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It’s Wednesday so that means POWERBALL and since I took the day off tomorrow Sloane might just miss school and all the Christmas activities tomorrow and instead she and I will be having our own little personal macadamia nut eating contest in Hawaii.  Just need six little numbers to match my ticket and I’m inventing the name of a virus tomorrow and calling Sloane in sick tomorrow with it.  Make sure they know it’s a 48 hour thing and she’ll be back Monday.  Might violate the terms of my custody arrangement, but hell even her mom might give us a pass for a trip to Hawaii, on second thought that wouldn’t happen she would run back to her lawyer claiming she gets half of it or something.  Oh well at least my imagination is active!  Back to reality, I actually did catch a couple of breaks today for once, minor in the big picture, but much appreciated from the karma gods.  The karma gods actually might be throwing me a huge bone, but little early to write about that for now, but oh man I hope they do!

After a week of not having parental custody of Sloane, she was a welcome sight today.  Vibrant as always, as soon as she got here she ran around for five minutes and then immediately had to finish a life changing event on her Nintendo DS, but after that little episode she sat at the kitchen and talked my ear off while I was over concentrating on warming up vegetable oil to make french fries and preparing steaks.  During our steak dinner we talked like two adults.  I was ready for her to ask me about my views on politics and ISIS, it’s surreal at times talking to her anymore.  For every flash of being a kid, she follows it up like a mature young woman who knows what she wants in life and wants to run her ideas by me for my approval  What little seven year old girl hasn’t wanted to be a veternarian? After doing more research this year on single parenting than some attorney about to try a case before the Supreme Court, I came across a ton of single dad blogs.  I read a few snippets here or there, and bookmarked them to read later when I had the time.  Well here lately I’ve caught up with a few of them and the underlying theme is our children is all we have left when blindsided by life altering events.  Amazingly I’ve never come across a dad blog where the husband was a adulterous lying whore (I’m sure one may exist), most of them are guys like me, get hit with a divorce, tailspin and only do what they can for there children.  Divorced mom’s will say “he was never like that when we were married why is he doing this and that now?”  Well amazingly most of these blogs I read believe it or not mom had something on the side already and was wanting to either move the child, alienate the child from the father, or just make it as difficult as possible.  (Any of this sound familiar?)  The point is that dads with children my age have to act like dorks, it’s what their child wants and it comforts them the most.  Ex wives that seek control and don’t want 50/50 custody with perfectly capable dads are only hanging themselves when it comes to the “I can’t wait to go to dad’s house.”  If they want to make dad’s house a vacation destination for purely selfish reasons, then it’s up to me (and other dad’s) to make it that way.  After holidays and winter break are over I basically get Sloane eight nights a month during school (and I’m WAY ahead of most when it comes to custody), so yeah we are going to have fun when she is here.  That has been our motto since day one and I don’t see it changing anytime soon.  Bring on Hawaii!  As an added bonus I’m making us pancakes in the morning before we either board a flight or I take her to school!

I’m so amped up for tomorrow I can’t even describe it!  Get to make Sloane breakfast and attend her Christmas program and corresponding class party.  She told me tonight she wants me to go to all her school activities because I’m the one that has all year.  I can’t totally throw her mom under the bus on this one, but I sure in the hell can have it warming up!  It’s just what us dorky dads do to keep the ones we love the most smiling!



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