The Door County Experience: Row, Row, Row Your Boat


The view never got old all week!

Day two of Skipah’s traveling road show “cheesehead” style took Skipah and the gang to a little town nestled on the banks of Green Bay (the body of water) known as Little Sturgeon.  Skipah had the bright idea that he was going break every known Wisconsin state record for fishing.  Plus fresh walleye and yellow perch was sounding very tasty for dinner that evening so Miss Madison and I loaded up the kids and took the boat out in hopes of catching dinner.

I’m hoping my 10.00 donation to the WDNR contributes to the preservation of spotted owl or some prehistoric saber wampus cat!

The flying rats known as seagulls were getting a morning tan on.

What started out as a fool proof plan quickly turned to mush as the boat motor decided it no longer wanted to participate in the our little reindeer games.  Not wanting to waste a good day to fish we decided to row a safe distance from the marina and fished the general area.  Three hours of untangling fishing lines and telling bad jokes and exactly ZERO fish in the boat it was time to row up current back to the marina.  Miss Madison was channeling her inner Ivy League rowing team fantasy and decided she would do the majority of the rowing back to shore.

Boat selfie!

Not pictured me manning the helm and shouting directions…..or lounging I’ll let you decide.

The beginning and end of my Great Lakes fishing career netted me no food for the troops so I was off in search of some fresh seafood at the local supermarket.  Mental note next time do some research because there were exactly TWO seafood markets in the local area and each of them were thirty minutes away.  It only took an hour to realize this so my quest for fresh walleye and yellow perch was postponed until the next day.

No fresh fish!!!!!!!  What the hell it’s like I’m back in Indiana!

My only negative experience on the peninsula was dinner at the local dive not far from the cottage.  Service sucked, food was less than stellar , but if I was a regular resident there I’m sure I could swap stories at the bar with the staff since that is were they all seemed to congregate.  We were the only people in there eating and it took almost 45 minutes for our food!

I’m assuming this is the owner of the restaurant’s vehicle or the waitresses who did nothing to earn a tip make way more than the average server in my area!


My immediate neighbor for the week, Sherwood Point Lighthouse.

Sloane thought this was the neatest thing since the Disney Channel seeing a lighthouse in action.

In the land of Miller Brewing Company, Anheuser Busch gets pretty creative on their advertising.  This wasn’t even the coolest display we saw for the week.

This concludes the wildlife portion of today’s post.  If turkeys aren’t the state bird of Wisconsin they should be!  Bambi and her friends were very prevalent also, and that sly little fox kept hanging around all week.  Personally I think he was hoping for some scraps.

The inverted pepper plant was trendier than the Bugle Boy pants craze of the 80s!

About it for today, have to get ready to shock the absolute crap out of Miss Madison (blog post to follow in the future) and off to sort more pictures to start my fledgling career as a travel/photo blogger!


Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. No such thing as a “bad” day of fishing :).

  3. A bad fishing day might make the next day brighter in comparison.

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  5. Of course she volunteered to row. She was in a boat with 4 kids, what choice did she have.

  6. Beautiful photos!!!

  7. I was flabbergasted at the lack of available seafood markets, don’t worry though I found one the next day :).

  8. They were numerous usually running in packs of four or five. I haven’t seen that many wild turkeys combined in the past 20 years.

  9. At least you guys caught zero fish together! Sucks about the lack of fresh fish though, maybe no one has luck around there.

    All great pics, love the wildlife!

  10. Here in St. Paul, MN we see turkeys in both the front and back yards of our house! Record so far was 5 in the front yard. Drove our cat batty! The cat is strictly an indoor animal. Do not let it get out of the house, except for taking it to the vet!

Tell Skipah all about it!