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Aww, not since Bud & Sissy have I seen this kind of affection!

March 4, 2016 will be a day that will live on in the annals of time for yours truly.  Not only did Miss Madison and I have a kick ass time at the Bottoms Up Bash, but this college dropout (journalism major to boot) had his name next to a byline on an article published on the Internet.  My head literally exploded from my swelling ego sometime around 3:00 p.m. Friday afternoon.  Not just any websites either, more like freaking Time.com and the Yahoo Financial page.  I signed off on all changes to the original piece I wrote last week, and the cannibalization of the original article was minimal.  So look forward to this becoming a regular thing!

I know that guy!  He’s a complete internet whore now, but I know him!

The same article was featured in the Palm Beach Post, and I was anxiously awaiting a phone call all day for a sit down interview after they flew me to Palm Beach, but alas that never materialized.  Seeing my work printed in the St. Louis Post Dispatch was rather ironic.  I’m a diehard Cincinnati Reds fan and these days the St. Louis Cardinals are our biggest rival, but hey, if the finance editor wants me to attend a Cardinals game in the VIP suite to have a few words with me, I’m there!  O.K. I’m done patting myself on the back, but when I started blogging in July of 2014, if you told me it would one day grant me the opportunity to get featured on publications all around the globe, I would have told you to quit huffing paint and get a clue.

All of this self-loathing or bad Chinese food has taken a toll on me.  Since my celebratory weekend, I’ve been fighting a virus similar to the shark flu.  Everything about it has sucked and literally I’m to the point if I lose any more fluids, I’m going to have to main line chicken soup and bong water!  On the flip side, I’ve been on a legendary Netflix binge and move over Stringer Bell, Raylan Givens, and Al Swearingen, there is new player in town on the Skipah’s fictional characters Mount Rushmore.

I’ve heard rumors about this show and how much it could potentially be in my viewing rotation, so sitting around yesterday afternoon wondering if the only thing left in me was my heart and part of my lungs I hacked into the neighbors Netflix account (or used Miss Madison’s) and fired up House of Cards: Season 1.  Five minutes into it and I was looking up Francis Underwood’s chief of staff (Stamper) for a one on one interview.  Ten episodes later I thought I had better get to bed, so no spoilers, please, but this show is right up my alley.  Drama, politics, back room deals, dirty reporters, sleazy politicians, crooked lobbyists; it’s like everything I’ve ever heard about Washington D.C.!

The Madison Auto War is now officially over, my little soldier is now the proud owner of a Volvo XC90 and the smile on her face all weekend was infectious to anyone near her.  Since I’m a former Volvo owner myself of an older model seeing all the upgrades in the five-year difference was pretty eye opening for me also.  Miss Madison has taken to reading the owner’s manual like the latest J.K. Rowling book.  Her thirst for knowledge is amazing, really who in the hell reads an owner’s manual other than to figure out the configuration of the fuse panel.  Miss Madison does, that’s who!

Not since Lee surrendered to Grant has there been a bigger win!  (Civil War Kentuckian!)

The Bottoms Up Bash was by far the highlight of the weekend, but something more cosmic is going on with me personally.  Call it the reverse “Cheater’s Mantra”, I trust this woman with every facet of my life even though the last time I did that with someone I got burnt worse than a piece of bread in a toaster that runs on nuclear energy.  Miss Madison was cheated on also and we are way past the “trust” issue, we get to laugh about our exes and their misery and woes because neither of us jumped at the greener grass.  She’s the Vice President of the company now for a reason.  She’s smarter than me and has the password to this website in case anything would happen to me that I need her to quickly swing into action to keep getting the message out to the denizens of the Skipahsphere!

About it for tonight with me being under the weather and Miss Madison having a long day at the office I thought I better entertain her on International Women’s Day!  Or secretly crumble some Benadryl in her tea so I can watch another few episodes of House of Cards before bedtime!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Thanks Carol, I’m just being me :).

  2. Every single post has such a rich variety of anecdotes I never know what to comment on, so I’ll just say this. YEAH!!!!

