Homework on the first day of school!  Yikes!

School officially started yesterday and I’m back to that crap-tastic school custody schedule.  Every Wednesday night and every other weekend including Sunday night is the new normal again.  It sucks, I thought it sucked last year and wasn’t remotely fair, but I’ve learned there are a lot of things in this whole process that aren’t fair.

Sloane had a rocking time, and thank you to all the moms and dads that sent me pictures of her yesterday morning, I had to do that silly little thing called work, or would have taken her myself.  Do you think Skipah was going to totally miss out on the opening day of some third grade fun….hell no!  It was slow enough at the office around lunch time that I and my now 3rd grade class of camera hogs picked up right where we left off.  From what I can tell we only lost two in the club from last year.  What a difference a year makes the first time I ate lunch with Sloane at school I was more nervous than young boy going out on his first date.  Now I’m a rock star to all these little guys and gals.  Sloane has to remind everyone that wants a word with me that I’m her dad.  Thanks sweetie, but I’m pretty sure they know that.  I heard stories of vacations and endless pool parties, and even better was they were all so happy to see Sloane and thanked me for sending her back.  Little JR I told you in May she would be back in the third grade, thanks for the thumbs up.

After school we were off and running to get her a physical.  Yes 3rd graders need physicals to participate in any athletics.  I thought it was kind of redundant but what in the hell do I know?  What I do know now is I’ll never go to an immediate care center for one again.  A flipping ninety minute wait for a five minute procedure.  The waiting room was about half full and all of us were there for one thing.  A kid’s physical!  Are the doctors and nurses sitting in the back playing cards and Guitar Hero?  Never mind they traumatized my daughter while we there since there was a dead amphibian in their fish tank.  We were in the waiting room long enough I think she named them all before we went were called back to be seen.  Using my unique brand of thinking I recommended on the survey card they at least equip the office with more comfortable chairs so us parents could catch a cat nap if we were going to be subjected to waiting that long.  My ever observant daughter couldn’t help but notice that any boys that came walking out of the office looked like they were traumatized (any males in the audience go ahead and nod), I just told her it’s a boy thing and changed the subject QUICKLY!

I hate doctors DAD!  Oh I have to get one to do cheerleading and I don’t gety any shots, Yay!

Dead fish is behind the center artificial grass display

Physical went fine, perfect vision, soon to be crappy ears, everything else looked normal.  Sounds like a young Gary report card at the doctor.  By crappy ears I’m talking about wax build up and numerous infections in the future, not anything serious like going deaf.  Lived it my whole life and it sucks.

Not a whole lot else to mention for now, big weekend coming up.  Date night with Miss Madison on Friday, Sloane has her monthly blow out with grandma on Friday.  She and I will be attending the school pool party on Saturday evening, and hopefully Holiday World on Sunday.  Just because school has started doesn’t mean our weekends still aren’t full of fun!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. The drawback to parenting - having to complete homework all over again. And we thought that it would be over at some point, smh lol

  2. We must be having an inner zen moment posting the same thing! Mine wasn’t grossly expensive $30.00 but the waiting. Ugh

  3. My post today was about getting a cheaper&faster school sports physical. NOT. They lied to me, Gary. I was there for three hours. I almost died.
    Next year, I’ll gladly pay more at the actual dr’s office!

  4. Some of the most traumatizing moments for young boys. *cough* *cough*!
    Homework was pretty much just an icebreaker kind of assignment she was done with it in minutes.

  5. Bleh, homework. Great to have supportive parents around to keep you updated. Yeah, those physicals suck!

  6. Sounds like a great start to what will hopefully be a great year!

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