The Super Mario Mission


Welcome back to the Internet Mr. Skipah, we’ve patiently been awaiting your return.

The only thing that could have made this weekend any better is if I could have spent it with Sloane!  For once in this every ending saga of divorce/custody/bitterness if felt good to be myself again.  I just wish I had my number one fan with me this weekend to enjoy it with.  More on her in a second, but let’s recap the day shall we?

In the laundry/cooking trade off Miss Madison and I had for the weekend I had one more obligation to live up to and that was making breakfast.  Homemade hash browns with an egg and ham omelet were on the menu today.  I tried to talk her into anything other than the processed American cheese but she would have none of it, no problem I didn’t want to jinx my own personal laundry service so her wish was my command!  One last trip to Kroger for a much needed supply (namely a “proper” food grater) and I said my good byes to all the employees that I’ve gotten to know the last few days.

Not pictured:  Skillet that I may or may not have put enough oil in.

Unfortunately I did have to make one trip to Sam Walton’s discount paradise (Walmart Kentuckian) so I could earn extra credit with Miss Madison and put together a piece of furniture for her.  No we aren’t talking some solid oak coffee table, but more like a cheaper alternative of storage.  I had to go all Tony Atlas and manhandle the cheap ass Chinese miniature wrench provided for turning the screws.  Seriously every cheap furniture manufacturer is it really that frigging hard to use a standard Phillips screw head?  I’m currently icing my thumb down from cranking on a four inch Allen wrench for the absolutely idiotic screw head that EVERY manufacturer chooses to use.

Bite me Better Homes and Gardens!

As for the rest of the day, a trip to Mrs. Gatti’s (that’s a pizza chain not a wholesale gun manufacturer), then a trip in rural Indiana to see the sites and the country side.  Even ran into some Amish folks along the way, you know you are in rural Indiana when you get held up by the proverbial horse and buggy!  Everything was going just great until I finally had to come back to my little piece of Indiana.

Welcome to the country Indiana style!

Channeling my inner Beatles on the Long and Winding Road!

On the way home from Madison, Indiana I received a troubling call from the princess.  I’m completely smitten with Miss Madison but she knows that the most important girl in my world is Sloane.  The princess was informed tonight that she is too old for stuffed animals by her stepdad.  It upset her to no end and pissed me off even more!  It was a clandestine call from her on a Samsung Tablet via Google hangouts, it broke my heart that she was crying and there was nothing I could do about it!  She is miserable in Lawrenceburg, KY other than when she gets to go swimming in the pool that I more than likely paid for after the settlement.  Amazingly since that call she has lost all access to her Samsung Tablet to contact me via Google hangouts since I made a few calls to get this problem rectified.

Quick diatribe on being bitter, I was bitter once (see all of 2014), it did nothing but get me in more trouble than it’s worth.  I never used my bitterness knowingly against my daughter, I wish I could say the same for others.  Nobody likes to lose (hell I’m competitive as they come), but once you lose accept it and move on.  My daughter hates living in Lawrenceburg, KY, my daughter hates getting up at 5:00 a.m. on school mornings, my daughter has been told by her stepdad she “talks to much” and is “to old for stuffed animals”, she effing eight years old and has spent the past year and change adjusting.  The fact she told me she was upset on a Tablet and then gets it yanked from her is telling and appalling!  To all my blog stalking ninjas out there, this is an eight year old girl who just wants to get up at a normal time and go to school with her friends!  Wants to see her grandparents like she is accustomed to, and have fun in the evenings riding her bike or scooter.  Instead she is in a prison I can’t bust her out of……..yet!

It’s going to take a boatload of money to get my way in this saga, but my ace in the hole is none other than my daughter!  Defending this blog alone in court has cost somewhere in the 2.5K-3.5K range.  Why because people are bitter.  I’ve looked out for Sloane since day one of this journey, she is my best friend and my world.  Hatred for me and then ends people will go to keep it this way is both hysterical and petty but I’m going to keep on keeping on!  After this weekend I’ve learned everything I went through was worth it!

