Welcome to the Jungle

Time to get your three day weekend started (for most of us), getting your daily dose of Skipah’s Realm!  It’s been a…um……interesting day to say the least.  Big weekend for me, it’s going to be Skipah’s attempt at a craft project as I have to design my T-shirt for tomorrow evenings 5k GloRun event.  I looked into this more today and got feedback from others and this is absolutely looking like one of the coolest things ever.  Now to design my shirt, I took a trip to Wal-Mart on a Friday night and survived.  Came out equipped with blue spray paint, and iron on letters.  I’m part of Team Born so I have to iron the team name on my shirt (damn I’m getting so domesticated I’ll make a fine wife one day) tomorrow as they are  currently suffocating in blue spray paint.  Born is the last name of the man that we are walking for, if it was spelled Bourne I could live out my spy fantasy, but either way it’s for a great cause and I’m happy to pitch in.  Also, you can get decked out in full Navajo Indian (take no offense Indians I am on your side) face paint only it “glows” so maybe you might see a picture or two of me looking like Lite Brite Rambo tomorrow stay tuned.  This has the potential to crack the top five of the most fun I’ve had sober!

Tonight, on the other hand, was interesting, I was hoping to make Sloane’s Brownie ceremony but since every living and breathing contractor in the area wanted rock this afternoon I couldn’t sneak away early and actually had to work over a smidge.  Sucked because evidently she cleaned up better than Taylor Swift at an awards banquet.  Such is life in divorce world, but would have like to at least seen her.  I was going to pick her up afterward, but she had softball practice after Brownie’s and it would have basically been me serving as a taxi cab.  We did have an interesting conversation on the phone this evening as she was talkative as ever.

Once I got home is when it got interesting, I wrestled, fought, kicked, body-slammed, hummed ancient Tibetan chants, and even said a few Hail Mary’s to get my new mower to start.  It’s new to me but its two years old and had only been used a handful of times.  However, I do believe the fuel line is clogged of two-year-old gas so it wasn’t cooperating.  I’ll fix it tomorrow, but in the meantime, I learned my back yard has been possessed.

After giving up on mowing for the time being I picked up some trash and noticed some demonic looking creatures hovering around the side of my house.  They looked like insect Sith Lords and ready to take on the rebel empire.  Personally, I was like what in the hell are these things, and by the way, bleach is a very effective tool if you have no insect killer, turns out they are boxelder bugs and they are pretty much harmless.  They like to munch on maple trees and oak trees but other than that they just try to find a home behind aluminum siding in the winter and homestead until it warms up.  Then to top it off after taking care of that I see two hornets flying around so evidently I’ve got a nest around somewhere.  To quote Gun’s N Roses “Welcome to the Jungle” that is my backyard.  Grass that desperately needs to be mowed, bugs that look like Star Wars characters, and frigging hornets!  I’ll find the hornets’ nest tomorrow and I will get medieval on them.

About it for tonight, looking forward to the weekend and tomorrow night for sure.  Now it’s time to finish this Reds game and keep Hammy from overdosing on vodka and beer nuts!

Send Skipah Sailing!


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  5. Maybe I can get my own movie trilogy out of being the Lite Brite Rambo-The Insect Killer, Lite Brite Rambo-The Hospital Visit, I’ll just stop there. Will let you know how the Glorun goes.

  6. Now that’s a thought!

  7. I think Karen is on to something, use that glow paint to cover your face to attract all of the insects and then WHAM…..oh, wait, that’s not a good idea. Probably not what she meant either.

    Sorry for the problems man, and for having to work late and miss Sloane. I’m sure she understands since you’re there for everything else plus more! Looking forward to see you decked out in Navajo glow paint, have fun!

  8. Maybe when you get home from the GloRun you can run around your backyard and scare away all of the hornets and assorted bugs. Sounds like a job for Lite Brite Rambo to me…”Don’t push it insects, or I’ll give you a war you won’t believe” (or something along those lines). Have a great weekend!

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