the link for your fundraiser before I forget again LOL.

  4. Yeah that was actually a post from a couple of months ago, but I thought I was going to die that night!

  5. Man, that flu/food poisoning things sounds rough. Hope you feel better soon. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of someone getting food poisoning from a salad, unless there was chicken in it or something.

    That’s an impressive list. Looks like a lot of fun.

  6. That’s quite the to do list there! What a very active little one you have 🙂

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