What could possibly happen in nine months?

Let’s hear it today for Miss Madison.  Her cemetary project was a whopping success and garnered not only local attention but national attention also (or maybe her boyfriend retweeted the article a couple of times…make that international attention) Click this link to read some Pulitzer Prize worthy material.  Since I’m not sure what counts for journalism at the Madison Courier, it should take 15 seconds to read, but I couldn’t be more proud of her anyhow!

I’ll be expecting a comped subscription and a sit down interview Madison Courier for the all the free publicity!

What started out as keeping someone’s anonymity on this website, has suddenly turned her into quite the diva herself.  Details are in the works and negotiations have begun (they actually didn’t last that long, I hate doing laundry), but Miss Madison has caught the writing bug herself and had so much fun writing her Timeless Skincare review she’s ready to offer the world her insights on education and everything anti-Skipah.  She’s only an expert in one field, the other she is learning on the fly.  I’m all up for suggestions for a spin-off title.

Many of you may have missed it yesterday, but, golly gee, it’s been nine months since this online dating ninja sent the last of his carefully worded “I’m the Love God” messages on Match.com and actually found someone that believed “Some people call me a space cowboy, Some people call me the gangster of love” I used to swoon potential suitors with.  In an unrelated note, my online dating career before Miss Madison had me snuggling with Hammy and eating dinner alone many nights.  What has happened in those nine months since then you may ask?

We had our first date, walking a zillion miles in the oppressive July heat, and both were clueless that one date would lead to seeing each other three of the next four days.

I couldn’t go crazy on the first date with cell phone pictures (psst she didn’t know she had a blogger on her hands then) but this floating carnival was a great icebreaker!

She and Sloane hit it off immediately picking on me at Holiday World.

My two favorite ladies!

More nervous than someone that sped through a caution light with a policeman behind them, I was her date at her “adopted” little sister’s wedding.

My rendition of the Electric Slide definitely won her over, Boogie Woogie!

She completely nailed my birthday in September, creating a portrait for me that hung in my old apartment and was the first thing you saw when you walked in.

By this time I figured out she took exceptional mental notes!

Showed Sloane and I the time of our life in Door County, Wisconsin, and she in turn learned Mr. Skipah is a modern day Magellan when it comes to exploring areas of the country he’s never been.

Software engineers would inform you this is an example of an upgrade!

Learned the magical and deceptive ways of Mr. Skipah (in a good way) when I pulled off my biggest blogging coup to date with comped tickets to Dirty Dancing on Broadway.

She thinks we are going to dinner at some fancy establishment, little did she know at the time!

Showed me how cool history and Revolutionary War re-enactments are when all of us spent the day at Locust Grove in Louisville.

Sloane got to up the smack talk at the next Girl Scout troop meeting with her new patch!

Finally fulfilled my lifelong dream of taking Katy Perry out for a date, Katy doesn’t get much of a mention on here anymore.  I’m still a little chaffed in the ass I didn’t get a retweet from her when I was actively campaigning to “win a date” with her the year she performed at the Super Bowl.

I’m glad the real Katy Perry never returned my phone calls!

Miss Madison was my biggest supporter of turning this website into a business, and even offered to host the corporate office the  when I moved in with her.

She secretly wanted some more of this I think!

In the category “Things I wish I never had to witness” she dragged me to a Monster Jam show in January.  The scars on my brain are still healing from that night.  Granted, the turtle man (who is four years old) loves monster trucks like I love the Cincinnati Reds.

Sloane had a blast that evening also, personally this was like the WWE on four wheels for me!

Got “unofficially” married via the kids, it was the sweetest thing the three of them have ever done for the both of us.

To cut down on the cost of a caterer I had to make the cake!

Miss Madison showed me the awesomeness that is IKEA, and I fell in love with Lingonberry Juice.  Mental note, must take Sloane to the Kenwood Centre Mall!

I never have to be asked twice to visit the ‘Nati!

I had the hottest thing on my hands since stolen IPhone technology when Miss Madison and I attended the Bottoms Up Bash in March.  Plus got to take part in raising almost 10,000 bucks for the Colon Cancer Prevention Project.

I performed the  Macarena for her that night, and I discovered liquid crack in the form of Cheerwine!

I turned into super tourist while in D.C. when our Eastern Seaboard Episodes vacation went down.  Maybe the most magical five days (non-Sloane division) I’ve ever experienced!

Honest Abe had his eye on me the whole time.

Much to my chagrin and the urging of this awesome friend that keeps northern Michigan safe from Canadians (just kidding love my syrup guzzling buddies), and a promise from Miss Madison that I’m relegated to couch duty if I don’t attempt it, I would have never even though about writing a book!

To say the past nine months has been awesome would be an understatement!  What does the next nine months hold?  Personally, I have no idea, but I can’t wait to share them with Miss Madison.  Now if I could only get her to quit going all Beyonce on me!  The only thing that would top this “Era of Good Feelings” would be some more Sloane time.

About it for now, evidently Hammy has fallen off the wagon and pissed off the Russian mob again.  Vodka wholesalers in the Madison, Indiana area are more than likely about to get a small bump in revenue.  Plus I have to check out who this mysterious visitor that keeps visiting my happy house on the internet!

Send Skipah Sailing!


