It’s a Bond Birthday and Don’t Ever Doubt My Daughter!

The locals would say “Living on river time”, me it’s a freaking barge! Did I miss the shopping phenomenon known as The Dollar General Store?  Did the memo go to my old address or what?  It’s like Walmart lite, who in the hell willingly goes there to “grocery” shop?  I live…

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May the Force Be With You


Greenacres is the place to be! Long day at the office and what do I come home to?  Hammy evidently hacked the IPad again and found the new Star Wars trailer.  He’s begging me to let him see the movie this December.  I may need to check my Amazon account…

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Mission Impossible

Day seven of the great spam conspiracy!  I’ve stripped this site down to bare bones and built it back up and still the problem isn’t solved.  I’ve ruled out Hammy, he’s been so pickled of late Claussen and Vlasic are having a bidding war over him.  I recently had a visitor…

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