The Grand Opening of the Little Library of Madison

Built from scratch, picture doesn’t do it justice!

Good evening from my little island of the internet.  Rough seas the last couple of days but it’s because ALLERGIES SUCK, and nothing else.  I’ve been in high level negotiations with Mark Zuckerberg about this new Facebook privacy policy….oh wait Hammy just told me that was all a hoax.  No shit it was a hoax, I’m embarrassed I have so many friends that fell for that crap.  Hell if you want to spend 5.99 to keep your shit private send it my way, I even set up a foundation for it.  My Hoosier brethren let me down on this one, any of my Kentucky peeps that I’m still friends with I fully expect this kind of lunacy out of you.  Seriously people, do a little research before you start freaking the hell out over an obvious hoax!

As for me the ragweed/mold ninjas have decided to launch a full scale war on the inner workings of my head.  Ragweed is attacking from the left flank, mold is coming at me full bore.  It’s caused a massive ear infection and unfortunately I’m all too familiar with those.  Let’s take a day to day look at the inner ear canal of Mr. Skipah.  First the little elves in my ears churn out enough wax that I should start a candle wholesaling business.  The wax is no problem, Mr. stubborn allergy likes to clog the outlet (Eustachian tube) for the wax and fluid to go away though and then it gets infected.  Inner ear infections…well they frigging suck!  Infections lead to a mild fever……by the way fevers also suck!

So any way I’m sitting in my little sector of the world right now popping Vitamin C pills and ibuprofen like a junkie that just broke into the pharmaceutical ward at the local hospital.  If it doesn’t correct itself by tomorrow Mr. Skipah is off to the doctor so I can get told my ears look like hamburger, unfortunately that is the standard term from my doctor wehn I’m their for an ear infection.  Fear not the last time I had one this bad I only ended up with tubes in my ears, by the way that was when I was 35 years old.  That’s not a typo! Thirty five freaking years old not five like normal patients that have that procedure done.  That procedure worked for all of about three months before my ears were once again relegated to junk.

Normal ear on the left, my ear on the right.  Life sucks today!

Enough about my inner ear workings and anatomy lessons, Miss Madison caught me while I was feeling well enough yesterday to do a little project for her.  I launched my fledgling hole digging company “Gary’s Groundbreakers” (best creative could come up with in the short term) and dug Miss Madison a hole so she could set a 4 x 4 for her daughters ultra-cool birthday present.  Mind you before yesterday it has rained about two teaspoons in southern Indiana since July, needless to say even though I didn’t walk yesterday I got a work out.  This was akin to chiseling in lime stone the ground was so hard!  With a little help from the neighbor “Burl” (I haven’t heard that name since Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys) who lopped a foot off the timber for me.  We got the pole set in the ground after mixing up some high density interstate worthy concrete (or half a bag of Quikcrete I’ll let you decide), and today Miss Madison’s daughter was rewarded with her very own Little Free Library.  I can only take credit in the pole setting portion of this project, Miss Madison’s dad put on the finishing touches today.  Pretty neat idea for those of you not familiar with it, the concept is groundbreaking!  You take a book and then you leave a book for someone else to enjoy.  Not since the invention of indoor plumbing has an idea had me so intrigued.  I kid because I care, hopefully every one behaves and heeds to the “honor” system.

Much like Taco Bell it’s open 24 hours also!

Since Miss Madison also hails in proximity way to close Kentuckians hopefully none of her daughter’s books go missing in case a wayward Bluegrass resident needs something to start a fire with.  That part of Kentucky though I really don’t think there is any worries, the only book they are remotely familiar with is the University of Kentucky basketball media guide, and if you get caught burning that the great Colonel Sanders himself will more than likely pay you a visit and banish you to West Virginia or dress you up in University of Louisville gear and parade you through downtown Lexington.

Not a whole lot cooking with Sloane tonight, she knows I’m a tad under the weather so she is taking it easy on me.  Her questions per hour is down to about 50 tonight from the usual 100 so god love her for taking it easy on her dad.  She’s demanded she gets to spend Sunday evening with me to “pack” and a compromised was reached on that front so #winning I get an extra over night with her and will make the logistics of travelling to Wisconsin a tad easier Monday morning.

About it for tonight, I’m going to dip my head in a bucket full of ice water to see if that will numb the pain and see if Hammy can find me any gambling action on Ohio State versus Indiana this Saturday in college football.  Skipah is billing it the game of the century in this state, Notre Dame fans and most of America would probably argue but hey it’s my blog I can call West Texas State versus Indiana Tech the game of the century if I want!

This is a “confused” Hoosier!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. It is a neat concept for sure.

  2. I love these little libraries - we have one in the park near my house.

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  4. Not sure on the wi-fi I’ll check on that.

  5. When can we expect to see one in your part of the world?????

  6. A fellow otitiser!!!! I’d rather eat glass than put up with another ear infection! Amen on the Facebookers and people on the internet in general.

  7. That library is just the cutest thing. What an adorable idea!

  8. Lovely little library! Does it have free wifi inside?

  9. Oh, I often suffer from otitis. It sucks real bad -_- Hope you’re feeling better!
    Also, if people want their privacy respected, they shouldn’t be on FB in the first place, right? Gee, people nowadays…

    Love that little library idea ^_^

  10. I can’t take credit for construction, just putting the pole in the ground.

  11. I love this! I was looking into doing this a few months back, but it is quite pricey to buy it pre-made. I love that you built it! Thank you for sharing this!

  12. Helps when your mom is a teacher, but she is a little bookworm herself!

  13. I will take that under advisement! Thanks for the tip.

  14. Been there with the allergies and wax. If you haven’t tried a neti pot and flushing the sinuses go for it. Started several years ago and 4x a year doctor visits went away for good!

  15. Very awesome that she embraced the little library concept 🙂

  16. I’m afraid I’m going to have to go on the needle again :(. Miss Madison has been preaching Flonased to me so maybe my stubborn ass should listen :(. Providence is local high school, but the amount of ND football, IU basketball fans you run into is astounding!

  17. I thought so too after I saw it.

  18. Maybe the confused Hoosier has three kids at three different schools? Who knows?That really does stand out, though, dudn’t it?
    Sorry about yer ears. I had tubes and a tonsillectomy when I was like, three. My husband has bad ears and tonsils and adenoids and it’s amazing he can even breathe! My nephews got his bad ears. Our kids are alright though.
    I’m Flonased and Zyrtec’d so I’m a bit better off, fersure. This weekend I’ll be out in the garden, preparing for winter, and I’ll be awfully glad for prescription meds!

  19. That is one lovely looking library!

  20. It’s a pretty cool concept!

  21. This is by far the worse year of my life allergy wise!

  22. I do believe this library is slightly more “modern!”

  23. Cool library! Nice, sturdy post.

  24. Cool about the library, not cool about your ear and allergies. Sorry man. Get better soon!

  25. There is one of those little free libraries right out of my hairdressers shop. Have a couple of books in my stack waiting for me from there and another growing stack to drop off next time. It’s really an awesome thing, except when every thing in there to chose from was printed before 1970 and smells like Granny’s attic.

Tell Skipah all about it!