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This mini Mothra has survived two days worth of hell on earth weather wise and not budged!

Greetings from Skipah’s island of internet space.  Notice the new look?  Yay or nay, just had one to many readers telling me it was too difficult for them to read, and Skipah being one with the people thought he would brighten it up a little bit.  Will probably tweak the color scheme some, but gone are the days of the black backdrop.  Other housekeeping items from today, I performed my photo shoot for Blogger Digest:  Bachelor edition, signed my first book deal of hopefully many to come, and Sloane and I were chosen to throw out the first pitch at a Cincinnati Reds game this August.  I may or may not have made the following up but I have to keep certain people on their toes.  So I’ll let you be the judge.  I will just say the book tour will include stops in Vero Beach, FL, Lawrenceburg, KY, and Foley, AL I would not want to disappoint my most ardent fans.

Right on cue at 4:30 this morning my brand new alarm clock worked like a charm.  FLASH FLOOD WARNING blasted my ears via my cell phone a good hour before the real one was supposed to go off.  Since this a nightly occurrence any more I’m thinking of hawking my old alarm clock for a kick ass pair of rain boots.  I think this evening we have another front moving through but after that I will get to sleep until 5:30 a.m. tomorrow.  Unfortunately that’s still on Eastern Standard and not Pacific Standard Time.  Kentuckian that would be 8:30 a.m. in my current geographical location in case you missed that joke.

Not a whole lot shaking with the blonde bomber and me tonight.  We straightened up what we could with the help of some friends in preparation for the big furniture move tomorrow.  When we were ready to go explore of course it started raining.  Living in transition really sucks this week, but like everything else it is a facet of like I have no control over.  We are making the best of it, but it still sucks.  I’ve upgraded from a digital Abe Lincoln from last night to full scale bachelor office tonight.

Sloane called “shotgun” on the chair

As for Sloane there is trouble in the force with her.  She’s still vibrant as ever but she’s breaking and cracking at the seams.  I have comforted her every way I can, but she’s holding it all in (like her dad used to) and scared to death.  She misses her beloved Suebee that she was promised she would get to see whenever she wanted (hasn’t happened and I haven’t been told the location or I would take her to visit), and broke down with grandma (my mom) last night on the phone after I went to sleep.  Nevermind her “other” house now could take on Suebee if she chose, but I digress.  I wish I could afford a place that allowed pets, hell I loved that dog more than anything also.  I wish I could tell her she has a voice in this battle and could stay home no matter what happens July 27th, but the real world is a cruel reality.  She loves her mother, but she doesn’t want to live with her mother in a foreign land.  That was her mother’s choice not Sloane’s!

It’s Suebee!  Eight weeks old at best, Sloane sent it to me on my phone.

You would think a loving parent would look out for the best interests of their child.  The ex can hate me all she wants, she can play the bitter card all she wants, she can hide behind her lawyer and tie me up legally all she wants, what she can’t do though is look anybody square in the eye without lightning striking her and tell you Sloane is better off with her in podunk Kentucky than with me at this phase of her life.

Let’s recap for you scoring at home.

Fact:  The school Sloane goes to know is vastly better than the one she will potentially attend.

Fact:  Sloane’s stepdad hasn’t talked to his OWN fourteen year old son since January and will be the primary father figure in my daughter’s life in Kentucky.  I would get six days a month and holiday weekends during school.  Never mind he was also caught lying about income to get out of paying more child support.  (Documented and Wolfe County, Kentucky court records will tell you that message me will be more than happy to give you the name)

Fact:  Sloane does not want to live in Kentucky, she wants to be with her friends and be able to see her grandparents like she is used to.  She is on record with me and all her grandparents stating this.

I could go on for days telling you the reason why she should stay here, the fact that she wants to should be reason number one.  I did feel vindicated today though, can’t go into details but good parenting doesn’t go un-noticed.  Shucking PTO vice president duties and Brownie duties has consequences.  Will it play out in my favor only time will tell, but it tells me I’ve been doing it right since day one of this charade!

About it for tonight, going to enjoy  “sleeping in” and work on my interview for the Blogger Digest article!

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  1. I feel so sorry for single dads. They do seem to get the raw end of the stick in matters of family law. It also happens in Australia. I’ve seen some of your comments on fattymccupcakes posts Gary, so I’m going to follow you too! I look forward to reading some more of your stuff….Cathy

  2. Damn, your ex sounds like one of them broads that hangs out at the rodeo. Always looking to score with the next champion. Then the years set in, the ass spreads, and all they can get is some broken down cowboy with a drinking problem, a beer gut, and a bottle of Viagra. Just hope she don’t teach your daughter the same tricks.

  3. Wait. Does that mean the Russian is gone too?
    Keep your chin up. Two more weeks until vindication!

  4. Digging the look man, nice change!
    I saw your mom’s post on FB and it was heart-breaking to read. Poor girl, no one deserves that! And I love your dog too, makes me miss my husky.

    Anyway, keep the hopes high and focus on one thing at a time. For now, that’s getting moved all the way in and having fun with that precious girl of yours!

  5. I like the new look. Keep your chin up and keep pushing.

  6. After hearing about Sloane’s conversation with your mom, I was literally in tears. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but this child obviously needs therapy, and I can hardly believe her mother won’t agree to it. Then again, with all of the other idiotic, selfish decisions she’s made, it doesn’t really surprise me. Keep your head up. You have a huge army in your corner! #skipahsarmy #sloanestayshome

  7. Ahh Suebee! This was the day you all brought her home and waited for me to bring Sloane home so you could surprise her. I sent this to her the other night while we were talking; I thought she would like it, which she did, but it made her cry. She did mention that she was supposed to be able to visit Suebee anytime she wanted to but no one has “ever tooken” her. She said it would probably just make her and Suebee both sad anyway and that Suebee would be looking for Daddy too and then everybody would just be sad.

  8. congrats on signing your book deal! And yes, I’m sure there will be many more to come 🙂

    I feel fortunate that my parents were separated before I could talk. It was hard enough traveling from one house to the next IN STATE so I could only imagine how Sloan feels.

  9. Love you humor! So sorry you are going through this with your ex. I hope your daughter can weather this and try to roll. My good friend and baby son went through this hell with his ex who was a would-be attorney and barely made it. But he did and everyone is thriving.

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