About it for tonight, Miss Madison is going to be guest posting for all you inquiring minds very soon.  Plus I have to clean this place up since Hammy has turned my apartment into a Smirnoff distribution depot!  I’m still smiling in the face of adversity, and like Super Mario I will rescue my Princess Toadstool no matter how many Koopa Troopas heads I have to jump on!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. Par for the course, call it the bitter playbook. As for the stepdad he is on wife number five so need I say more?

  3. No one is too old for a stuffed animal or doll! Is this dude the grinch? Is he also going to ruin Christmas and Easter? I’m glad you resolved it. She should be able to call you anytime she wants, though. That’d annoy the hell out of me, too.

  4. Can’t agree more! Unfortunately it’s the hand Sloane and I have been dealt :(.

  5. My daughter is 9 (going on 10 in December) and has most of her stuffed animals. My gawd, she has these two decrepit Cat and bunny that were the soft/plushies sold at Target and Walmart around 2006/2007 and most of the stuffing is gone. They are made of soft fabric, so just their bellies have stuffing and the rest of the body is just droopy fabric. Disgusting. But, because my husband’s mom and my mom gave them to her… those suckers will remain with her until all the stuffing has deteriorated and then some. No child should have to get up that early for school. 🙁

  6. Pun intended I’m sure LOL, yeah I don’t get what in the hell his problem his. I don’t know if he was serious or not but it definitely upset Sloane!

  7. There is always a place in my heart for stuffed animals! That guy just went further up on the list of idiot fake dads! Otherwise, sounds like things are still “cooking” up well with you two!

  8. Maybe the one who set it up in the first place. I will have to see what he’s doing after work Thursday. Lol

  9. I’m trying Joey! Shit be getting expensive!

  10. No one is too old for stuffed animals. No one.
    Fight the good fight!

  11. Thanks Carolyn, yeah I didn’t get the whole stuffed animal thing either but it sure lit a fire under Sloane’s ass!

  12. Your Princess is so lucky to have you! Keep up the great attitude for you are right, bitterness will get you nowhere! Pulling for you and her! As for the stuffed animals I am shaking my head that her stepfather dares to make a issue about that! CRAZY! I STILL have the stuffed animal my hubby got me when we were dating! And I am a lot older than 8! Ha!

  13. Your little Princess is so lucky to have you!!! Pulling for you and her! Too old for stuffed animals?? NEVER! Ridiculous that stepfather wants to make a big deal about it. My dear daughter is going through something else entirely different, BUT I know how it feels to feel so helpless! Breaks your heart! Hang in there and keep up the great attitude for yes bitterness will get you no where!

  14. Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  15. Just chalk it up to one more thing in the crazy train that is Sloane’s “other” life.

  16. Don’t shoot the messenger!

  17. You can rest assured her room will look like a cotton zoo when she is with me, as for the bunk bed hmmm know of any area handy men?

  18. My 19 year old son won’t get rid of his stuffed animals (the few that he has) because of memories associated with them. When he isn’t feeling well, they tend to end up in his bed being used as extra pillows by himself or the cats.

    Stepfather=freaking moron. I am sorry you have to deal with that but heartbroken that S has to especially :/

  19. Posting a reply was easier today because my info was pre-loaded. My heart bleeds for your princess. I loved a stuffed animal I was given in college.

  20. That makes me angry; those stuffed animals and her favorite blankets are her security, about the only things that haven’t changed in her world the last year and a half. Who and what do they hurt? No one and nothing! Hasn’t she been forced to give up enough already? Leave her alone and let her be a kid, I STILL have stuffed animals all over my computer room!

  21. I have no words! In fact, my 9-year-old Rugrat just got 2 new stuffed animals Friday. Now if only I can get his bunk bed moved in his room to the right spot and tighten up the screws that are loose because of using a miniature, 4-inch Allen wrench, his world will be right again. 😉 Lol

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