The Subway Blues

Cheer up, according to Annie the sun will come out tomorrow!

Note to the bitchy employee at Subway that gave me the stink eye and attitude, take it up with your corporate that you offer up freshly chopped salads.  Since you are about the only “healthy” fast food option in my area during lunch and I was feeling “healthy” today I suggest you get to chopping and I would appreciate if you would do that with a smile.  Your company is still lucky I patronize the place (no other options) since you willingly employed a sicko pedophile for years and I have a hard time believing NOBODY knew his penchant for little girls.  Better yet I’ll make it myself and your little bitchy ass can ring it up at half price!  Small tangent today as I was wanting to “Eat fresh” and this 20 something worker looked at me like I was wanting the Theory of Relativity explained.  No lady just get the chopper out from behind the counter and start chopping!  I’m pretty sure Subway doesn’t want any more bad press!

Hey Subway!  I’ll bring my own for a discount!

About the only thing I can complain about today, my little KGB ninja Hammy even cooperated and fulfilled a top secret assignment I put him on.  For his efforts he was rewarded with some spirits straight from the motherland Russia itself.  I even put some more money in his personal commissary so he could extend his subscription.  As for Rosy she’s been a little down of late with what is going on in her native country so I’ve been letting her have her space.  Even Hammy has taken pity on her and hung up a sign in his cell cage saying “Mean people suck”, maybe nine months with me has finally softened him up some or he’s having a vodka moment!  Either way the research he did for me today was nothing short of fantastic!

Or maybe I’m all wrong about this and the little Russian is rubbing off on Sloane.  Got word today from school she is interested in the learning how to play chess.  Evidently they offer an elementary chess tutorial over fall break next month and Sloane has shown an interest.  I’m not looking to raise the next Bobby Fischer but trust me I would much rather play chess with her than Candyland!  Anything that gets her mind thinking ahead instead of the present I’m all for.  Since it’s an odd number year Fall Break in Indiana is two weeks with dad (I lose the two weeks for Spring Break though, no a compromise keeping it 50/50 couldn’t be reached), so week one we will be living it up leaf peeping, fishing, and having an overall good time in Door County, Wisconsin and in week two she will be working on her future Indiana junior grand champion chess brownie badge.  I made that up but I’ll see if I can sway the Girl Scouts of America to commission that badge!

Found out today that I might be attending a birthday party for a friend of Miss Madison on the way home from Wisconsin next month if time permits.  Look out Milwaukee, Wisconsin Skipah may be invading your city!  I hate the Brewers, could care less about the Bucks, and don’t mind the Packers so hopefully we can find some common ground.  I hate cold weather and you hate hot weather so hopefully we can agree on something like Kim Davis is an idiot and I can give you the inside scoop since I live way to close to Rowan County, KY.  The first person that says I “talk funny” I might escort to Lake Michigan with concrete shoes, but since Miss Madison is a native northerner living in Hoosier land I’m sure she will smooth over any indifferences on how I use the English language.

It is suicide prevention month, I’m part of an Out of the Darkness walk in October.  Any contribution any one can make to Keep Calm and Let Karma Take Over would be greatly appreciated, I survived my attempt others do not.  The suicide rate among divorced men my age is staggering, I almost became one of those statistics and thankfully I did not!  I can relate to any divorcing man that had his heart broken and if I can reach out to even one of them to let them know hope is not lost then I say “mission accomplished”, I can’t speak for others going through depression, loss of a loved one, or anything else.  However, any man that just got blindsided in a divorce or break up I’ve been there.  I’ve got the scars and unfortunate memories of trying to throw my life away over nothing more than being confused and scared.  Trust me it gets better, it’s not worth it and you will bond with your kid(s) like you have never before.  Yes I’m in complete pinch me mode with Miss Madison these days, but I was long clear of my suicide attempt well before I met her.

It gets better, it doesn’t happen overnight but killing yourself isn’t worth it!  I don’t care if you are Adolf Hitler somebody loves you and it would devastate them to lose you.  I live with the guilt of almost orphaning my daughter every frigging day.  That guilt alone makes me appreciate every day I get to spend with Sloane.  My stupidity over choosing my life instead of my daughter has hampered me from day one in the whole divorce/custody process.  I never had a leg to stand on last year when it came time for a custody ruling.  Attempting suicide was the white elephant in the room, and thanks to the stupidity of others I got more than I probably could have.  In life’s great redeeming moments that stupidity saved me later down the road.  Hidden agendas amazingly become exposed after time.

About it for tonight, going to refresh my chess skills and see if IBM Blue is still taking on all comers.  Need to decipher all this top secret intel Hammy got me today (Skipah legal defense team said no blogging about the information), and just for shits and giggles I might even go on a Twitter barrage against Subway for the shitty attitude of their employee today!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  2. Hey I’m up to date on my British insults, you take me for some kind of wanker?

  3. You’d love subways over here … apparently us brits don’t know how to smile or make polite conversation when making sandwiches! Our local subway must state that they’ll only employ you if you’re a complete (can’t think of a non English insult that you’d probably have in America. ..Ummm douche?) And the bread is always rock hard! :(

  4. The subway near me looks at me gone out when I ask for them not to toast my already hard bread and just warm it up in the microwave (softens up the stale and melts the cheese) and heaven forbid you moan about the state of the place… pretty sure they lace the sauces with heaven knows what if you do that!

    It must be a subway thing to hire the worst staff! Social skills and smiles really do go a miss in that place!

  5. She had a resting bitch face that’s for sure!

  6. I’d never think you were ever down in the dumps with how much fun you’re having now! Just keep away from moody fast food employees and you’re good.

  7. Good job with your involvement in suicide prevention!

    And I hate Subway. Bread’s always stale. Lol! They need to up their game! And be nicer to the most famous blogger in your parts! 😉

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