The Circle City Adventure

What a week in the Skipahsphere!  Guess who got published in Yahoo Finance this past week?  Not Dave Ramsey, but this dumb old pathetic blogger who knows more about using the F word in various forms of grammar than putting together a grammatically correct sentence.  The Skipah Financial Tips blog posts are now two out of two on getting published.  Pinch me, this can’t be real!  At the moment, I’ve got CNBC & Fox Business News bidding heavily for my own half-hour talk show.  If you believe that previous sentence, give me a call; I’ve got a lot more top secret information to tell you.

I’m not the only one having a good week!

With Sloane away missing softball practices and boning up on her banjo picking skills this weekend, and the Miss Madisonites off with the person listed as their father on their birth certificates, that left Miss Madison and me way too much time to get in trouble this weekend.  We tried the best we could without getting arrested!

No we didn’t come across a pack of hippies selling us furniture this weekend!

After Friday night, I face certain mandatory review from the Man Card Committee as I willingly agreed to watch Sisters with Miss Madison.  My case against getting my man-card pulled temporarily when it comes up for review is simply going to be, “She does my laundry.”  I’m hoping that curries me some favor in the committee’s eyes.  If not, oh well, on a flip note we also signed the same short term lease on the movie Bridge of Spies, but amazingly we never got to watch that.  Mr. Skipah learned a valuable lesson Friday night…pick what movie we are watching first!  Actually, before I end up sleeping outside for the next week, I must confess I suggested we watch Sisters first and now I’m facing a six-month suspension, I’m sure, from the Man Card Committee.  Can I get an invite from the Woman’s Legion temporarily?  Please, I’ll even offer to cater at the monthly meetings!  I don’t want to be without a gender club, what in the hell am I going to do when I have to go to the bathroom at Target!

Guys that are currently living in the doghouse suck it up for 90 minutes and let your lady friend have a laugh.  While it is playing you can fine tune your fantasy baseball team while pretending to look up cast members on IMDB from your favorite mobile device.  Not that I have any knowledge of such things.  My take on the movie:  Yawn….laugh…..yawn….yawn….I’m not asleep…..giggle….I’m just checking my eyelids for holes…..for the love of god is this movie about over… was great honey!  Did you know my best pitcher Matt Harvey got pounded by the Rockies tonight, err I mean that was James Brolin that played the dad?

Once I drafted my rebuttal letter to the Man Card Committee on Saturday morning, The Skipah’s Travelling Road Show decided to take their act to the capital of Hoosier land, aka Indianapolis!  Miss Madison had used her Groupon ninja skills to land us a five-star dinner at Dairy Queen pricing in The Circle City for the evening.  Our original plan was to make a day out of it by visiting the Indianapolis Art Museum, but since I-65 has been under construction since wearing Jordache was cool, we didn’t arrive in time to take in the finest artwork in the great state of Indiana.  Although taking the back routes to Indy offered some great conversation, and made me question my sanity at times.

Not quite Niagara Falls, but pretty cool.

After sitting in stop light hell, we finally made it to Indy and power walked our way around downtown and then took in the Circle Centre Mall.  If you have never been to Indy and need some time to waste, I highly recommend the mall.  Miss Madison and I killed a good hour and change there.  She was running up imaginary four figured shopping tabs, and I was looking for my Indy blogging pals.

Indiana is so cool we have our mannequins trained in martial arts!

The good folks at Georgia Reese’s Southern Table & Bar serve a fine dinner.  If it wasn’t for the aforementioned Groupon deal, I would have never eaten there and probably never will again until my CNBC/FOX financial show goes live.  Without throwing them under the bus (they don’t deserve it), all I can say is Famous Dave’s is a better bang for your buck.  When you inquire if they sell the “house” bbq sauce to the public and the server tells you it’s Sweet Baby Ray’s that you can get at any area grocery store, you know you are overpaying for dinner.  I love Sweet Baby Ray’s variety of bbq sauces, but they are on sale for a dollar a bottle usually.

All in all, though, it was a great dining experience and if you are ever there, please get the smashed potatoes and thank me later!  The atmosphere alone was great, unfortunately, Miss Madison and I had to return home before the live music began.

I believe the bathrooms were outfitted from Restoration Hardware.

Things might be quiet around here for a few days, three days of softball this week (weather pending, and that’s a big if) and my evenings are going to be consumed with traversing the Kentuckiana triangle.  Sloane comes first and foremost before the bloggy world, if long time readers see some reposted material they have already dismissed as “useless dribble,” you will know why.

About it, for now, Miss Madison was cracking a whip on me today on yard work and my bones are screaming for some ibuprofen.  Hammy has informed me that he has a contact for something a little stronger, but being subjected to a random drug test at work, I’ll stick to the OTC stuff.

