I Lost at Jeopardy!

Fifteen years of slinging rock!  Greetings everyone I had to take a couple of days off to recollect my thoughts.  Thanks to everyone for their awesome show of support, and rest assured with the help of Miss Madison Mr. Skipah is reengaged into the human race.  Day one of my little…

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May the Force Be With You


Greenacres is the place to be! Long day at the office and what do I come home to?  Hammy evidently hacked the IPad again and found the new Star Wars trailer.  He’s begging me to let him see the movie this December.  I may need to check my Amazon account…

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The Skipah Sessions

No!  It’s healthier than vitamin infused water from a trickling spring in Nepal! I mentioned yesterday that I’ve got a birthday coming up this month, and it’s well known on here my love of cooking, so I’ll make my birthday list a simple one for everybody this year.  Since I’ve…

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