That One Time I Bet On Kanye

I didn’t get an invite to this Grammy party!

Is there anything more enjoyable than watching a live event and your Twitter stream at the same time?  Hammy found me a sportsbook in Malaysia that is taking live action on when (not if) Kanye West says or does something stupid at the Grammy’s.  I’m only getting odds that American Pharaoh is accustomed to, but this is pretty much a surefire winner isn’t it?  I took the Skipah’s Realm checking account and went all in; I’m hoping to turn $2.50 into $3.25!  The hell with his recent financial exclamation that he’s 53 million in debt (really how in the hell does that happen) he is probably betting on himself or at least getting Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg to wager on him.  Seriously 53 million?  Coming soon the Kanye-Kim Kardashian sex tape, you heard it here first; Skipah’s Realm gave you the scoop.  I want full credit TMZ and US Weekly!  Also, why in the hell is Hamilton so popular?  This show is hotter than the sun evidently and neither Miss Madison nor I can figure out why!

Speaking of ludicrous (not the rapper), is there anything dumber than Twitter?  I love my Twitter as much as the next blogger, but sometimes you get follows that absolutely blow your mind.  I think it’s well known to any long time reader that I and the Commonwealth of Kentucky do not mix!  My daughter was forced to live there against her and my wishes.  Most of them can’t drive on a sunny clear day let alone if there are any weather elements to account for, and as an added bonus they all think they play of the University of Kentucky.  If U.K. decided to quit playing basketball the population of the state would drop by roughly 90% due to heart failure.  For that matter southern Indiana would probably drop off by at least 40%, the whole reason for all this dribble (pun not intended) is because of this:


I actually kept them around because I love useless trivia, I’ll also inform them that their SnapChat account is about to blow up!

These two photos alone should be a fair warning to all that NOBODY reads what you put out on Twitter, or whoever owns this account is secretly a Hoosier.  I kid because I care, and it’s all in good hearted fun.  Except for that part about my daughter, that’s a true and tragic story!

I didn’t get to fully enjoy Sloane’s snow day on Monday because I didn’t have enough time to secure a replacement for me at work.  She had a blast though playing in the snow with Miss Madison Jr. and the turtle man, the backstory to all this was the lambasting I was receiving via the texter (old timers call that a cell phone) because you know I had to work and couldn’t get Sloane to her “other” home by 4:00 p.m. yesterday.

So let me get this straight Sunday night I’m supposed to drive through 4-8 inches of snow with my daughter or you know be “safe” and not trek along nothing but curvy back country roads so she could spend the day at a child care facility.  This part of the world isn’t Syracuse, we are lucky if the interstates are passable when we get any accumulation, county road X & Y you can forget it!  Or keep her an extra night let her have a blast with Miss Madison and the gang (school was out) and take her back on Monday.  Seems like a no-brainer, but I don’t get the luxury of “proper” co-parenting.  I get treated like a second class citizen who gets nothing more than “crafted” responses that more than likely are lawyer approved.  Screw this, when does common sense apply?

Snowy roads got replaced with dense fog…it sucked!

I lost my custody battle, I certainly don’t agree with how it went down (elm trees produce less shade), but I accepted it.  I bitch on here, but hey it’s my website you don’t like what you’re reading the door is over to left and I’ll even leave you with a nice parting gift.  I’ve paid no one to read this semi-daily dribble and frankly I’m sick of living in a box.  If this sounds like I’m bitter, bite me, every two weeks I have to take an eight-year-old girl back to a place she has no desire to live and bite my tongue from expressing my sentiments to her.  Anybody that has to deal with a self-absorbed narcissist I’m here for you 24-7 if you need to vent.  Frustrating checked out months ago, anymore it is just blatant stupidity I’m up against.

I don’t love the 90s that much!

About it for tonight, with me driving all evening Miss Madison has had way too much time on her hands and is trying to talk me into this concert.  I think I would rather sweep floors at a sawmill than attend this calamity.  Out of seven performers, I think they had maybe 9-10 hits combined, and I really don’t need to see a bunch of people my age trying to relive their middle school/high school days.  Starting to get worried about this Kayne wager also, although have no fear it seems as if Taylor Swift just bitch slapped him in her speech.  C’mon Kanye do say something stupid, the Skipah’s Realm operating budget is counting on you!

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  2. My goodness, if you can’t even trust Kanye West to open his mouth and stick his feet in it, what can you trust these days?

  3. Miss Athena you’ve been reading long enough to probably figure out there is no such thing as common sense in my world in regards to Sloane….sigh :(.

  4. LDS you are now my source for all things Kardashian, I had no idea on the photoshop thing!

  5. Remind me to never ask for a loan if I blow 50 plus million… SIGH!

  6. Go to that concert!!! Lol! Go!!! It’d make a great post!

    Drive through snowstorm? When did putting both of your lives at risk get considered to be a responsible thing to do?

  7. Kanye blew up. Just backstage for a change. As for $53 million in debt - Kim K is high maintenance - just ask your ex’s new husband about high maintenance in about a year. As for the sex tape? Lightening won’t strike twice - the magazines don’t even photoshop her any longer.

  8. Hell no even Kanye let me down! At least the snow and fog is temporary it’s back up to the sixties by Thursday.

  9. I can understand why you’re frustrated. Let’s hope that at least the Kanye thing works out for you to give you a bit of warmth and cheer in among all that snow and fog.

  10. Well since I’m not pregnant I knew what you meant 🙂

  11. Thanks, it’s a frustrating experience!

  12. First bump. I totally get you.

  13. She gets to choose at 12 which can’t get here soon enough!

  14. That hurts to hear man, wish Sloane could chose for herself now! Keep rocking fatherhood, you’re doing awesome man!

  15. I figured social media would overload after that dig!

  16. Maybe he didn’t say anything at the Grammys, but you can best believe after Taylor Swift’s speech last night, something will be coming out of his mouth.

  17. I’m alright, it’s just as a parent you want to protect your child and tell them it will be alright. She pleads to stay with me and I’m powerless to do anything about it unless I hit the lottery. 🙁

  18. Hey, sorry about the custody battle. My heart goes out to you and your daughter. My son has the same situation. Hang in there! Lori

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