The Door County Experience: Lambeau and Yuck!

I’m going to miss waking up to this everyday!

T.G.I.F was never a more fitting term after this week.  Long week of work after a vacation with some inner office drama going on always makes for an entertaining time….said no one ever!  Miss Madison being off work all week on fall break herself has been the only saving grace in the evenings, it was kind of nice to get out of a hectic day at the office and have dinner waiting on me when I got home.  Not tonight though it’s just Skipah, his Russian roommate Hammy, and some empty Absolut vodka bottles Hammy was too lazy to throw away.  Mr. Skipah is thinking about concocting a new quaff himself.  Fireball (Canadian cinnamon whisky) and Ale 8 (don’t ask #itsaKentuckything) mixed drinks.  I’ll even name it the Maple Leaf Surprise, chances are too many of these though are going to be chaffing your ass for a long time to come than just the next day!


The Maple Leaf Surprise!

Enough about my woe is me week at work, if you have been following the Door County Experience all week then you know it’s time to go home now.  The trip home was a two day occurrence as Miss Madison had some pretty cool friends she wanted me to meet in the Milwaukee area for a Wisconsin style youth birthday party.  I thought it would involve throwing cheese curds at everybody in sight, but it was a more traditional kind of tilt involving cowboys and Indians (the tomahawk/teepee version not the New Delhi, Calcutta natives).

Sloane is taking inventory of her surroundings.

First though as promised Miss Madison let me take a trip a little further north to none other than Green Bay, WI so I could see the legendary frozen tundra of Lambeau Field!  I’m an Indianapolis Colts fan however a chance to see the stadium of one of the most fabled franchises in the NFL was something I couldn’t pass up.  I tried to call Bart Starr, Lynn Dickey, Don Majkowski, and Brett Favre to see if they wanted to have a cookout but sadly none of them returned my call!  Initial reaction of the stadium WOW, plus it’s literally one block from a residential neighborhood.  Not some fancy gated community either, pretty much your stereotypical middle class neighborhood where the kids ride their bikes and play wiffle ball in the streets.  I’m sure on game day sitting out back on the porch and listening to the game has to be a hobby there!

Really, they take their cheese seriously in Wisconsin!

Not pictured the playground that these evil cheese Nazi’s have to make sure the kids are content so you can keep spending money in there cheese paradise!

Yeah even Hammy got some Wisconsin love!  He told me he is saving this for a “special” moment!

Lambeau selfie!

Channeling my inner Vince Lombardi, the historic vibe alone was chilling!

Other than Lambeau though, I never have to visit Green Bay, WI again! For all the lasting impressions Door County, IN left me about the beauty of Wisconsin, they do not apply to Green Bay!  City leaders need to clean that place up ASAP, their waterfront area is nasty!  Can’t Aaron Rodgers start some kind of area petition, the only word to describe it was dingy!  The drive to Milwaukee was uneventful as I got to pass through a couple of other Wisconsin cities in Fond du Lac and Osh Kosh.  Neither of them exactly look liked they would be getting any of Skipah’s tourists dollars either.  Matter of fact, and no offense dairy worshippers, I wasn’t to impressed with most of Wisconsin other than Door County.  Milwaukee did have a ton of neat architecture, but I don’t think there is one state highway or interstate that isn’t under major construction!  Plus as I mentioned earlier this week is it really that big of a burden to not have Diet Dr. Pepper fountain drink style at gas stations?

After the raucous birthday party the Skipah’s traveling road show crashed in the Milwaukee suburb of Bloomfield (nice place) and let the kiddo’s burn off more energy swimming in the pool.  Major parenting fail on my part as I forgot to pack Sloane’s bathing suit, but Miss Madison saved the day with some quality bargain shopping at a Green Bay area Target earlier in the day so Sloane had a “version” of a swimsuit at least.

Thank you Miss Madison!  Sloane felt like Janet Evans with her hybrid swimsuit!

Upon waking up and eating a five star hotel breakfast (seriously, arguably the best breakfast buffet I’ve ever had that didn’t involve selling an organ….DisneyWorld), we were packed up and making the final leg home to the great state of Indiana!  Mr. Skipah in all his infinite wisdom said “Screw going around Chicago it’s Sunday and traffic can’t be that bad”, in an unrelated note I had to take Miss Madison to see Dirty Dancing on Broadway  Tuesday night before she would remove her foot out of my ass!  Everything was going great on our trek through the “Windy City” until we hit lane closures and the effing Chicago Marathon!  Thirty to forty minutes later we were clear of the traffic jam, but in hindsight it was well worth it.  Sloane got to see the Sears Tower…oops Willis Tower and the rest of the Chicago landscape.  Plus she got to see her first subway (The Ell) and thought that was pretty cool.  Personally I was quite impressed with the Chicago graffiti artists, they are either crazy or more limber than an Olympic gymnast!

I want more bacon!  I don’t want to leave!

Always worth seeing if you have never been in Chicago!

Sorry Miss Madison, I had no idea they were running the Chicago Marathon!

After Chicago the trip home was pretty boring, I finally did get a 44 ounce Diet Dr. Pepper in Merriville, IN though!  Anybody that has drove through the Hoosier state can attest that Interstate travel other than near Indianapolis is a mental exercise of staying awake and not stopping to pluck corn!  We made it back to Madison, Indiana in one piece though and I can’t wait to go back to Door County again!

Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus!

About it for tonight, Hammy is already slurring his words so I need to get him to bed, and I think I’m going to watch some playoff baseball.  I’m now a Kansas City Royals fan or actually anybody that isn’t named Chicago Cubs!

Send Skipah Sailing!



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  6. Door County awesome, the rest of Wisconsin…..ummm meh

  7. Just noticed I missed this one. Never been to Wisconsin, but I know they love their cheese. Once again, looks like a blast was had by all!

  8. No shortage of that in Green Bay!

  9. Cheeeeeeeeeesssssssssse!

  10. Next time I’ll be sure to hit the loop, but Sloane seeing the big city was priceless!

  11. Hehe. Once I drove from Wisconsin (essentially Minnesota) to Indiana really late at night. I think I made it through Chicago at 3am there was still traffic.

  12. Thank you for the follow!

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