The Colon Mission

Many months ago I wrote a piece on those no good cheating ass parents from Chicago and how they robbed my community of seeing our boys play in the Little League World Series.  Well the karma gods are spreading their magic to just more than me the past two weeks, because guess what?  New Albany, Indiana is the state champions again in Little League, and are on to Indianapolis in a couple of weeks to play for a chance to go back to Williamsport and again give some local parents a week to fill up their Facebook feeds with pictures from the sacred grounds.  The Great Lakes region tournament is being held in Indy and features the champions from Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.  Yes I know geography major Kentucky isn’t near the Great Lakes but SOMEBODY has to claim them.

Wisconsin and Michigan I have no fear of losing to.  This is youth baseball not youth hockey, New Albany opens with the state titlist from Ohio.  Ohio is fairly competitive in all sports so I don’t want to discount them.  Illinois we already know would cheat against their grandma in game of Chinese checkers so who knows what will come out of that state.  The Kentucky champion is from Bowling Green which is famous for the coolest mascot in Division I sports the Hilltopper (Western Kentucky University), and in case you aren’t an automobile junkie that is where the Chevrolet Corvette assembly plant and museum are.  Not exactly a baseball hot bed either.  So it’s New Albany, Ohio, and whatever rigged team from Illinois as the front runners to go to Williamsport.

I’m not exactly a fan of the year round extravaganza that youth sports has become, but New Albany has become a powerhouse in this state.  The nine/ten year old division just won their fourth straight state title, and this is the second straight year for the 12 year olds.  That age is the kids you see on TV by the way.  Hopefully in a couple of weeks when the tournament starts the karma gods are still blessing me and them with positive aura and they get a chance to go to Williamsport.  I need something new on my Facebook feed now that the wave of back to school photos are over.

In other news today I’m signed up for a 5k walk/run on August 22nd for the Colon Cancer Prevention Project.  Even better I stepped out on a limb and started my own team!  Skipah’s Army-Operation: Kill Colon Cancer went live this afternoon and will accept recruits and donations in all forms.  To join the team it costs $20.00.  That goes to the foundation and you possibly get to meet me, which alone should be worth thousands or pennies!  For an extra ten bucks you also get a cape for your little one.  So let’s recap for a minimum of 20.00 USD you get to spend a morning at beautiful Iroquois Park in Louisville, KY meet the Skipah, and possibly help someone not have to go through the absolute terror that is colon cancer.  Winner winner chicken dinner!  Also you get a T-shirt and who doesn’t love a T-shirt with a thousand sponsors on the back of it?  You can never have enough T-shirts!  The colon folks know this and will provide you with yet another one in the name of potentially helping someone get the research needed for this horrendous affliction.

I’m not going win many favors with the automobile industry, mentioned the Chevrolet Corvette and an event sponsored by the Ford Motor Company in the same post.  Toyota do you got anything going I can talk about tonight?

Current soldiers and future recruits I have a bit of a surprise for you, not only do you help me raise money for colon cancer you potentially get to meet Miss Madison.  Since I know the current army enlisted is nosier than Pinocchio after being caught red-handed on (google that if you don’t know what it is) you will be delighted to know that she plans on attending if her schedule permits it.  She’s bigger than the Beatles in her neck of the woods right now though so I’m not holding her to it if she can’t make it.  Being an Eli Lilly grant recipient is “kind of a big deal”, even though she wouldn’t admit it.  How she finds the time to talk to Skipah is beyond me.  Hopefully she’s not promoting a book tour or being interviewed by the Today show and gets to attend the event.

About it for tonight, long day ahead of me tomorrow as I have to go into work at GASP………6:00 a.m., figure out how to solve world peace, and oh yeah got that date thing with Miss Madison tomorrow evening.  I hope this week of unbelievable karma never stops!  Has made the past 13 months of shitty and expensive luck worth every frigging penny!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. She was there, we had a blast!

  3. Good for you for taking the initiative with the 5k run! I saw today that you participated (didn’t cheat and read ahead yet so I’ll see soon if Ms.Madison was there)! I’m not hiding my curiosity much am I? lol

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  8. Really looking forward to it both the Little League and the 5k. You ought to come on up!

  9. Well it is all about the kids!

  10. Way to go man, looking forward to some great pics! And congrats to your local little league!

  11. “SOMEBODY has to claim them,” LOL

  12. Did the Glo-Run for leukemia/lymphoma research back in May that was fun but I was on a team. Thought what the hell I’ll just start my own!

  13. Gratz on the 5k walk. That is a great cause. Take some pictures!

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