The Hatchback Mafia

Oh wow, Indiana rolled out another license plate this year, I think we have 59 different designs to choose from now!

I finally figured out the southern Indiana rapid rise in crime and why the streets are flowing with heroin and meth.  Look out Gambino crime family there is a new player in town!  The Hatchback Mafia is large and in charge!  Seriously this guy took a double dose of douche pills today.  He was zipping in and out of traffic like he was playing a video game.  Not pictured:  Legalize cannabis sticker (I could argue for that), Ear-X-Tacy decal (old time independently owned Louisville record store), and an image of Calvin and Hobbes toking off of a bong (what is this the nineties) Oh wait it’s a Honda Civic hatchback of course it’s the nineties!  He must have been taking a break from the hippie lettuce though because no stoner I’ve ever came across drives like that unless they are heading to the store before it closes to stock up on Doritos and frozen pizza.

Intruder Alert!  Intruder Alert! (I need to clean my windshield)

Since I’m back on the jerk-off eight days a month (on average) parenting schedule now that school has started I don’t get to write nearly enough great fatherhood moments in  posts with Sloane like I used to.  So I’m kind of at a conundrum (I promise biggest word I’ll use tonight Kentuckian) on what to blog about some nights.  Tonight would be one of those nights.  I absolutely love sitting in front the worthless Toshiba Satellite C55 most evenings and typing what literary gold I can muster up.  Some nights you just “have” it, other nights you find yourself reaching.  It’s a dilemma all bloggers face from time to time and I would be an arrogant asshole if I didn’t mention I have the same problem.  Prior to July 27th I could probably think about everything going on in regards to Sloane and rage about something.  Due to my popularity in certain circles I’ve picked up a few blog stalkers that are just waiting to pounce on me if I say the wrong word.

Which is fine, I have a life others need to get one, and since July 27th I’ve enjoyed blogging more than I did the past thirteen months combined.  One problem though I’m running out of shit to talk about!  I can’t thank everyone enough that stops by daily to read my daily musings.  I absolutely refuse to participate in the reindeer games that are all over WordPress.  Daily writing prompts, amateur poetry, photo challenges (I did do one but that was for a friend), or whatever else comes up in some bloggers head.  I’m not belittling or begrudging any of those people, it’s just not for me.  Nor do I want to participate in the 2315 blogger award programs.  I appreciate every nomination I’ve ever received but doing one of those posts takes away from why I started and continue to blog.  Nor am I about to become some power blogger and post a half dozen posts a day just to tell you my day sucked or I got a splinter in my thumb.  That’s what Facebook is for!  If I post something there is some thought behind it I hope.

In short I’m asking you loyal reader for ideas and inspiration.  You can already bet your ass when something good with Sloane happens I’m going to gush on here like an obnoxious parent.  I also know you inquisitive minds want to hear about Miss Madison and when we spend time together I’m sure I’ll keep everyone informed.  Full disclosure, she knows that I blog and thinks it’s pretty cool.  Nor has it scared her off yet!  I keep waiting on somebody to pinch me to wake me up from this dream!

A couple of ideas I had moving forward with this site have fallen apart because believe it or not making a blog successful takes a little internal elbow grease and others don’t have the time that I have……I did mention earlier I only have my daughter roughly eight days a month.  I have an opinion on just about everything, as long as it isn’t about gun control, abortion, or if I’m smarter than a 5th grader I would love any feedback on future topics to discuss.  You can leave it in a comment, message me on Facebook, or email me.  I’ve actually got a few things working on collaborations but that’s in the future.  Thursday’s without Sloane and not hanging out with Miss Madison on an otherwise dull day I might need a jumpstart to get my literary juices flowing, so feel free to offer up anything.

About it for tonight, I apologize in advance for this crap of a blog post tonight, but as I said earlier some nights I have it and other nights I don’t.  Tonight is one of those “don’t” nights.  Reminder to everyone though if you won six dollars today on a scratch off lottery ticket please contribute one dollar to Keep Calm and Let Karma Take Over.  I don’t know if my suicide attempt would be classified as “preventable” but I’m still here and smiling, if I can raise enough money to help one person think twice about what long term damage a suicide or even an attempted suicide does to a person’s friends and family then it’s a mission accomplished in my book!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Thank you Deniza! Look forward to reading more of your site as well.

  2. Hi! Very interesting site! Thank you for following, I will definitely follow back 😀 have a wonderful day! Xoxo

  3. Definitely no shortage of material at Walmart! I can hardly wait for your post on your adventures there.

  4. Friday night at Walmart I can’t contain my excitement!

  5. Walmart is always good for interesting topics. Lol

  6. I knew you could appreciate a good writers block moment!

  7. Sounds like I need to make a trip to Walmart!

  8. Think of something, anything, then search it on Pinterest to make a list of your top 10 favorite Pinterest Picks on the subject. It could be facts about huskies or whatever. I know the feeling though, so good luck whatever you choose!

  9. I once wrote about cotton balls. Another time when I was stumped, I wrote about toilet paper. Any common household item will do.

    I’ve seen bloggers write about their grocery shopping trips or trips to Target or Walmart.

    With the right amount of humor and enthusiasm, any subject will work for a post.

Tell Skipah all about it!