The Door County Experience: Thank you PJ’s for Saving My Week!

Yes!  They have Diet Dr. Pepper soooooooooda on tap near me!

It’s been so long since I’ve sat down to write a post I almost feel like I need to reboot and do a “Hello Everybody” post again.  The Skipah traveling road show made it to a little slice of heaven known as Idlewild, Wisconsin for the past week and had a blast.  Look for Skipah to become a full time photo blogger the next week or so.  Between Miss Madison and I there must be 25,000,000 pictures taken and it’s going to take some time to sort them all out.

Initial reactions to the “dairy” state….they are missing out on an extreme source of revenue by not offering fountain drinks at the local gas stations and choke and pukes!  Even better can someone get me a representative of Snapple on line one?  Diet Dr. Pepper has ZERO presence in northern Wisconsin!  I came across one store that didn’t even offer it because of some screwy Coke/Pepsi distribution civil war.  I thought I could count on Ronald McDonald’s house of crappy food for the tasty quaff of Diet Dr. Pepper fountain style but even they didn’t carry it!  Miss Madison had to struggle without her occasional Cherry Coke fountain drink but she’s not a fountain snob like me and can make do with a cold can.  I’m a little tougher nut to crack, but Mr. Skipah did catch a break and will give the PJ’s of Door County location mad love, as they must have knew I was coming and actually offered Diet Dr. Pepper on tap.  Granted it was a fifteen minute drive every morning, but addicts will never stop to get their hands on their fix and by the end of the week I think I knew the morning shift by first name.

The official mascot of PJ’s, we were on a first name basis by the end of the week.

Other observations, Miss Madison and I travel amazingly well.  She showed me parts of the peninsula that she loved, and I earned my Ferdinand Magellan merit badge by finding new locations that she had never seen in all her years of traveling there.  Lake Michigan/Green Bay offers amazing views if you take the time to look.  Wisconsin residents already know this and maybe other states follow the same protocol, but I relearned the alphabet the past week.  Every damn county highway goes by a letter of the alphabet, when they run out of letters they just double them up.  I spent more time on county roads C, M, MM, and SB than the turkeys that run wild there.  Turkeys are more prevalent in the area than cheese curds!  I saw more wild turkeys this week than I’ve seen in 20 years.

Skipah the newly minted travel/photo blogger will break it down day by day this week.  Call this part one of The Door County experience.

I had no idea there was a Napoleon, Indiana!  Did not experience “Napoleon” syndrome while traveling through, granted I’m six foot tall!

North of Lafayette, Indiana turns into the “Twilight Zone” ten miles of corn fields and windmills.

I think the gazillion windmills upstate generate enough energy to power a toaster and a cell phone charger.  However, kudos to all the farmers cashing a check for leasing the property.  Makes an otherwise mundane trip up interstate 65 at least interesting for a bit.

The prodigal son returns home!  Just kidding no one in their right mind claims to be from Gary, Indiana!

At this point in the trip we were paying homage to Gary, Indiana’s most famous resident by jamming to Michael Jackson.  Not pictured Miss Madison lip syncing Billie Jean and Sloane learning the words to Thriller.  We may or may not have seen Jermaine Jackson hawking his brother’s memorabilia on the side of the road.

Good afternoon Lake Michigan!  

The Kewaunee Nuclear Power Plant (now closed)

Any and everything is packaged as a cheese slice in Wisconsin, beer is not an exception!

After a long day of travel relaxing by the fire was a fitting end to the day.  

That was just a primer of the week to come.  The vacation was great, everyone had a good time, and can’t wait to share it with everyone.  Although I haven’t had time to post it on yet Skipah’s Realm is currently accepting applications for laundry sorter and unpacker.  Must have a pulse is about all the job requires so feel free to send me an email if interested.



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  2. No Dr Pepper on tap here in Yorkshire UK and I don’t think I’ve ever seen diet Dr Pepper in a can!

  3. Dr. Pepper is a rare treat in those parts!

  4. OMG!! I remember when I lived in Iowa it was IMPOSSIBLE to find Dr. Pepper “on tap.” I don’t do the diet stuff but DP is my main source of fuel! Bwahahaha!! Oh, and I forgot there was a Gary, IN. Looks like you had a taste of “Thelma & Louise” but not… never mind you know what I mean. Can’t wait to read the rest of your posts!!

    Much love always,
    Lysa xx

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  7. I’ll have to check, I’m serious dozen donuts no problem we got a slice package for that. You walk in a local grocery store and if you didn’t know any better you would think you were in a cardboard cheese factory.

  8. I think we need to work on your love of Diet Dr. Pepper and turn it into something a little more….uhhhh, better for you. But hey, it does make you happy, and that’s a plus!

    Ready to hear more of your great time, and keep the pictures coming. Cheese-slice-packaged everything sounds kinda fun. Any more pics of that?

  9. Thank you! Nothing like that first day of work after a vacation!

  10. I’m glad you had a wonderful trip and that you are back with the world again.

  11. Fountain drinks are a rare find on the peninsula! They turn EVERYTHING into a cheese slice for marketing purposes it was funny at first then it became “cheesy” LOL.

  12. My jaw is returning to its normal position after reading Wisconsin’s convenience stores don’t offer the convenience of soft drinks. I thought that was - outside of gasoline and coffee - the core essence of their very existence. The official mascot of P.J.’s looks quite stoic. The beer case as a cheese slice is hysterical.

  13. Allergies behaved on the trip thankfully!

  14. Good thing you didn’t experience any severe allergic reactions that caused your breathing to stop while in that lousy state! Managed to live through an episode where my body forgot how to take air in my lungs. My husband called the local EMT’s they could find no problem! He had to rush me to the nearest hospital! They hooked me up to an oxygen tank and administered the needed medicines to stop the attack!

  15. I had ZERO internet in Wisconsin and my cell signal was on life support most of the time. It was actually kind of nice to be “unconnected” for a week. That windmill farm was eerie, it wasn’t there the last time I was up that way.

  16. The wind farms you’re talking about provide power for more than 270,000 homes, so, um, they’re a lot more than scenic, lol!
    I’m glad I have you on Instagram, Man, initially, I thought you’d fallen off the face of the earth!
    I’m glad you enjoyed your trip! 🙂

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