The Happy Nerd!

To quote the Clash, my girlfriend “Rocks the Casbah!”

I’m not finished interrogating Hammy yet, but either he or the geniuses at WordPress are causing me a tad bit of frustration this week in blogger land.  First a simple theme update turned this site temporarily into a complete car wreck with weird colors and ancient hieroglyphics that even the cave men couldn’t decipher.  I got that problem solved yesterday, today brought on a whole new rash of problems.

Namely all my loyal denizens (or most of you) that were oh so kind to read and comment got red flagged as spam.  I’ve updated everything so we shall see how this works out.  I can’t possibly imagine my man R.C. has turned into a secret double agent and is trying to spam me for making one too many comments on his blog about peanut butter.  Mike is from Florida and there is some crazy shit that goes down there but with four kids I terribly doubt he has the time to set up an elaborate scheme to sell penis extensions to anyone dumb enough to fall for that.  Lysa just got back in the blogging game and knows enough about computers to qualify as a native Kentuckian (pssst that really isn’t much of a compliment) so I’m not too worried about her spamming me.  Joey is a fellow Hoosier so I’m ruling her out as a spammer because Hoosiers are awesome!  I thought maybe Vicki from across the pond might have channeled her inner James Bond and was spamming me trying to sell some secret British talcum powder, but her alibi of rewriting a book on British insults checked out.  I thought maybe the Underdaddy was spamming me to raise funds for his future petting zoo he is in the process of opening, but he had an ironclad story.  Even Athena down in Miami was under scrutiny but she’s been so busy running off to the Florida Keys to meet this mysterious “Captain” figure that I don’t think she has had the time or energy to run a spamming ring.

The point of all that meandering was if I missed a comment I apologize but WordPress evidently has decided to pick on me this week and thinks everybody is spamming me.  I’ll see your comment eventually and reply in kind, however I just don’t get an instant notification.  So far I’ve been fairly lucky in my blogging career with WordPress, however, this week it turned out to be my proverbial “week in the barrel.”  No Google Blogger I’m not jumping over to your platform no matter how much you are offering me!  The next time my agent calls me with an offer from you it better not be as insulting as the last offer was!  Come off that wallet Google the last offer of 25 pesos didn’t exactly sway the needle for me.

It’s finally the weekend!  I’ve got a weekend planned full of Miss Madison and Sloane, unbeknownst to Miss Madison she is hopefully going to go see Black Mass with me tomorrow.  Shhhhhhh don’t let the secret out yet she’s sitting on the couch, mob movie based on Whitey Bulger yeah I’m there!  I also learned today I’m dating a long lost relative of Monet and Rembrandt!

Wow, Wow, Wow, I am going to have to figure out how to top this for Miss Madison!

Happy early birthday to me!  If I was softy I would have broken out in tears, oh who am I kidding I am a softy.  I guess she was sick of looking at my bare walls and took pity on me, I was told leave the “crafty” stuff to her and I just keep perfecting my craft in the kitchen.  Dinner tonight was “semi” homemade pizza (due to time constraints I had to cheat on the pizza sauce), dinner seemed to be a success though and again let me mention Miss Madison free handed that whole pic other than using a stencil for the silhouette of the guy and girl.  To quote Garth from Wayne’s World “I’m not worthy!”

Pizza, Pizza!

About it for tonight, I don’t need to be rude and not properly entertain my guest for the evening.  I’m either going to launch my vaudeville career or we are going to watch a movie.  Either way #bestbirthdaygiftever should be trending soon!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. I’m trying to figure out something, bear with me!

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  4. That’s it from now on I’m putting the copyright symbol on all of my comments! If anyone is going to make money off of my writing is gonna be me mister!! lol Oh and you’re welcome I only speak the truth with my kind words though!

    Wishing you a fantabulous Monday! I’m off to try and fall back to sleep now! Talk to you later!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

    P.S. Why aren’t you using the Comment Luv plug-in? It’s a jumbled mess in your comments and for those of us with ADHD and OCD is a nightmare! lol Sorry… Guess I’m just a tad cranky from the pain!