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. I think we have TV for my football-watching hubby, but he’s willing to part with cable/satellite. So he says.

  2. What, are you ATT now?? I need to switch to NO TV, LOL. I could get hooked on netflix.

  3. Dish????? You need to switch to directv!

  4. I really need to get out a see a movie. I wait for Dish to give me free HBO or Showtime weekends so I can record movies from the 90s, LOL! Seems I only make it to movies during the holidays, but I make it to the mall more often. You are killing the publishing world, congrats!

  5. We were going too, but somebody (not me) spent a little too much time at Carson’s!

  6. To think we were less than two hours apart when you visited. Circle Centre can be a lot of fun. Did you take any VR rides at the top level?

  7. You are absolutely RIGHT, your daughter should come first! Her mother seems to have forgotten this little fact when her mom made her move out of state.

    Other bloggers should understand and respect your actions on this matter. Your man card should not suffer for taking care of your family’s interests before your own. That is the whole “Ladies First” way of thinking.

  8. Sweet Baby Rays is good stuff! I was just shocked they told me that is what the special “house” sauce was!

  9. Yeah, watching chick flicks with the lady is part of the deal. Some of them aren’t 1/2 bad. Some of them.
    Shhh….don’t tell anyone but Sweet Baby Rays is part of my secret ingredient to my killer homemade hot sauce.

  10. First off, Sisters is not awesome unless you squat in the bathroom doing a number one!
    Second, thank you 🙂
    Third, since I know you are quickly approaching fifty (you have permission to kick me in the head when I get to Miami) Indy has completely transformed since the last time you visited. Downtown really is a treasure :).
    Finally, did you channel your inner Canadian with the “eh” comment? Just kidding, you are spot on with what a difference two years makes! Happy, still smiling, and still simmering over the absolute b.s. Sloane has been forced to accept.

  11. Sounds like a fun weekend! Lol!

    First off, Sisters was awesome! So watch what you say!

    Second, congrats on getting published again!! So exciting!

    Third, so cool to see pics of Indianapolis! I haven’t been there since I was a teenager and I remember thinking it was so neat! Glad you guys are being adventurous and frugal at the same time! 🙂

    Finally, I love seeing you so happy with Miss Madison. Your smile can’t get any brighter and it’s wonderful. What a difference from a couple of years ago, eh? 🙂 If only you had Sloane more often, you’d have everything you could ever ask for. ❤️

  12. I read your Yahoo piece! Yahooo! Good job.
    And good job for watching Sisters too!

  13. I might have to bring you in as a character witness on the next review!

  14. Congrats on being a Yahoo! Oh wait…..that’s being on Yahoo finance, not being a Yahoo? Oh well….congrats either way. And you’re complaining about Sisters? Tina and Amy in one movie? Come on, you can hold onto your man card for that.

  15. I was short on time or I would have. We originally had a whole day planned up there but stupid interstate construction!

  16. I might need to sit in on a few meetings after admitting to watching Sisters.

  17. You came to Indy and didn’t even call…I will be making a note of this…

  18. The most amazing part of this is that any pitcher got pounded by the Rockies. Let alone your best. Also that you think you need to be incited to some sort of ladies club. Like you aren’t in one…

  19. Indy is a real cool place, I wish I had more time this visit. It’s come a long way in 20 years!

  20. Well deserved on getting published! You make Indy sound pretty cool, maybe I’ll check it out……maybe.

  21. Was it not photo worthy? It was immaculate LOL.

  22. Thank Carol, hope Portugal was amazing!

  23. Seriously, Skipah, anywhere you go there’s a party. And how exciting for you to be published on Yahoo Finance! Tall cotton, dude! Tall cotton.

  24. Not on your current budget perhaps, but once your status as a financial guru on TV is established… 🙂

  25. robjodiefilogomo

    Hilarious that you even took a pix of the bathrooms!!

  26. If we had more time and it wasn’t so damn cold I was thinking about heading to the northside to take in all these mysterious doors you are always talking about!

  27. I’m surprised I didn’t break my jaw from hit hitting the floor so hard when he told me that.

  28. It was some good grub, but no way I’d pay full price with my current budget.

  29. I had to stay home and just BE this weekend, but I would truly love to meet up some other time. 🙂

  30. Wow, so impressed to know you - a published author! You Rock! 🙂

  31. Congratulations on being published! That was hysterical about the Sweet Baby Ray’s sauce. Good thing to know!

  32. Well done on making it to Yahoo Finance. The CNBC & Fox Business News gigs can surely only be a matter of time. Before long you’ll be a regular at Georgia Reese’s Southern Table & Bar, no Groupon deals required. 🙂

  33. It’s pretty cool :), although they edit the hell out of the original :(.

  34. Congratulations on being published AGAIN. Must be so satisfying.

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