The Door County Experience: Welcome to Cana Island

Ahoy mates!  Nothing like that first day back at work coming off of a vacation.  For those of you concerned about the health of Mr. Hammy he somehow managed to survive his gambling crisis and Boris and Natasha apparently didn’t show up to break any legs or perform medieval torture on him.  Or maybe they did since his water bottle somehow had been jettisoned from his cage when I got home last night.

I finally found a chink in Miss Madison’s armor that could potentially be a deal breaker if she doesn’t get it rectified soon.  Long time readers are fully aware of my annoying propensity to cite movie references on my little sector of the internet.  One of my personal favorites is The Shawshank Redemption, lo and behold Miss Madison has never seen The Shawshank Redemption!  I’ll be waxing poetically on a topic and then drop the perfect Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding quote on her and I get a look like I might have just told her I kill kittens in my spare time.  You already know what is on tap the next time we have a movie night!  Just kidding on the deal breaker part……maybe!

Hammy just hit me in the head with a vodka bottle to remind me that without Miss Madison no more Door County, Wisconsin.  I knew there was a reason he hasn’t found a permanent swim in the toilet bowl yet!  Short of Miss Madison making me watch The Bridges of Madison County (pun intended…..and if you are bored and love silly puns I recommend you read this blog) a slight oversight in movie choices isn’t going to chase me away anytime soon.  There is plenty of time to acclimate her to Red, Andy, Boggs, and Warden Norton in the future.

Speaking of Door County, let’s get too day one in pictures of The Door County experience!  My first official day as a temporary Wisconsin resident was traveling to a bustling community on the banks of Lake Michigan known as Bailey’s Harbor, WI to see the Cana Island lighthouse.  The lighthouse itself was phenomenal and I, Sloane, and junior Miss Madison climbed the 97 steps to catch a glimpse of Lake Michigan and all her surroundings.  On the way there we got sidetracked and visited Whitefish Dunes State Park and Cave Point County Park (psst sorry Wisconsin DNR nobody was manning the gate and we didn’t pay), I’ll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

My view every morning!  

Love this picture!  

Kids and water!  

She occasionally will pose for a picture!

Water was amazingly clear!

I think she’s a keeper!

Sorry Mr. Real Estate agent I don’t do snow!

It was very windy!  Lighthouse with Sloane is priceless!

Michigan is somewhere out there!

That little bulb is all there is to warn ships that danger is near!

My late great grandma would be one happy camper at the Grey Stone Castle!

Door County has a rock stacking cult evidently!

In case anybody wanted to swim to Paris it’s just a little over 4,000 miles away.

I found my own “buried” treasure on the shore.  I’m holding it ransom for roughly 2.5 million USD!

Good night from Door County, WI!

That was day one in pictures.  The Cana Island lighthouse and surrounding area were to quote the hippies “Neato Mosquito”, plenty more pictures to come this week so stay tuned!












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  1. They let you out of Michigan!!!! Who did you bribe?

  2. Fantastic pictures! I actually have a clue what is going on this time - I can confirm that I have been in Lake Michigan! But not the Wisconsin side, admittedly! Never been to Wisconsin.

  3. I love a lighthouse and stacked stones. Sometimes I stack them like a lighthouse.

  4. We were having a great time 🙂

  5. Beautiful Pictures! Glad to see you three so happy!

    I love shawshank redemption! Sounds like a good movie night to me, I’m sure Miss Madison will love it too!

  6. Plenty more pictures to come! It was an amazing time for sure!

  7. It’s only the most quotable movie of my lifetime!

  8. I have ever seen Shawshank either…but loved Bridges of course! My hubby too is crushed I have yet to see it…on a long long list of other movies I haven’t seen.

  9. Wow wonderful pictures! looks like a great time!!

  10. Great pictures and the story!

  11. It is some kind of hobby around there that’s for sure.

  12. Nifty!
    LOL at rock stacking cult!

  13. We had a blast that day :).

  14. You’ve never seen Shawshank? What are you some kind of alien!

  15. Thank you WordPress for cutting out half the pictures I thought I had on here! We had an amazing time though as for Shawshank you better believe it’s a future “date” night!

  16. So much fun! I find it quite uplifting!

  17. I’ve never seen Shawshank or Bridges of Madison County. Think I’ll keep it that way. Come on, it’s not like she’s never seen the Godfather.

  18. This is awesome, Gary! So good to see you and Sloane enjoying time together and having an excellent partner to join in the fun. Now, get that Shawshank movie playing, stat!

  19. Fun! I look forward to more.

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