  5. This spam problem just started in the last couple of days, my “official” birthday is Sunday 9/20, and Miss Madison floored me when she showed up with that painting!

  6. Oh no — I need to check my spam filter now! Could be some great comments in there somewhere. I mean, in addition to all the other great comments I’ve gotten (I had to add that last sentence on in case anyone commenting on my blog is reading this).

    Happy early (or on-time or late) Birthday! What date is your birthday anyway?

    Also, what a freakin’ fantastic painting! Now that is some serious talent.

  7. Thank you very much Tessa!

  8. This spam hijinks is getting old fast! It’s four out of every five commenters anymore, I’m running out of things to try on her :(.

  9. Welcome back Mrs. Lysa I’m in works with a publisher to get your novel length comments made into a full blown novella! Seriously though thanks for all the kind words :).

  10. I will pass the message along!

  11. SERIOUSLY GARY!! Now I’m a inbred Kentuckian?!?! You are so lucky you live in Indiana because if you lived here in the Valley I’d be on my way to kick oh wait I can’t kick anyone or anything anymore… Well I’d be on my way over to punch you in the throat! Bwahaha! I’m just kidding… I’m sure Kentuckians know more about computers than I do! Hahaha!

    That picture Miss Madison painted is amazing!! I love it!! What an amazingly sweet birthday present!! Please tell her my birthday is January 14th!! lol

    You found yourself quite the lady there mister and I don’t know anyone who deserves this kind of happiness more than you do! The more I learn about her the more I love and adore her!! Now don’t go and screw anything up with her or I will kick you and I won’t even care how much it will hurt me to do so! Not that I can see you screwing anything up I’m just saying don’t!!

    Enjoy your weekend together and Happy Birthday Eve my bbff!! Oh and thank you again so very much for your help with my site!! You’re the bestest!!

    Wishing you a beautiful afternoon!!

    Much love,
    Lysa xx

  12. Vaudeville. Heh.

    I resent being labeled as spam. How dare anyone suggest I am spam!

    Pizza sounds good, Gary — It may be time for me to get in the kitchen and start cookin!

  13. I’d like to state for the record that I am not involved in your spamming ring. Shady as I might be down here these neck of the woods… (Or swamps… Beaches sounds nicer, I suppose.)- This Miami girl is not responsible for WordPress’s shenanigans! Lol! Maybe your ex is pissed she’s no longer getting Intel from this site and had a super secret KGB spy of her own trying to infiltrate your system. 😉

    If today was Wednesday, Miss Madison would be my #womancrushwednesday! ;). Seriously pretty awesome gift. She’s very talented and thoughtful. Do not let this one escape you! Enjoy your birthday weekend! Happy early birthday! I hope you have a blast with your two fave girls. Xo

  14. I consider peanut butter a food group!

  15. Peanut Butter is the best food in the world! Can make a sandwich or spread on vegetables and/or fruits. Almost as useful as duct tape in a handy man’s arsenal. Hope the birthday went well.

  16. You must have some secret formula, you didn’t get marked as spam :). Thank you though for the kind words…hugs!

  17. Just over the moon for you. You deserve happiness…..

    Whoot whoot….


  18. I will pass the message along, and don’t give up hope yet on your fledgling spy career.

  19. Glad I’m not the only one, but this is getting old!

  20. Evidently I didn’t fix anything, you were marked as spam again #WordPressproblems

  21. Woah that pictures amazing!!! Give Ms Madison many heartfelt compliments from me, she should be selling things like that! If my failing 007 career paid worthy enough I’d be throwing my cash at her! 😉

    Have an early happy birthday cyber hug from me! 😀 xx

  22. You are not alone! I was actually labelled as spam this past week!

  23. Never too many comments about good peanut butter, it’s that JIF crap you have to be careful with! WordPress gave me trouble the other day too, stupid platforms!

  24. Happy soon birthday to you! Congratulations on the pizza, the girlfriend, and the kid. You deserve many good things.

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