The Three F’s

Football, Fathering, and folding laundry.  That’s the new normal for me on Sundays these days, have to drop the fathering part the next two weekends but I have a feeling the folding laundry part isn’t going anywhere.  I may start taking applications for a free maid I’m sure the available talent that would be willing to do that task would be interesting to say the least.  The sock dating pool didn’t pick up any new members this weekend, nor did they lose any, it’s quite the melting pot on my dresser anymore.  The daughter and I made up a bunch of “Missing” signs and posted them all around the house today hoping everyone finds there eternal soul mates again.

P.S. on a personal not I hope the two on the right hurry up and find there other half those damn socks are WARM on a cold day.



This next phase of tonight’s blog post will be nothing more than a shameless plug, thought I would throw that out there as a courtesy.  As some of my friends and family know I’ve tried to get my blog out more to the public in hopes of actually doing this on the side for a living.  I don’t know if it will work out but it’s been fun the last two weeks trying.  So anybody reading this feel free to share on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media site you may be a member of.  I don’t care you have my full permission, feel free, in fact I want you to. has an official Facebook page here: skipahsrealm?ref=hl and on twitter here:, I think just for shit’s and giggles and to see if I really do have a future blogging I’ll give a t-shirt out to the 100th, 200th, & 300th Facebook like the website gets.  If you are that lucky person (I hope) just send an email to [email protected] and give me your sizing information.  I can’t do the same for twitter, anybody familiar with twitter will tell you it’s the frigging wild, wild west of social media.  Dammit though I’m trying to make this work, I know my writing is a little crappy at times and  some days are better than other when it comes to writing.  This is the link to the first post I ever made, I think I’ve come a long way myself since then I hope everyone else would agree.  I guess though if I’m going to do this for a side job I have to make it interesting, I’m divorced now, I’m fully healed, and I’m going to continue being the best father I can be.  Going forward it’s going to be Sloane and I and anything I can think of to make this interesting.  I’m all open to suggestions if my quirky jokes and interesting views on varying topics isn’t enough.

Enough of the shameless plugging, another Sunday with my daughter staying here and another morning of breakfast in bed.  I’m going to make her breakfast in bed every Sunday she is here.  For one it guarantees she eats breakfast (not a given anymore) and also because it is something I enjoy.  It was pancakes today, and she ate three.  She was a little disappointed that EVERYONE we asked to come over for dinner stiffed us, I tried to explain to her that other people have a life also that doesn’t revolve around eating dinner with us on Sunday’s but she didn’t care about that.  She did her best to eat as much ham as possible to make up for the fact that the two of us were eating ten lbs. worth of ham.  In a unrelated note I’ve got lunch and dinner covered for a couple of days!  She asked me to today if I would take her to a concert, she wants to see Taylor Swift, she’s frigging seven!  HELP!!!!!!  I wanted to suggest maybe we can become Katy Perry groupies but thought better of it, maybe in a few years.

Going to wrap this up tonight, another great weekend with Sloane, and going to watch the rest of this football game and finish folding laundry, also still getting over the fact I didn’t win the Powerball last night.








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