The Door County Experience: Skipah and the Turtle Man Takeover!

Not sure who was more excited him or me!

Day three of the Door County experience was the only “off” day we had weather wise.  Didn’t deter our spirits as Miss Madison wanted to visit some of her old familiar jaunts looking for end of the season clearance deals.  Me, I was happy to tag along exploring more of the peninsula!


Daily wildlife photo!

First stop was the county seat of Door County, Wisconsin an upscale, vibrant community known as Sturgeon Bay.  While the girls were shopping Miss Madison’s son…aka the Turtle Man…..and I headed to the Sturgeon Bay itself to check out the big ships.  A driving rain nor wind stopped us in our excitement to see what all it had to offer.  Other than the weather the views and area did not disappoint.

Shipyard in the far background, if you have roughly 1.2 million laying around they will build you whatever spec boat you desire!

Sloane made a new friend, and talked her dad into buying some silly pillow kit!

Turtle man and I were in love with this tugboat!

Cue up Gordon Lightfoot!  Canadians you better know who that is!

From there it was more local shopping and a trip to the library to dry off (free Wi-Fi) and let the kiddos reenergize before stopping off at the Nautical Inn for a rather inexpensive salad and pasta bar.  Skipah ate his weight in garlic bread and meatballs and everyone else was feeling stuffed and ready to head back to the cottage.

It was at this time that Mr. Skipah still bummed from the day before about not finding fresh seafood set off to the bustling lake community of Algoma, Wisconsin to find his highly sought out walleye filets.  Miss Madison hung back with the girls and they entered their own creations in the sock design contest that is currently ongoing.  The turtle man not wanting to do “girly” stuff tagged along for the ride to  Bearcats (seafood market) and other adventures Mr. Skipah has been known to get into while on uncharted land.


The turtle man and I had a bang up time both at the seafood market and the subsequent trip to the marina/port of Algoma.  I immediately fell in love with the views and Mr. Turtle found the playground.  Immediately after seeing the lighthouse and seawall I knew Miss Madison would want to see it so plans were made to hit Algoma with everyone the next day.  However, the turtle man and I found it first and that will be our claim to fame!

Everybody gets a bench named after them in Algoma!

Weather be damned we all had a great time that day, and on the way home from Algoma I found a few other “spots” to be explored the next day.  Dinner that night was market fresh walleye and it was even better than advertised for me.

About it for tonight, Miss Madison is visiting and I would hate to not make sure she isn’t entertained.  Stay tuned for our last day in Door County before the two day trek home with a stopover in Milwaukee.

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  12. That one was probably my second favorite one of the trip.

  13. The boats they were rolling out were spectacular to say the least!

  14. Loved the Gordon Lightfoot reference. Still scraping that 1.2 mil together but good to know they will make the boat to my spec whenever I get it accumulated…unless prices rise like the tide of course!

  15. It wasn’t as good as fresh grouper….yes that was a hint to air mail me some from Miami!

  16. It was enough of a chore just to find a seafood market and everyone told me I had to try walleye.

  17. Fun times! Great pics! And yummy fish! Hats off to the chef! 😉

  18. I agree, the meal really does look good, nice job!

  19. Now that’s a meal. The lake whitefish is also damned good if you get a chance.

Tell Skipah all about it!