  3. A world without Raylan is an empty world. #YoucannevernothaveeoughRaylan!

  4. Congratulations on your article - that’s really awesome! & congratulations on discovering House of Cards, which is not quite so exciting as the article but a pretty good show! Due to your fame & success this week, I am willing to overlook the fact that you have mentioned Raylan Givens, who I already have to put up with way too much of!

  5. It’s quite the phenomenon, A year ago I would have said no way in hell I would ever trust another partner, and it’s not even crossed my mind with her.

  6. Woohoo, so excited for your score on the article! But, as a formerly cheated on partner, I think I am more excited that you and Miss Madison have found each other. Do people ever question how you can trust someone again? people ask me that (I’m remarried) and I don’t really have a good answer. But, cheers to us and our new lives/loves, Skipah!

  7. Congrats on your article! High five!!

  8. That was a surreal day!

  9. Thank you Thank you :).

  10. Congratulations Gary! I am so happy for you!!

  11. Well done on being published

  12. Thank you Thank you :), she does love the car it performed like a champ on vacation :).

  13. Congratulations on being published! It’s a great article. It’s got the true skipah charm to it. Please tell Miss Madison that I read the owners manuel too and she is going to LoVe the car!

  14. Thanks Ann, I’m just a small pawn in silly game of life.

  15. It’s great to find your blog from Danny’s meet ‘n greet — I love your humor!

  16. I like the watch what you eat and exercise diet myself :). She is by far safety first and all knowing about her new car.

  17. She did the right thing reading the owner’s manual completely! There are occasionally a few tips in there that may literally save her life one day. It is not a normal thing for a male to do, but us females know it is a safety thing! What if the wind shield washer fluid light was connected to the oil sensor light somehow? Seem stranger things in cars these days!

    Am battling a severe case of bronchitis myself, my husband brought it home from his work place. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids like water, tea, and for you coffee drinkers, coffee. There is not anything worse than diarrhea! Not my favorite way to lose weight!

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  19. Nice article.

  20. She’s happier than a three peckered puppy!

  21. Nothing like a nice new car!!

  22. Lol, how in world could I forget you! My ego gets rampant at times but I am definitely humbled by it. 🙂

  23. Yay! Congrats on the new ride and mention on Yahoo. You’re big time now! Pretty soon you will forget about us little people. LOL. I’m so happy for you.

  24. I’m dying Athena! This is not my idea dieting plan. I think a Kentuckian secretly infiltrated my food supply!

  25. Sorry to hear you’ve been so sick! Hope you feel better soon!

    So proud and happy for you about your publication! Very exciting to see you doing so well with it!

  26. I’m getting better, but man this has sucked. The cracker and water diet is getting old. She’s thumbing through her manual like a illicit bootlegged copy of Lady Chatterly’s Lover! Good luck on your own plague issues!

  27. First, get well! I also read the car manuals, I also read the Cheerios box during breakfast! Never seen House of Cards. And congratulations on having your article picked up by so many publications! Going back to bed with my own plague.

  28. They actually sell Cheerwine at the Madison, IN Kroger, but alas not the diet version. Going to run by Cracker Barrel this week for sure when I’m at work.

  29. LOL I dunno. And you discovered Cheerwine! I wonder what third fabulous thing will find you this week? 😀

  30. How come nobody told me about this show until I met Miss Madison! I’ve been watching it like the O.J. car chase from back in the day!

  31. I looooove House of Cards, too! 😀 Enjoy!

  32. That makes two of us, this has sucked! Cynical is always great in TV shows for me, I was hooked literally in fifteen minutes!

  33. I never saw this one coming :). It was truly humbling!

  34. Need an agent, can you dust off your accounting degrees and submit a resume? Just kidding thanks for the congrats, and she loves that car!

  35. Thanks Anne, I try to keep it fresh when I can!

  36. I hope you get over your flu soon. By the way, House of Cards is great! Deeply cynical, of course, but great. 🙂

  37. Congratulations on being published! You give me hope! Feel better soon!

  38. You’re climbing the ranks to stardom! Or at least doing good at writing….congrats man! Nice Volvo too!

  39. You always have a fresh story to tell. Certainly keeps me amused.

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