The Eastern Seaboard Episodes: This Triangle Makes Geometry Cool Again!

One day closer to the ocean!

Day four of Skipah’s Travelling Road Show had me waking up early and in a spectacular mood.  It might have been Indiana University’s win in the tournament over Tennessee-Chattanooga the night before, or I was overdosing from being high on life.  Either way, we had a huge day in store as Miss Madison and I were set to finish the “historic” Virginia triangle and then get out of that state before they offered us honorary state membership.  Plus, Mr. Skipah was ready for some coastal love.

As I said, I woke up well before Miss Madison, and my inner Boy Scout was ready to go explore the area on my own for a bit.  What is great about Miss Madison, she encourages this behavior; last year when we were in Door County, Wisconsin I found all kinds of new places for us to explore.  I didn’t come across much this time, but I did take a tranquil morning on the banks of the James River watching the fisherman rig up their boats and set off to find the next state record amphibian.

A typical morning on the James River.

Our first stop of the day was the original Historic Jamestowne settlement. They have a recreated Jamestown not too far away, but this one is the real deal.  Way back in 1607, this little plot of land was home to the first permanent settlement in the country.  I said permanent, before the week is over I’ll be visiting Roanoke Island also, but that place didn’t last too long.  For clarity’s sake and to keep the Grammar Nazis at bay, the fake site is Jamestown, the real site is Jamestowne with the E.  We didn’t visit Jamestown, but we found Jamestowne pretty damn cool.  It’s basically an active archeological excavation project, and they are finding new artifacts almost daily!  I would think if you are an archeologist, this site has to be a wet dream come true for you.  They have been digging here since the 1930s (earliest pictures I found at the park), and I can only imagine how much history was manhandled or lost due to inadequate technology at the time.  I rank this place a solid nine on the “chill” factor!

Welcome to Jamestowne, I resisted kneecapping the Brinks truck driver!

I found something older than Bernie Sanders!  

I’ll just leave this right here and swallow my tongue on every joke that could possibly be made!

Jamestown(e) monument.

If Pocahontas only knew that Disney was going to turn her into a cash cow one day!

John Smith ruled with an iron fist, if you were a lazy ass, quite frankly you starved.

You think I take too many pictures?  Miss Madison takes more pictures than an Asian at DisneyWorld!

Supposedly this is the exact spot Pocahontas and John Rolfe were married, no we didn’t get married there before anybody asks!

Not to be outdone though is the bustling community of Yorktown, Virginia.  Must see for anybody!  Downtown is quaint, cute, and sits on the banks of the York River.  For you non-history scholars, the Battle of Yorktown was the last major land battle fought in the Revolutionary War, and poor old General Cornwallis (Team England) didn’t have a clue what hit him!  The battlefield grounds themselves don’t offer much to see but woods and grass, but you can sense the history the whole time you are in the area.

Charming place!  My mom will be so proud they have the correct spelling of Mathews.  

Yorktown is an actual city and not just a historical park, and if you are ever in the area, I recommend The Carrot Tree as a place to grab a sandwich and sit out back and take in the water views.  The George Coleman Bridge, a U.S. Naval Weapons loading facility, and the occasional seafaring ship will be your eye candy for a bit.  Plus, did you see the picture above?  They have a Mathews street spelled with one T; that alone vaults it up to a must visit!

That is a Naval ordinance loading facility, I inquired about a selfie with a Tomahawk missile but my offer was rejected.

Tell them Skipah sent you and you might get one of there delicious looking peanut butter cookies!

Two days of the historic Virginia triangle really is something anybody should experience.  Williamsburg, Jamestowne, & Yorktown are where America took root.  Seeing items that are 300-400 years old that have been preserved all this time makes me truly appreciate the fine folks that treat this as a passion.  I’m actually jealous of all residents in the area that they have so many treasures within a short drive.  Hell, even living near Washington D.C. would be cool (well away from the traffic). There is just so much history in the D.C. & southeastern Virginia corridor.  I feel blessed to have seen it all the past week, and it was even better seeing the glow in Miss Madison’s eyes. She literally teaches this stuff for a living.

This is in response to “Pictures or it didn’t happen”, oh it happened alright!

Guess what though, it’s time to head to my adopted second home the Outer Banks, NC!  Mr. Skipah caught some shut eye on the way down there (I wasn’t driving in case you were wondering), and completely forgot how stupid Norfolk, Virginia traffic can be.  It’s not due to a bustling population; it’s because every four lane interstate has to go underwater at some point and the genius civil engineers only built the tunnels for two lanes!

Miss Madison wouldn’t let me stick my head out of the moonroof to scream in the tunnel, I feel slightly robbed!

About it for tonight. The history lesson is over, and it’s time for Miss Madison and I to get our beach life on!  This trip to the OBX (that’s shorthand for I’m a bitching cool Outer Banks regular) was memorable for many reasons. Seeing Miss Madison embrace the culture that I have grown to love only warmed my heart.  Plus, I met Bill. He’s not just any Bill either, he’s Big Bad Bill and he’s getting his own paragraph or six in my next post.  After my weekend on that sandy little barrier island, I think the Currituck & Dare County tourism boards are going to be fighting for my services.  In short, I love that place and can’t wait to tell the denizens of the Skipahsphere!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Ditto for me and the U.K.

  2. I shall visit the States at some point and do a massive tour. Probably when I win the lottery

  3. Jamestowne the actual site was jaw dropping.

  4. I don’t know if you guys have the horrible history TV series, its mainly for kids, but don’t let that put you off, they do some great songs and one of the best is about Jamestowne its nice to be able to put some pictures to the song

  5. It was a definite “chill” moment or two. If I had a picture to show you of the size of the carrots they had you would think they did grow on trees. These things were huge!

  6. Looking at all those historical items must be fun. I was particularly interested in The Carrot Tree, though. Didn’t know they grew on trees.

  7. Were too? I’m sort of an Ohio savant.

  8. Wow. So much fun to travel. I’m going to Ohio at the end of the week for the first time. Driving myself. And nervous.

  9. Norfolk sucks to drive through, but downtown is pretty neat. We didn’t get to take too many great pictures due to the weather on the way home.

  10. For sure, if you are ever in the area definitely swing by!

  11. Only have had a brief visit to Norfolk under my belt. Did not get to see much while I was there. Just took a picture of a new navy ship that was just commissioned for my grandpa who served many years with the Navy protecting our country. Accidentally had a Naval hospital included in the picture, turned out to be the place where my mother was born!
    Sounds like you and Miss Madison had a wonderful trip so far.

  12. Looks like a great place to visit.

  13. We saw that exhibit and I couldn’t find my cell phone fast enough to grab a picture!

  14. Sounds like a pretty awesome trip! I did have a giggle at the “glory hole”… yes one of the perverted Europeans!! 😉

  15. Damn European perverts!

  16. Nobody is beating UNC if they shoot like that! We had nice weather until we got to the beach then it got cold and rainy but it didn’t spoil the fun!

  17. Looks like fun! You had nice weather. Oh, and you can cheer for the Sooners now if you want….lol

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