The Skipah Sessions

No!  It’s healthier than vitamin infused water from a trickling spring in Nepal!

I mentioned yesterday that I’ve got a birthday coming up this month, and it’s well known on here my love of cooking, so I’ll make my birthday list a simple one for everybody this year.  Since I’ve moved twice in a calendar year things might have gotten misplaced.  More importantly my chef Gary apron has taken a sabbatical or became a meal for Hammy because I can’t seem to find it anywhere.  Well problem solved!  Flirty Aprons is running a fall sale and I need a good “Kiss the Cook” apron to replace my chef Gary one.  If anybody else wants the full birthday wish list feel free to contact me.  Some of the more “obtainable” items are Katy Perry backstage passes, hybrid seeds for the U.S. Dollar money grows on maple trees, and a lifetime supply of Diet Dr. Pepper.  That last request is only good until I develop the quarter sized kidney stone and my innards turn into liquid from overdosing on aspartame.  Shut it Mr. Healthy Diet Dr. Pepper is liquid gold!

Need to give a little blogging love to a couple of folks for various different reasons.  My pal Martyn from across the pond is kind of having a rough go of it right now.  Divorced dad with two boys that are his absolute world has had shitty online dating setback that has him rethinking dating.  I feel bad sharing all my experiences with Miss Madison and the success I had with online dating.  I’m more popular in the U.K. than I am in Kentucky so any single women on that little island give Martyn a shout out, plus as an added bonus he knows his way around a kitchen also.  He is a rock star SAHD (that’s what we call an acronym Kentuckian it stands for Stay At Home Dad), when he gets his custodial time with his boys they make memories that last forever.  I take Sloane to the local park and walking bridge when I have her, that’s peanuts compared to him.  He takes his kids to frigging castles!  Then there is my new fellow Hoosier buddy Joey (she’s a girl), she lives up near the “big” city of Indianapolis and just from what little I know of her I would swear she was my displaced sister!  Sarcasm, snark, rage, and hating random acts of stupidity she is both funny and witty!  I am the self-proclaimed biggest blogger in southern Indiana, from what I can tell she may be the biggest one in central Indiana so between the two of us we own 67% of the state in blogging world!

As for me today it was therapy session with my hall of fame therapist.  Do I need to keep going to therapy….short answer is no.  The long answer is I have great insurance and she has been with me since day one of my whole journey with divorce and separation.  It costs me exactly the price of breathing to see her once a month and relive my life Skipah style.  When I walked in her office today she already knew I was in a happier place than she had ever seen me in.  I was told to pretty much “Spill It” after she saw the shit eating grin on my face.  I’ve read many tales of people that went to a therapist that they never connected with; thankfully I’m not one of those.  I had a therapy appointment last year that fortunately fell on the same day I walked out of a rehab facility after I successfully botched trying to end my life.  She and I will forever be connected because that appointment was probably the roughest one I had ever had.  She is a charter member of the Skipah divorce team, so she takes as much pleasure as anybody seeing me happy.  As an added bonus, we get to talk about that stuff that can’t be mentioned in my blog.  It’s basically turned into two friends laughing their ass off for 45 minutes.  In an unrelated note I’m pitching our sessions to NBC for a new pilot sitcom.  The “Skipah” sessions has to be better than the crap they are putting out these days!

About it for tonight, going to cook up some popcorn and Hammy and I are going to go on a TV land bender watching old Gunsmoke reruns and I’ve got to spruce the place up a bit before the blonde bombers comes home tomorrow.  Also #roundaboutrage is taking this area by storm!

Best I could do for a pic, just up ahead it gets “interesting” to say the least!




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  1. I would agree on online dating until I met Miss Madison :), hook a blogger friend up on some backstage passes!

  2. I can hook you up with those backstage Katy Perry tickets. lol. As for online dating, your friend is not alone. It really blows. Hope he finds better luck with it soon.

  3. The 20th of the month :)!

  4. When’s your birthday?!?!

  5. Evidently this went to spam Joey, basically this roundabout his in a major traffic area. NOBODY in this area is used to a roundabout, not to mention this area also has tractor trailers constantly going through. I damn near got run over by one myself today. It’s I-265 & S.R. 62 and that particular corridor is also were the Amazon fullfillment center and many other large employers of the area are located. Your welcome for the shout out, always enjoy the infinite wisdom and snark you post.

  6. R.C. nailed it. Kidney stone jokes aren’t funny. Laying on your belly while they shove a knife in your back (yes you’re awake), dribbling blood for a couple of weeks, really big catheters. I could make you cringe. Not to mention the damage that aspartame does to your brain.

  7. Apparently not :(, frigging WordPress!

  8. Did my earlier comment not post? 🙁

  9. I keep meaning to cut out the junk food too, but…

  10. Wait until you see what I commented on #WIAW post. I drink plenty of water also, it gets mighty warm around here after a three mile walk!

  11. It might be your birthday month, but I’ll never shut my mouth when it comes to nutrition! I still say nix the diet soda crap and choose water! Or Zevia at least! It’s all because I care and have spent a lot of time looking into the health effects of food and drink. Just looking out for you buddy. 🙂

  12. I’m a Hoosier IN Indianapolis 🙂 Thanks for the shout out!
    It’s great when one finishes therapy — Congrats!

    I’m going to need more information on this roundabout business. I can’t picture it. We have a weird left turn thing on 96th St west of Allisonville Rd and I can’t stand it.

    But then we have the circle downtown and I’m used to it, so I dunno…

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