  1. Babies and puppy dogs are cute! But coming from you I’ll take that as a compliment :).

  2. Thanks Terri! She’s chomping at the bit on this blogging thing but that damn day job of teaching is wearing her out!

  3. The 2nd time around is truly the best, as I can attest. And you two make such a cute couple…..not sure if cute is your kind of word, but now you have to live with it!
    Jennifer recently posted…My Top 3 Ways to Avoid DistractionsMy Profile

  4. Gary! I just loved this post! All the elements are there…humor, family, new hobbies, and love! So happy for you. I met my now hubby on Facebook 7 years ago and now look! My last name is ridiculously long! Best wishes to Miss Madison on her writing!
    Terri Webster Schrandt recently posted…Abstract Leisure DistractionsMy Profile

  5. Thanks :), wait until you hear about the summer schedule we have planned.

  6. You guys have been nothing short of amazing for each other! 😍😍😍
    Athena Saber recently posted…Bizarre evening My Profile

  7. You are quite welcome 🙂

  8. It is amazing all that can happen in nine months! I’m so happy for both of you. Thanks for sharing your love story recap 😃

  9. I’m beyond happy :), didn’t realize how much we had done until I sat down and wrote this out.

  10. A very busy 9 months. Glad you’re happy 🙂

  11. Good Golly another stalker I have to contend with now!

  12. You can’t have her Joey! She’s all mine!!!!!!!! She is pretty damn cool though :).

  13. What an amazing 9 months it has been! I really enjoyed reading this recap of all our great adventures, and I can’t wait to keep making new memories together! Thank you to everybody for the nice feedback. I think I’m pretty lucky to have found such an awesome, supportive man. As for the name of my guest blog, thanks for all of the suggestions and I will let you know soon what I decide!

  14. I’m so pleased for you both! Seriously, she’s such a remarkable person, I almost wanna date her myself! 😉
    Y’all are very well-rounded, and I wish you all the best.

    I loooove the painting!

  15. Thanks Anne, it’s been a fun ride!

  16. I loved your recap of the last nine months. Way to go!

  17. I immediately thought “baby” when I read nine months, but instead it was just how much fun you’ve been having so far. Glad you two hit it off, she’s a keeper for sure. As for the blog title, why not just Miss Madison’s Realm?

  18. No baby’s here, had that factory shut down years ago lol. It’s been a fun ride 🙂 Thanks for always reading!

  19. A wonderful time you two are having - with the title of this post, I was expecting a baby! Hey, I am excited and happy for you two - I have enjoyed reading about your journey and look forward to reading a lot more. Happy day to you Gary and Miss Madison! 🙂

  20. I’ll see if I can whip you one up before you head off to Portugal!

  21. Umm. The cake. The CAKE! I can only imagine the fabulousness that is Miss Madison because she CLEARLY appreciates all the same things that we, your fan club, appreciate. I am so thrilled for your happiness! And then, there’s the CAKE. I mean, seriously, how do you expect fulsome comments when you put that cake photo in this piece? Thank God you left it til last.

  22. Been raining pretty good here also. I’ll run that title by her :). I was waiting for the inevitable married joke LOL!

  23. Think the kids had the right idea earlier in your dating career! Think being the caterer yourself is a great money saving idea.

    How about reusing the clothing you both have from previous marriages? Wedding dresses can be SO expensive! Tuxes aren’t much better. We used either stuff that was given to us (free is my favourite type of clothes!) or was previously used and on markdown. (Toxedo shops tend to replace their stock when the fashions changes,) We owned his tux until he outgrew it (belly wise). The only thing we used for food after the ceremony was a wedding cake from the local grocery store. We provided the cake topper ourselves! Other wise we served a variety of soft drinks to go with the cake.

    How about naming her work something along the line of “Tales from an Experienced Teacher”?

    Wish the clouds would go away and give us some sun up here! We actually got over an inch of rain the other day. Still in the drought stage. Need to see the sun!

  24. Sounds like quite the teachers pet

  25. I taught 12th grade History for a year and then went back to 4th grade. Funny story, 6 years later I married one of those Seniors…..and no I didn’t even know he had been in my class.

  26. Obviously I’m biased, but that is a no doubter. The kids love her, the dumb ones and the smart ones alike. She’s “hip” not like Mr. coffee breath and pocket protector teacher I had back in the day.

  27. If you know how to perform magic in the kitchen (and I’m sure you do) it’s not too hard just time consuming.

  28. Loved the article in the paper. Miss Madison is the kind of teacher we all wanted! Tell her Congratulations!

  29. Perfect. Thank you. I’m going to try and make it.

  30. Thanks Bun, the legal issues will be fine. I can’t fix stupid but I can certainly neutralize it.

  31. Here you go double T! http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/chocolate-fudge-cake-with-vanilla-buttercream-frosting-and-chocolate-ganache-glaze-recipe.html

    I can’t imagine the next nine months could topple the previous, but I’m going to give it a hell of try!

  32. Canadian maple syrup I presume? Or are you still throwing empty Stroh’s bottles at them?

  33. Hey, glad to hear that Miss Madison’s cemetery project was a success. You definitely seem to have hit the romantic jackpot, by the way. I’m very happy that, despite all the legal issues you’ve been dealing with, things in many important departments are working out so well for you.

  34. Yay! I love it. 9 months of love. Here’s to many more months of great times and of course more time with Sloane. It would be perfect. Also, can you share the recipe of that cake? Looks delicious.

  35. We CanAmericans have a soft spot in our hearts for lovers, eh? Oh, you wild and crazy kids… Hoisting a jug of maple syrup and toasting the next 9 months!

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