You’re a tremendous slouch!

Interesting day in the neighborhood!

The sergeant of arms of Skipah’s army and I got most of the furniture moved in today, the new business headquarters of Skipah’s Realm currently looks like a rummage sale bred with a flea market, but give me a couple of days and it will look livable.  Sloane spent the evening with grandma while dad and “Uncle Frank Rizzo” (inside joke) did the heaving lifting.  I’m about 85% moved in but both of us where worn out after multiple trips up the steps of my second floor penthouse.  I’m going to have the legs of an Olympic weightlifter at this pace!  We plan on getting the rest on Friday and Sloane and I are having a massive decoration party on Sunday.  Saturday we are off to the land of horses for the Breyer Festival in Lexington, KY.  I’m probably going to have to go in disguise since I will have to actually enter Kentucky on my own free will to get there, and the last I heard there is a warrant for my arrest and 10,000 dollar bounty on my head for all the kind things I’ve said about Kentuckians on my blog.  Thankfully, most Kentuckians couldn’t spot an elephant out of a crowd of sheep and the select few that can count to 10,000 sure in the hell aren’t worried about me!

This would be the highlight of my night!  Trip to the local ice cream palace after I picked her back up!

This guy was eyeballing Sloane’s ice cream!

Sloane is currently drawing up invitations to mail out to all my loyal readers.  For a small donation to the Alzheimer foundation we will even let you write your name on the wall in crayon and you can have a nice cinnamon scented six ounce candle for your troubles.  I kid because I care, but on a more serious note, I’ve learned of some of the most god awful troubling news imaginable.  More on that in a second but let me share you a brief story on the certifiably craziness that is the daily life of yours truly and that person I used to married to.  My buddy and I had planned on using his trailer to haul my furniture late this afternoon when he went to pick up his trailer he noticed all his tires were flat.  Shit!  “Wait a minute I proclaimed” let me call my ex father in law and see if he will let me borrow his truck.  He let me use it Sunday briefly so I could move Sloane’s bedroom furniture over I’m sure he won’t mind.

Umm, how could I be so wrong, he was more than willing to let me use it, but since I had Sloane with me he didn’t want word of it getting back to Sloane’s mother.  Never mind I’m the same guy that for 17 years had to haul two air condition window units up a massive flight of stairs and back down again twice a year.  Cleared 1,235,352 different tree branches after various storms blew through, and a zillion other things because you know that’s what you are supposed to do when you are married.  “I just can’t Gary if Sloane’s mother hears about it she will rip my ass, I just can’t explain it.”  My response “Are you under orders to make my life as miserable as hell also” The short answer was pretty much yes, and he was sorry.  I had to remind him that if I lose on July 27th Sloane is only here six days a month who do you think is going to be responsible that he still gets to see her on a full time basis.  “I know, I tried to talk her out of taking Sloane away also, I’m on your side but it’s my daughter and I can’t go against her.”  In his defense he got his buddy to loan me his truck for a couple of hours but good lord, I pretty much got told that he and his wife are to make my life as miserable as hell, I’ve only known the people for 17 years and other than the classic “in-law” drama any married folks go through I got along great with them.

I’m also hurt, pissed, and just frigging confounded.  Pretty soon you will see an Alzheimer’s fundraiser on this blog site.  I recently learned that my former mother in law is now suffering from the early stages of this tragic condition.  I only learned of it from my former father in law……gets even better (or worse) she was diagnosed with it last year!  Did my ex-wife tell me?  That would be no!  I’ve willingly sent my child off to stay with someone who is suffering from Alzheimer’s!  She’s in her 70s nobody needs to be chasing a seven year old child around unsupervised suffering from this.  I was informed she isn’t completely off her rocker by any means but is forgetting things now.  Is this criminal on the ex’s part?  Has she become this certifiably insane that she didn’t inform me that my child’s primary care giver during the day when school is out is suffering from Alzheimer’s?  Like I wouldn’t let Sloane see her grandmother, was I contacted about making other arrangements about child care?  I’ve got many in Sloane’s school family that would be more than willing to watch her if need be.  I’m so mad at her for not telling me and letting me send my child off with her every single day I work and have custody of her.  Why would you not tell the father of your child, that her grandmother has this?

Well she’s a frigging idiot is why, it would go against her “make my life miserable” playbook.  It would have completely screwed her last year in custody; if I ever hear “Best interest of child” bullshit again I will probably get arrested.  She withheld my primary child care provider having a god awful diseased that I’m more than willing to help with!  She has her own father scared of her for even talking to me or remotely trying to help me out for the sake of his own grandchild.  She and her sister blog stalk me looking for anything to give to her lawyer (even though again tell me her name again loyal reader that doesn’t know me personally) There is a special place in hell for her and I’m going to make sure she finds it when the time is right!

Yeah I’m broke as hell and about to hit the 10,000 dollar threshold after court on a case my lawyer has given up on because she knows I can’t afford her anymore.  She is telling me to try to “settle” with this insane idiot so my trumped up contempt of court charge can go away.  Take what she is offering on three weekends a month and any holiday weekends that fall during the school year.  Screw that!  I’m entitled to half of the holiday weekends already and my daughter goes to one of the best schools in the state of Indiana.  Just punt to avoid a potential jail charge for contempt?  Throw me in the slammer for my own thoughts! I’m not giving up on my daughter what kind of a frigging man would I be!  I would be my own father is who I would be.  If I had a crystal ball I would have taken this week and next off of work just so I could prepare myself for the onslaught that I’m about to leash if it goes south on the 27th.

Full disclosure:  I got behind on my daughter’s tuition last year because I had to hire another lawyer and of course more vehicle woes.  The principal of her school is willing to wave that and offer me tuition assistance since I earn too much money to qualify for state assistance.  Volunteering in the lunch room, being an active parent at school, and the fact that Sloane is a child prodigy all played into the decision.  The funny thing is after talking to the principal, she was more than aware that the ex-had completely turned her back on the PTO (vice president), had missed numerous Brownie events last year (troop leader), and was saddened to hear of her current behavior.

I’ve been doing it right all along and yet get I and more importantly my daughter are getting punished for it!



Send Skipah Sailing!


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  3. On the bright side, your decoration party should be a blast! Hang tight buddy!

  4. The legal system sucks! And there comes a time when you don’t keep your mouth shut anymore when it comes to the well-being of a child. If you know your own child is wrong about something so major that it is having negative effects on your grandchild, step up to the plate and do what’s best for that child!

Tell Skipah all about it!