The Land of Odd

Welcome to my new world, we are calling in the Land of Odd.  As why can’t my daughter have a cell phone I purchased and have on MY personal cell phone count.  Seems odd doesn’t it?  Her reasoning is straight out of a lawyer’s mouth I’m sure, but really I have to communicate with my daughter on her phone.  Same phone that is trying to be used against me in court.  Never mind the kid gets free reign with a tablet and iPad, it’s not like she is new to this technology thing.  What is the difference with a smart phone other than it has the ability to use a cellular service to make a phone call.  If anybody knows about how to protect somebody online my ex-wife would be the first to tell you I have it covered.  Just odd and quite frustrating.

Didn’t hamper the day though, nice weather for some softball!  The blonde bomber made contact both times hitting the ball a grand total of six feet, and with her genetics (that’s a joke her mother and I run like a turtle trapped in molasses) she legged both hits out to reach base.  I did happen to see a girl hit the ball halfway into the outfield (that is a SHOT for girls this age) and thankfully it was foul.  I don’t know if she had little extra something in her Gatorade but the whole place had a hushed silence after she hit.  A grinding pitching machine duel that Sloane’s team came back and won 3-2 in their last at bats.  That makes us 3-0!  Contact me if you would like to get playoff tickets and I will be more than happy to oblige.  Psst….the games are free but if you are silly enough to ask me for tickets I’ll me more than happy to take your donation!

   Hank Aaron look out!

 Going-Dad, Trust me they still like to play in the dirt and mulch at age seven!

Speaking of the pitching machine, can we go back to coaches pitching at that age!!!!  Short girls have to tomahawk swing and tall girls swing like they are holding a two iron.  Never mind I saw two different girls do a face plant against the machine tonight.  It’s basically a ginormous tree stump right were the pitcher is supposed to be standing.  Girls and boys at that age have succeeded for years with the coach pitching to them before the hideous invention of the pitching machine was brought into play.  Stick it back in the batting cage where it belongs!  Youth baseball/softball coaches are some tough hombres.  They take line drives off legs and arms all the time in practice, so don’t give me the “safety” argument.  The pitching machine is not fair for short or tall girls and needs to go away!

About it for the night due to softball got a late start, plus I’m not nearly talented enough and work a full time job to “schedule” my posts except for rare occasions.  When I blog there is a 99% chance when it posts I just finished it within the previous hour.  I think I will start posting my nightly post and then schedule it for optimum viewing pleasure on various social media outlets for the next day.  I’m not sure if this is overkill or not.  From a personal experience I know I miss people I like to read all the time but then I’ll see it show up on my Facebook timeline and be like “oh yeah” I wonder what happened with so and so and whatever situation.  Ok I will shut up now, I’m going to research historic family law cases involving a child and a dad trying to let her use a cell phone.  My conversations with my daughter should be “private” and hopefully very soon they will be!



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  3. I’m kind of in limbo right now on what I want to do with my blog, thanks for reading though!

  4. Pitching machines are crazy! I’m a grown man and I worry about stepping into a pitch. I agree with you, send them back to the batting cages.
    I am up in the air with when to post and how to post. I did every day, but then thought it took up too much of my time. Then went to 3 days a week, but even then I felt rushed to write and so i settled on twice a week. That way I can write whenever I want and just schedule it ahead. As far as if this is best practice, probably not for someone trying to monetize their blog. but for random venting and funny stories, it works for me.

  5. I’m currently working on an IronMan like armor package to thwart this!

  6. Pitching machines scare the heck out of me. You just know they’ll be one of the first machines to rise up against us during the robot uprising.

  7. Lol, you’ll be battling with her the rest of your life, lol

  8. Divorce is great (said no one ever), didn’t know I would still be battling her mother six months after divorce. Good Grief!

  9. We do google hangouts on the tablet but still not much privacy there. Oh well the insanity train marches on, no problem on the plug my pleasure. I treat each post as a synopsis and I’ve got that full time work thing going so it’s hard to write ahead of time.

  10. Maybe one day I’ll get to that point, I kind of treat each blog post as a daily recap though.

  11. I know the feeling with the cell phone issue. I bought my oldest daughter her first phone at age 8 for the same exact reasons, plus her mother would leave her at her house with people I never heard of, so she could go clubbing all night. So there was also a lack of security that I felt she needed it, and my number was the first one she memorized and saved in her phone.

    Good luck with it, I hope it works out for you. Mine was a bit of a battle, too.

    For some reason the section to put my website when commenting here doesn’t recognize my website?
    I bet it’s the ‘info’ part

  12. Thanks for the plug! “Playing” in the mulch is just fine, “eating” the mulch….not so much.

    Way to go Sloane and her team for being undefeated thus far, you have a fan rooting for you (or should I say y’all?) in Texas!

    So dumb about the phone, like it’s really going to cause harm! Could you use an app on her tablet that would let you two text through that, or even facetime/Skype? Would be cool if so.

    As you probably can tell, I always have my posts scheduled for the next day. Never looked into the best times to publish, just got in the habit of setting it to post in the morning.

  13. Damn. Divorce. That’s rough. I never schedule my posts. Well, I shoudln’t say “never” but usually I just post when they are done. If I am fortunate enough to have stuff done ahead of time I’ll publish it in the afternoon, but that’s maybe once a month.

    good luck!

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